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The Dimitrakos Proposition by Lynne Graham. Book Review: LOVED IT!

Paperback, 192 pages
Published December 17th 2013 by Harlequin

ISBN: 0373132077

A man she can't say "no" to

Sharp-tongued, independent firestorm Tabby Glover will do anything to get Greek billionaire Acheron Dimitrakos to support her adoption claim over his cousin's small child. The last thing she expects is his outrageous marriage proposal!

She has no choice but to say yes, even if the arrogant tycoon can't stop looking down his nose at her for one minute! Tabby can see that there is more to this proposition and this devastatingly handsome man than meets the eye. But as the thin veil between truth and lies is lifted, will this marriage become more than in name only?

Book Review...

The Dimitrakos Proposition is one of those book that you can't close until it's completely done and even after that it will leave you with a smile on your face for the rest of the day... It's just sweet as hell with a hard edge (car chases, creepy threats in mirrors and a stalker) to it that will make you smitten to the story. Lynne Graham did a wonderful job!!

For a story that started out so bitter with everyone (Acheron) being a complete ASSHOLE i was not expecting it to end so freaking well... But you know what? It wouldn't work any other way. These characters are not the type where you just like them instantly. No, in here the author introduces them slowly and makes us see how different they are so we are like: No way this is going to work out!!! And THEN she brings out the Big Guns and we start to see what drives them and a bit of their personality come undone with each other and then is when we really begin to understand them and really enjoy them.  I love how it wasn't an instant, unreal love between the characters and instead they took their time in getting to know each other better and actually accepting that they were in love... 

I always like to see a girl with a sharp mouth who isn't afraid to let go (even around a cocky billionaires) and Tabby nailed it!!! I can not get sick of seeing this girl who has nothing and came from nothing giving her all to keep a little girl that she loves. She showed so much compassion and  determination to make it that she blew me away and i kept wanting to see more and more of her. She's addicting. But Tabby is really a stubborn character as well which clashed so bad with the hard demeanor of Acheron.

Acheron is so cold in the beginning and i really thought that i wouldn't be able to like him at all and then he opened his mouth and i disliked him even more... BUT then he met the little girl and his heart warmed a little and after that he fell in love he went from an hateful bastard to an oh-my-god-it's-hot-in-here guy and i'm smitten now!! But until we get there it's going to be an hell of a hard road because this guy is cocky, really stubborn and a millionaire. But in the end you just can't get enough.

Lynne Graham just rocked my world with this tiny book that took over my feelings and emotions and owned them! This book is sinful and enchanting and the ending was just perfect... Let me tell you that if you haven't read this book yet you better get to it now! 

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