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Infinite Possibilities (The Secret Life of Amy Bensen, #2) by Lisa Renee Jones. WHAT? Review.

Are you kidding me? The other book was mysterious, but this one is way worse! All the doubts we had, still remain... And after this 250 long pages I still don't know shit about Amy (Lara) Bensen, besides that this book is really looking like a Lara Croft story. But holy hell! Someone we will never see coming is ALIVE!
Sometimes it's boring and sometimes it's repetitive, but no matter what or how much it makes me mad I can never hate this story because it's really good if you manage to stick around... I have to admit that this book is addicting! With it's suspense and constantly putting our minds to work with "who's the bad guy and who's not".... It's quite amazing how Lisa managed to do this  and even after two books we have no idea and no suspects for many things. 
I never knew it was possible to meet so many fake people until I met Amy. Seriously, in here so many new people will try to "Help her" finding out the truth and help her with her problems, but most of them will be lying bastards. And the thing is, for a girl with deep trust issues she trusts them way to easily and then she gets burned. SURPRISE. I always liked Amy but she annoyed me in here. She was way too "easy" and repetitive ( her constant need to inform us of how hot Liam is or how much she likes his goatee) and worse of all, she was changing her mind non-stop. (I can trust Liam, But now I can't. And now I can again and on and on....). By the way, I really though that the whole pregnancy thing was unnecessary since it lead us nowhere...
“I need my life back, Liam. That’s true, but you taking it over isn’t going to do that for me.”  
“That’s where you’re wrong, baby. Because that’s exactly what I’m going to do. I’m going to get your life back, which means keeping you alive to enjoy it. Even if you hate me in the process.”
Liam is the same pit of questions as always and it will leave us hanging because we find out Shit about his life. Seriously, NOTHING! NADA! All we know and all we get is a rich man that doesn't want to get is past involved and decided instead to help out this young girl just because, fell in love way to easily and now she's his whole world. Way to unreal for me to trust him. I just keep expecting him to slip and admit he's the bad guy already....
It’s a perfect answer, if it comes from the right place with the right motives. “Why?”  
“Every time you ask that question, I’ll answer the same.” He leans forward, resting his elbows on his powerful thighs. “I care. It’s that simple.”  
“Nothing in my life is that simple.”  
“I am.”
The Secret Life of Amy Bensen is one DAMN OF A COMPLICATED SECRET! And between hot men, tons of money and a girl trying to uncover her past you will be left speechless.

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Odium by Claire C.Riley Review. !!! ZOMBIES WARNING!!!

HOLY FREAKING ZOMBIES! This book is amazeballs with all it's zombie gore and humans turning on humans... And finally a book that isn't only focused on the romance part of it and instead builds it and manages to add up some pretty disgusting situations in the middle. Action packed and full of characters that will drive you nuts.... Ladies and Gentleman: ODIUM by Claire C Riley.


When an outbreak of zombies start infesting towns after towns, walls are made to keep all the remains of the population safe. But, since the walls stopped receiving support from the government the people have turned against each other and now that safe cities were turned into a prison where beating, starvation and rape is a common deal.

 Nina is sick of it and when they throw out a girl named Emily for stealing bread she jumps in and goes with her to a world they barely know with nothing on their backs. Without knowing how to fight and how to protect herself and a fifteen year old, Nina is going to have to learn along the way.

Then, in a sudden scavenging hunt for supplies she finds a man that saves Emily and Nina's life by letting them into his group. In there she will meet people that will hate her and people who she will love no matter how badly she tries to conceal it. But just as she starts to feel safe a danger arises. Something that she should fear harder than the zombies... The forgotten.


Odium is so creepy and dark and twisted... I love it. The zombies are all described so disgustingly with their faces caving in and skin pealing off their bones or with their bodies half eaten and stuff, that it seriously leads us to a pretty vivid imagination.

 And all of the fighting scenes? Pure badass! It's Resident Evil style but even better, with weapon like machetes and weird knifes that are just as cool. 
We are finally greeted with the view that we have all been dreading. Deaders. Lots of them.  
“Fuck!” Crunch breathes out, beating me to the punch line with startling accuracy. 
Yes, fuck would be it indeed. Or fucked may be better. Maybe even well and truly fucked.
Everyone loves strong characters that will have their way no matter what or that will say just about anything in the worst times and get in trouble a lot due to it. Well Í introduce to you that winner of the ward for : MOST STUBBORN WOMAN of the literary world! NINA! She's tough as nails and can take down any zombie that walks her way but she's also always the one to ruin all those nice times when everyone is having their “moment” with some pretty inappropriate sayings. She's so cool. I wish that if we were overruled by zombies I could be like her. But that's not happening. This girl has been trough a lot! I like her even better knowing that she isn't broken and a scared girl because of it, but instead still fights fiercely for the people she loves like Emily and Mikey and just doesn't know when to give up!
I look at Mikey again, whose Little Boy Blue dimples are showing on both cheeks. I roll my eyes. And to make matters worse, I’m stuck with this idiot. “What? You’re still staring!” I huff.
Mikey has a ginormous secret that I dumbly didn't even see coming! Seriously, it will make you go like: WHAT? I am kind of crushing on this "Bad Boy" (Inside joke from the book. You have to read to understand!)... he's so amazing. He's strong and dedicated to saving his group and sweetly focused of getting past Nina's armors and get her to admit that she loved him back. We are talking about a boy that also lost everything. A family and friends... But this part of the story we will only ear in the end and it will be rushed. He's strong and tough with a goofy smile that gives us a little happiness in the midst of all the zombies...

