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Origin (Lux, #4) by Jennifer L. Armentrout. This review just went Mental...

Am I the only one having a major freak-out after the way this book ended? Because, honestly I am a little dumbstruck. Jennifer L. Armentrout left us with a big cliffhanger and I vote that that's not fair. Yes, it drives the Lux Series fanatics crazy but at the same time it's maddening because now we have too wait I-don't-know-how-many-months to know the results of the last page...

The second that this book came I was so happy. Seriously, people kept asking me why I was smiling like a goof and I just kept tearing the box apart to get to the book. It wasn't a pretty sight. But oh well. They are used to it.

Is it just me or this book was rocking it? It had everything you expect in a alien book (the previous ones had it as well but more toned out) but amplified. You have dangerous car chases, crazy scientists that deserve to have their faces punched in,  new weapons that can kill everything (literally, everything), you have humans trying to fight the aliens and believing that what they are doing is a good thing and finally you have the most passionate book in this series so far. I dare anyone to talk shit about this book because it was the best one by far....
 “Did you think you could stop me?” Power shot from me, smacking into the door behind Dawson, blowing it off the hinges and into the house. “I’ll burn the world down to save her.”
Daemon went Postal! We all know and love his charm and conceited attitude. It was what made me like him so much in the first place, but in Origin it's like he takes those things and maximizes it to