Emily should really stop crying and man up. Don't get me wrong, she's strong for a fifteen year old but most of the times she just wouldn't accept that things had changed... I kind of liked her but I will wait for the next book to see what I really think of her...
JD may be my favorite character! I really wanted to hear more of him because he was a great secondary character hat could have loads more of history to share with us.... and am I the only one that feels angry at the way he ended? I was really shocked! Not in a million years I would have expected for a character like him to........
Crunch was stupid.... Just saying. Hated her from the beginning to the end.
Why is it that men turn against each other when the world suffers something big like this? Can't they just get along and fight the bigger enemy? Guess not.... 
Claire C. Riley blew my mind with this gross book that will take you inside the story and make you live it with every breath, miss every loss and toast to every zombie kill .... It's great..atter. ionh all the <ombie gore and e

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Dark Wolf Running (BloodRunners, #5) by Rhyannon Byrd Review. ALPHA'S ARE BACK!

Hot, Passionate and completely Addictive.... I admit that this is the first book of this series that I've read and  Dark Wolf Running really did surprised me! I already though it was going to be a good book but it caught me by surprise by how much I enjoyed this characters and stuck to every word until the very last page! It's amazing and it's damn good! And LOOK AT THIS COVER! It's gorgeous....
I am so loving this book. The wolf's were amazing and the alphas were portrayed as very dominant yet sweet. They were a man with a wolf inside and not just the wolf part... It made them more believable. The fighting scenes? Out of this world... Rhyannon wrote some pretty sweet asskicking scenes that made me go like: Hells yeah! The storyline? Amazing and interesting until the last word. How could you ask for more?
Normally when you have two people that are very similar in personality you know they are going to clash...  Elise and Wyatt were two hot headed, stubborn and lonely wolf's at the start and both of them were afraid of a relationship. They bring all the fire into the book!! One moment they were arguing and screaming and then they were sharing hot hard kisses like they couldn't get enough. I had to take breaks to take a deep breath because this moments will definitely make your blood temperature rise!!
Elise has her wolf part on mute due to an attack that left her broken a few years back.  As if that weren't enough she comes from a family that all of her community despises because of her father mistakes. From here on you see that this girl has all the reasons to give up, but you know what? She doesn't for a second! She's a tough ass bitch... And she's going to fight for her place until the very last minute. I loved her. She could be a bitch when she wanted it but that also made her pretty funny sometimes. One thing that I didn't really appreciated was her constant need for compliments... It annoyed me a bit, but oh well. You can clearly see and evolution in this girl from the second she meets Wyatt, like she's more aware of herself and actually finds something worth loving.
"You're not broken, Elise. You're beautiful."
She swallowed so hard it hurt. "I'm not, Wyatt."
"The hell you aren't"
Trying hard not to shatter, she twisted her lips with a smirk. "Careful, Runner. You're going to be bad for my ego."  
Wyatt has his own demons. And more than one time he will be a coward and try to flee . But he won't be able to because Elise is kind of awesome! From the start this guy is swoon worthy...  He's hot, Tall and buff and a complete alpha with his possessive and protective ways that make us girls go crazy! It's impossible not to like this guy even harder when he actually begins to tell us his story, or when he meets Elise and refuses to give up on her even though they tell him to. He is kind of a great guy.... Attentive and so caring. And some of his quotes are downright Aww's worthy!
Every single one of the guys and girls in this book are amazing! All of them have amazing , distinct personalities that will make them be remembered...
Dark Wolf Running will leave you quite warmed in the December month. This is a MUST READ for December! It's spectacular and it will leave you breathless....
*Arc Copy given by Netgalley in return of an honest review

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Beautiful Beginning (Beautiful Bastard, #3.5) by Christina Lauren... REVIEW with CRAZY?

So fucking Good! Chloe and Bennett are the ultimate couple! Beautiful Beginning is the last book about these two!!! NOOOOO. But it ended with a BANG. And what a BANG! It's a devilish book that I couldn't put down for a second!
The only bad thing is that it's too small! In two hours I had finished it... The writer always amazes me with the stories that she can write that are so complex and AMAZING in just a book with 208 pages...  No one can do that! These Co-Authors may be literary fucking gods!
You know how Bennett and Chloe are normally, right? They fight, they argue and they have mind blowing sex... Well, in Beautiful Beginning that's all amped up to the full MAX! These two were an explosion waiting to happen, they were CRAZY! All because Bennett decided it was a good idea to a "no-sex-before-the-wedding" rule! You can see where this is going... They were like two starving dogs....
You’re a demon,” I said. “I feel like a bride guarding my virginity before the wedding.” 
   “Well, then feel free to give it up, Ryan,” she said, pushing up onto her toes to kiss me
Chloe is mad. Mainly because she's CHLOE and then because she's a BRIDE. Now you see Chloe trying to make Bennett break his no sex rule... Which is pretty amazing because she'll use all of her "womanly charms" to make it happen. Seriously, she couldn't be more annoying and so fucking funny than what she is in here.
Bennett is a tough guy, I give him that. First he will stand up to Chloe and second he will have no sex for four days... How about that? Chloe may like to be in charge but he likes it too, even though she managed to win him over most of the times... He's great with his smirk and arrogant attitude... And that hair? My god! 
BEAUTIFUL BEGINNING is just another amazing book that everyone should have in their to-read list. It's funny! It's charming! IT'S HOT! And overall PERFECT!

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The Fiery Heart (Bloodlines, #4) by Richelle Mead. REVIEW AND QUOTES....

I NEED THE NEXT BOOK NOW!!!! This books has one of THOSE kind of endings! I have mixed feelings about The Fiery Heart. I both loved it and Hated it. More like: Hated the end and loved the rest of the book.  But This book rocks my socks. It was amazing, exciting and so very romantic. LOVED IT. Richelle Mead always gives us Fantastic books.

After the choice Sydney did she will have to deal with the consequences. And now that her sister, Zoe arrived at her college she will have to be more careful to not blow her cover. But that's hard when you have a witch class to manage, a very demanding guy struggling with his own nightmares and having to pretend to be disgusted to her now "Moroi and Dhampir" friends. She will bend all of the rules and use her magical ability to gain advantage to the alchemists because if she manages to do it without getting caught, it may give her a way to escape...

I cannot believe this. Just when I was starting to like Sydney and Adrian together and Sydney in particular, Richelle Mead does this to me? Ugh... So frustrating. They are really meant for each other, because they help each other heal and be a better person. Adrian needs all the calmness and sanity that Sydney can give and Sydney just needs a bit of edge. All of this is heightened in The Fiery Heart and I am quite loving it, despite the fact that I was against it the whole time...
She grinned and kissed me again. The “escape plans” were a running joke with us, always far-fetched and numbered in no particular order. I usually made them up on the spot. What was sad, though, was that they were actually more thought out than any real plans we had. Both of us were painfully aware that we were very much living in the now, with a future that was anything but clear.
I can see now that Sydney is a little ass kicker. Even though she was raised to believe in all that protective shit and basically was mind controlled all of her life. Now she's making a choice for herself. What she thinks is best. In here she will try to replicate the alchemists tattoos and make an antidote for them, so nobody else can be controlled like her. And she does all of this right under her sister and her father's noses. SHE'S BRAVE! She basically has COURAGE tattooed in her forehead.
Really, what it all came down to was that I was working for myself now.

I think this is the best book for Adrian so far. We all know that he has a hard time dealing with his Spirit, because it takes too much out of him. Well, he now will try to get his spirit in control and he will be willing to do whatever is necessary, even it it means going on pills. And you know why? All because he wants to be a better person for him and for Sydney. Ain't that cute? Our little Manwhore is in love! But don't think that for a second he will stop is remarks and egocentric thoughts in this book. There is plenty of that and it's still funny as hell.
That love and rapture faltered. “Wait. How is it settled? How did we go from me declaring my love for you to me being okay with a dream?” 
“It’s Adrian Ivashkov logic. Don’t try to understand it. Just roll with it.”
I hate Zoe. She's a Bitch. And for all she's done in the book to Sydney and to others, she should be removed of it. I never felt this bad about a character before in my life! Well, that's not true! I HATE HER FATHER EVEN MORE!

Rose and Dimitri are going to be load of times in here! I am so happy. To all of us addicted to these two, this is a good book! It's too bad that we won't see much of them as couple but more of them as guardians and serious... Though Rose can never be serious for long, right?

Eddie and Jill are in the same standoff. They love each other but for some stupid reason of the universe they are both shy to admit it. But there is some progress in here!!!! A kiss maybe? You'll have to read it to find out! And what about Angelique and Trey? These two are as stubborn as they come! But I can't say that it's quite cute.
To say my friends were living a soap opera was an understatement. They almost made my dangerous relationship with Adrian look boring.
Lissa and Christian are back as well!!!  Christian is still the same arrogant idiot we love! Just warning.
 I saw her get up and leave, and a moment later, Christian appeared with his trademark sarcastic smile. “What’s up?” he asked. “Need some hairstyling tips?” 
I choked up for half a second.
The Fiery Heart definitely has FIRE inside... THIS IS THE BEST BOOK IN THE BLOODLINES SERIES!  so far....   It's full of show stopping action and forbidden sweet romance! I am smitten to it and probably am considering crying myself out until I get my hands in the next book.

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The F-It List by Julie Halpern Review...

I'm so in love with the simplicity of this book. It's amazing the way the writer manages to make us happy and giddy with a story that involves such a serious matter.  The F-It List is definitely a must-read for this fall that will warm anyone's heart!!!
After receiving heartbreaking news of losing her father in a car crash. Alex will find out that her best friend Becca and current boyfriend have been cheating on her behind her back.
It isn't until Alex decides to forgive Becca that she finds out that her friend may be dying of cancer and that she wants her to make her bucket list come true... And when your best friend needs you, you will be there no matter what.
Okay, These two are perverts... Becca and Alex. But they share a bond that is so visible in the book that it's quite cute, but then they open their mouths and ruin the cuteness.  They were so funny!! Both of them fighters and hardcore chicks that are going to have to overcome so much, like cutting Becca's hair or going trough Chemo.. It's heartbreaking! They both were kind of normal before, not really making anything overly fun or even out of line, but with this bucket list they are going to find a new definition to the word fun... They are going to start living more intensely, counting every day as the last!
Becca is an actress so she's used to faking emotions and playing them out, but nothing really prepared her for this decease that's threatening her life. She knows she's dying but does that stop her from living vigorously trough her best friend? Hell to the NO! You will not imagine the kinds of things she has on her bucket list... Some stupid, some impossible, some cute and the rest all perverted...
 Even sick as fuck and pumped with meds, Becca was a complete pervert. She better not die on me.
Things like:
  • Sleep on a beach and watch Sunrise.
  • Flash the Homeschooled boy next door.
  • Eat a hot Pepper.
  • Hop a train like a Hobo.
See? this is the best!
I am so liking Alex... She's like my little evil twin... She likes horror movies, she's straightforward with people and has tons of personality... and her sarcasm is killing me. I love her relationship with Becca because it's so real that you can feel it throughout the words. She's an honest friend. But this hard head girl is going to fall in love... You'll have to see it to believe it but I assure you, it's going to turn this little monster over...  
 “Did you poison someone?” he questioned. 
“Why? Because I’m smiling? Give me some credit. My assassinations would be much more subtle than that. No, just kind of having a good morning. Are you stalking me again, by the way?”

The F-It List is a small book to enjoy and to make it last. It teaches you to live your stupidest ideas and making the best of it, wither alone or with your friends... "Small book, Big lesson" Ain't that what they say? Well, Julie Halpern is rocking this motto right now.

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Cake by Lauren Dane... Sweet Review

You pick up a book named Cake with two people making out in the cover and you know it's going to be good. I just wasn't expecting it to be devilish and amazingly good... Lauren Dane really delivered a story worth reading and enjoying every last piece of it...

I just have one opposition for this book. IT'S TOO DAMN SHORT! I need more, I want more... It was barely a taste of Gregori and Wes and their heated passion. I loved this. It was fast paced and so freaking hot. We got to meet the characters even though it was a small book and love them anyways... Even the best friend and boss who nearly had no part in the book, I liked! The Story is so cute!

Wes is strong and just my type of girl. She's a graphic novel writer (Badass), she loves sweets (Double the Badass) and she isn't afraid to tell you how she's feeling. Her job in here is solemnly to make Gregori open his eyes and admit he likes her as well. I loved her!

Gregori is an artist so he thinks like one (egocentric and kind of a douchebag sometimes). He's a free spirited man who lives for his art and happens to have a crazy ex wife... Isn't that interesting? Hell yeah... But he also is a bit indecisive and afraid of commitment... And he's got red hair!!! Dude, that's cool! Oh, and he's a sucker for sweets... He loves women (Wes) as much as he loves cake and champagne...

Cake may be small but it leaves you breathless with this characters that will fight each other until the very last page. Lauren Dane is kind of awesome!

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Working It (Love by Design, #1) by Kendall Ryan Review --- 3 Stars ---

Kendall's books normally have a good storyline but lack interesting characters and situations that would make you hold your breath with anticipation. Working it is far better but still not quite there. It has good characters, exciting hot story but the writing drags on and becomes boring sometimes... Though I flove it (You will get the meaning in the book)! And the ending? That was unfair to leaves us like that!

This Story goes in topics:
  • Advice giving best friend who's there only to comment on the hotness of the guy that the main girl is dating. Check.
  • Hot guy with a troubled past who doesn't want anything serious but two seconds later he caves in. Check
  • Constant mentioning the level of hotness of the guy. Check
  • Attraction at first glance and slow-motion kind of descriptions. Check
  • A Woman that's going to try to ruin the relationship. Double Check...
See? This book is good, but it has one too many clichés that I've seen way too many times.

Ben was the best thing in here. The rich, famous, sinful looking model that's way out of reach...Yes, he was hot as HELL! Ladies he's going to give us some hot times! This models knows what he's doing let me tell you! I actually kind of loved him but he was frustrating because we get to the end of the book and many of the questions about his relationships and past are still unanswered...

I like that these two started off with a secret affair, because Fiona couldn't know they were together and Ben was kind of a douchbag and didn't want to tell nobody. So, that created lots of heated moments and even arguing's that were fun to read about! Especially when they start to get to know one another... IT'S HOT!!!!!!!!

Emmy (the sweet, innocent girl from Tennessee) is too good and clueless. She's like a lost puppy. There were times when I started to like her but then she overlooked something MAJORLY IMPORTANTE and I eventually gave up... She's boring. There was no fun attitude, no playing hard to get, no nothing... She just dived in straight to the matter... Well, she did try to play hard to get and do the whole I-don't-do-casual-sex thing, but she gave up two seconds later so it doesn't count.

Fiona was awesome! The Mean, rude, obnoxious and obsessed Boss! But she was fun to read about... I loved her craziness even though I wanted to throw something at her most of the times...

Working It is a good book to enjoy if you want a quick, hot book with loads of drama about two people who can't find their middle ground...

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Hard to Handle (Love in the Balance, #2) by Jessica Lemmon... Super Funny and Unbelievably hot!

Hard to Handle is so CUTE and HOT and AMAZING! And I freaking loved it to pieces.... I mean how could you not? Look at this cover, it's to die for! I confess that I didn't read the book "Tempting the Billionaire" but I am on my way to, because if that book is even a third of this one than it will be spectacular. Jessica Lemmon is officially my go-to author for a rainy day when you want to curl up with a book and laugh your ass off.
I loved every single character in here because everyone is so funny and unique. They all have a say in the story, they all help out and they all contribute to the main characters in a way that sometimes other books seem to forget to mention. Crickitt, Shane, Evan, Axel, Aiden's dad and all his brothers and Sister and even Sadie's family (Which I hate) play an important part in here and are never forgotten or dismissed as unimportant.
I am liking Sadie so much that I think I have a girl crush on her. She's this blond, tiny, curvy girl that really likes the color pink... But when she opens her mouth, man you do not want to get her mad at you! She's kickass... I always said that any girl that can rock eight inch heels and deal with a bunch of guys twice her size at the same time deserves my respect! Especially because those heels would kill me should I try to wear them... But there's more. This girl has had her fair share of broken hearts which gave this tough chick a vulnerable side! 
 With Aiden, she could have anything. She could have everything. There never should have been any doubt.

Aiden is rocking my mind. After his mother passed away from cancer he's determined to start a new life for himself, and even get back the girl who's heart he broke to help his mother. How heartbreaking is that? He broke up with Sadie to dedicate his time to his mother and now he wants her back but he will have to fight for her. At the start I though he would be an idiot because he gave up on Sadie but then his actions and sweet words won me over in an instant. He's a caring, respectful guy with a hard past. But he also has his alpha side that when we finally get to see, it's quite captivating. And that's why Sadie is perfect for him... Seriously, their chemistry is off the charts!
 "You should put on a clean shirt," she whispered, not speaking the words he read so easily in her eyes.
 "You should kiss me," he murmured.

Shane and Crickitt are amazing and I just found out that they were in the first book of this series so I am about to devour that book, because I also fell in love with them here!
I am sorry but I cannot like Celeste and What's-his-face, mainly because he cheated on Sadie... I mean if he hadn't cheated on her she would be married and without Aiden but it's still cheating... So that is the only thing I didn't like in the book.
YOU HAVE TO READ THIS BOOK IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY! This book is going to rock your socks! It's fast and heavy with romance and hot scenes! It's a light funny read that will make you fall in love with the characters and make you do crazy cheering things and then make you crazy with need. BTW it's not easy to read this if you're single... Just Saying.
*Arc copy of the book received by Netgalley in return of an HONEST review.*

A little Too Much (A little Too Far, #2) by Lisa Desrochers.--- Review and Let Down---


I hate it when I hate characters... But this book made me do just that to all of them asides Alessandro and Brett. A little too much was a disappointment for me, mainly because I have said it before that I think that Alessandro belongs with Lexie.

The story is quite good but I couldn't connect with all of the characters and their emotions so they all seemed bland and kind of meh...


After giving up being a priest, Alessandro goes back to New York and finds a girl that once he wronged and left all alone. Hilary is an aspiring actress that has problems when it comes to trusting people, so when Alessandro comes back she is determined to solve things and then leave but leaving is not so easy when she starts spending more and more time with him.

Hilary is really annoying and made me throw the book away a lots of times, that's how indecisive and problematic this girl is. I liked her life story with her mom in jail and a perfect sister but the whole I-don't-trust-anyone-because-I-am-afraid-of-being-hurt is way to used and really repetitive. So I kind of zooned out throughout most of her talks in here... Because she's boring as well.
Just like in Shakespeare, when you fall head over heals in love with someone you don't even know, it's never going to end well. Love killed Juliet when she was thirteen. I made it all the way to fourteen before it nearly killed me.
Alessandro is the best thing this book has and we will finally learn more about him, about his past and about his brother... I was so curious after the last book to learn about Lorenzo and the guilt trips Alessandro has. His character has depth and is interesting so I don't really know what he's doing with Hilary mainly because they have no chemistry at all.

Hilary's sister is a complete and utter BITCH... She shares a secret that belong to Hilary but she's really unfair when it comes to that so I kind of wanted to rip the hairs of her head at once... Seriously, that's a lot of crocodile tears she will be shedding...

It wasn't a book that I have an intention of remembering tomorrow or be thinking about now. It was slow and sometimes even boring which surprised me because Lisa Desrochers is kind of awesome at writing books that will surprise you. I just hope that the next one is way better...

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Mine (Real, #2) by Katy Evans --- Kickass Review ---

I've been waiting so long for more RITIIIIIDE!!! I swear that this man can make a nun shred her clothes in two seconds flat! Mine Was everything I was NOT expecting and it was MUCH BETTER than anything I could predict...I love the fierce possessiveness this couple give us and the Rawness Katy Evans puts beneath her words.
Real was hard fast and dangerous but also unfair leaving us hanging on the last word and how it ended... But Mine is all about the sweet vengeance, getting the tittle back and the future of Brooke and Remy... And a surprise!! Brooke's pregnant!!! 
 This is it. The first fight of the new Underground season.  
He’s been training like mad. He’s put on more muscle. He’s more ripped than ever, and I know this season he’s ready to take what’s his.
I thought I could not like Remy more... Well, I was flat out wrong. I'm seriously FAN-GIRLING!!! How could you not, when this ripped, possessive caveman is out fighting for his woman to protect her at all costs? Or not love the way that he puts everything he has in achieving one goal of being the champion of the Underground fighting. He's not perfect, he's got flaws and that's why I love him this much. ... I am smitten to the way he does everything for Brooke!! He might be a big tough guy all the time, but he can be cute when he wants to. And those dimples!!!!!! My god, those dimples... And now that he's a daddy, you have no idea of how cute and protective he will be...
 “You,” he says, his voice terse and commanding as he drags his wet thumb across my lips, “are going to love me until I die. I’m going to make you love me even if it hurts, and when it hurts, I’m going to make it better, Brooke.”
 “You’re going to fucking love me if it kills us.”

I totally saw Brooke's pregnancy coming! But it was awesome when she actually said it and it was great to see the caring and love she had for her baby!!! But not all things are good because Scorpion is a mean-son-of-a-bitch and he will make her suffer in here, he's a mental idiot and he's going to take that out on her to upset Remy... Though Brooke is a tough girl so it's awesome when you see her four months pregnant flipping the bird at Scorpion's goons... She never ceases to amaze me!  She's strong and amazing, and put her together with Remy and you have a couple made for one another. The jealousy is also going to be hard on her with all the groupies and stuff, even more now that she has all the hormones sky diving inside of her...
 I’ve been loved, and I have loved. I’m in love, and I will be forever changed by this love, by this man. I used to dream of medals and championships, but now I dream solely of a blue-eyed fighter who one day changed my life, when he put his lips on mine. . . .

I officially give up on Brooke's sister. She's an idiot that doesn't deserves anything that Remy did and will do to help her...
All of the crew that helps Remy are awesome as ever!  In here it will show us so much more of them and we'll see a new side of the help they give Remy and the harder part of doing it. They are quite amazing just because of the support they give!!!
Mine had my nerves in a bunch from the first page right until the last word... It will upset you, anger you and make you smile like and idiot... it's what this book does. It's filled with Raw passion and need and it couldn't be any better... Katy Evans rule!!!!...

terça-feira, 5 de novembro de 2013

Sentinel (Covenant, #5) by Jennifer L. Armentrout (LAST BOOK REVIEW!!)

 When I start a new book I always think that it won't ever end but when it actually ends it's quite tragic for me. And the feeling is even worse when it's a series that I am totally smitten to. Sentinel was the best book in the series by far. It had the ultimate everything! It gave us the final fight where I might have cried a bit, the final kiss and the final word. How sad but how amazing at the same time?

Jennifer put everything in the book. It was the most inventing, gruesome and completely fantastic story I've read of her. In the fights it had disgusting descriptions of the injuries or of how people went down, in the love scenes you felt the complicity and emotion involved and the characters that will be introduced in this new book are to die for!! Literally to DIE for...
“That was so Resident Evil,” said Luke, his eyes wide. “Awesome.” 
I cracked a grin, a little breathless. “It was kind of Alice awesome, wasn’t it?”
 Alex is a roller coater of emotions and It's awesome to see this girl fight for her friends and actually saving the WORLD!!! She's going to go against Ares in the best fight ever, she's going to come from the dead yet again and she's going to pump her powers to the max!!!She's Badass... One of the things I love the most about her is definitely her incapability to shut her mouth!! She tries but she just can't and in here it's still damn funny. I am going to miss this spirited, funny as hell and hell raiser character...
Couldn’t any of the gods just walk somewhere? Okay. If I could pop in and out and avoid stairs, I’d do it, too. And I’d probably get the same amount of sick pleasure Apollo got out of doing it.
I admit that Aiden started to be a little annoying to me in the previous book but now I regret that feeling I had, because he's just the perfect guy now!! He's such a needed person to Alex and both of them are going to face soo much in here yet he always remains by her side to face anything and to save her!!! He's a pretty guys who also happens to be hot as hell and is able to fight like a god... What else can you ask for?
“Agapi mou, you are my everything.”

The gods are just or even more annoying as ever! They pop out whenever they please and I seriously support the idea of getting them a bell, especially for Apollo (That guy has no sense of privacy)... But in Sentinel they might be a bit more friendly know that they want Alex to Kill Ares... But they are still dicks (keep that in mind.). And the best thing? We finally get to see all the gods reunited and the face of Zeus (the most selfish person on the realm of the gods)... and he's hot... Want to know who's hot? Hades!
Gods were like opossums. You could go your whole life without seeing one, but once you found one of them, you found the whole freaky family.
“What is it with gods and leather?” I muttered. 
Hades slid me a long look. “We make it look good.”  
They did. Couldn’t argue that, but the gods’ hotness didn’t compensate for their overall creepiness and deranged thought processes.
Seth was portrayed as a lying bastard and I hated that because I think that he's quite good. And he proves it now in Sentinel... He's Awesome as an apollyon but even better as a friend and confider like we will see... I love him but his ending was quite stupid because I wanted to see a bit more about him...

Yes, there will be casualties.... But the good news? I can't say, but it's pretty good in the end for all the casualties!!  Also, you seriously have to read the end of this book. It's so cute and perfect, and fluffy and awesome!!! It's perfect

I am so sad to see the Covenant series go!!! Just know when the fun part was starting.... But long story short, It was an Awesome, thrilling series by Jennifer L. Armentrout that nobody will be able to forget so soon. And now I am going to pout because I'm sad...

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Archangel's Legion (Guild Hunter, #6) by Nalini Singh Review

I am in Awe. You just can't get a book better than this. It's impossible. Raphael, Elena, Dmitri and Illium  and every single other angel, person and vampire are just that awesome! Archangel's Legion picks the very best that was in the previous book and joins it in one amazing story. It has some serious fighting filled with realistic battles, very pissed off women and some sweet hot romance.

I have been waiting for so long for this book that I was like: what? Are you fucking serious... when I got it. Out of all the paranormal romance books I've read this is by a close call my favorite. The story gets stuck on you, it's impossible not to like it. Especially when Nalini Singh can write some realistic shit.

This is the sixth book and the author went all in. In Archangel's Legion The city of New York is suffering serious damage, first there is angels falling off the skies then the vampires start getting sick... Elena and Raphael have to find out who's behind this because that same person is threating to start a war, but as they get closer to the culprit Raphael finds that madness is harder to fight once it starts overpowering you. 

You know Elena is tough, right? Well this book will show us a whole new side of her, a more vulnerable yet stronger side. I think that this is the book when she will face most of her Demons like the fear of losing Raphael and of never being able to forgive her father and losing her sisters. Bus as usual she remains as one of the best written female character ever, and it's quite funny to see in this book the jealous and overprotective side of her.  Is it bad that a keep expecting her to get pregnant? there is all this signs but then nothing ever happens...  She's dangerous and lethal but beautiful and loyal...
“Your love is a fierce thing, Elena, a thing with claws and teeth when it comes to protecting those you claim.”

Raphael is also going to have even tougher responsibilities like finding new powers and trying to control them and fighting to protect his city at all costs. We also get to see something that I was dying to read about, his mother and his relationship with her and how it will develop... But the most important thing is his relationship with Elena and with his Seven, which we will see plenty off. I loved reading about his loyalty and friendship with those guys because it adds something special to the book! And with Elena, it's going to be a rocky road but they were meant to be.
“Eternity would mean nothing without you. For no power on this earth would I trade my Elena.”
This book isn't called Archangel's Legion for a reason. I keep overlooking the titles and then I always end up regretting it. Immediately you deduce that there is going to be a war... and a very serious one. And you're right.  This is the book of the almighty problems, like they were all put together in one book. There is ancient angels going against each others, there is new vampires and some gruesome deaths and even the introduction to some new AMAZING characters that I already can't wait to hear more about.  Like Naasir... and Tasha (a snake that I want to see Elena punch)
“No, Naasir,” Raphael said, as if the other male had spoken. “You cannot make a meal of Elena.”  
“A pity,” came the expressionless answer. “I’ve never eaten the flesh of such a young angel.”  
Eyes narrowed, Elena looked from one to the other. “Very funny.” 
Naasir’s gaze lingered on her. “I did not realize there was a joke involved.”

Illium, Dmitri, Sara, Jason, Aodhan and Ramson are the best supporting character we could get and they outstand themselves in this book. Nalini writes this characters so well that for us they are main characters as well. And in Archangel's Legion the play major roles in protecting Elena and Raphael but also in keeping the city safe and sound. Every single one of them is hardcore!
“As for your Bluebell, his heart is already yours.”
 Jason, Naasir, Illium, Dmitri, and Aodhan, they were a formidable force.
This book is interesting, it's addictive and it will leave you breathless without a second to breath. It doesn't leave us time to process anything and it has unbelievable action that will make you feel like you are inside the book. It's realistic and it's badass. It's perfect. 

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Allegiant (Divergent, #3) by Veronica Roth... I shall cry no more! Maybe just a bit more...

WTF! ARE YOU SERIOUS? I am completely and utterly shocked and SAD! I seriously cried like a baby. A snotty baby! But I also have to confess that it was the BEST BOOK EVER! Without a doubt Veronica Roth really dopes know how to leave us speechless.

I took so long to be able to pick up this book, just because I knew I was going to devour it and I was seeing if I could make it last at least a week. Well, I guess a day is better than three hours... I don't have words to describe how awesome and wrecker of feelings Allegiant was.
 I brush her hair away from her face, gently, so I don’t wake her.
She doesn’t need my protection. She’s strong enough on her own
Tris was always my go-to-girl when I wanted to borrow some courage. She owns the word Courage, it defines her.  I am amazed at how unique and tough Tris can be even though I already seen it. In all of the books, Allegiant is the one that really portrays Tris as the ultimate character! She's perfect, really... But she was also the one who sadden me more and made me cry a billion times. This book is really tough on her, it's like she's a special target but  also gives her much more about her parents and even a chance at a real relationship with her brother. I didn't like her ending and I am kind of thinking of going mental on this!
I can see them within her, the courage and the beauty they pressed into her like a handprint

The secondary characters like Cristina ( I am not liking her at all), Peter (Still a dick, but more of a clam one...) and Uriah (One of my favorite characters.) are all going to have their moment of importance to give us their closure. And we will get to see their development as friends and as a group.  

This is the book of discoveries. So much about the world they live on, about Tris and Four and about the divergent will be known and so many secrets will finally be answered! I loved it, the way the author made this book just to explain everything and to give us a perfect ending.

Four annoyed so much throughout the story but he's still the guy who helped Tris, and the guy who will love her forever so how can I be mad? AND HE IS TOBIAS! That alone should be an answer for me not to get mad at him. But he also made some interesting discoveries about his past and his future and mainly about his parents... Allegiant is quite rough on him too. Mainly because he will find out a few things that will make him act like a dick. Just saying...
“You’re not very nice,” I say, grinning.
      “You’re one to talk.”
      “Hey, I could be nice if I tried.”
      “Hmm.” He taps his chin. “Say something nice, then.”
      “You’re very good-looking.”
      He smiles, his teeth a flash in the dark. “I like this ‘nice’ thing.”
Only the people that read this series can tell how amazing this world is. It's unique and throughout three long books it made us suffer like crazy but also made us cry and laugh and it was awesome! Tris and Four were a couple that were made for each other and that even though they were written on a paper we could all feel them. I cannot wait for the movie because I am not ready to let the Divergent Series go.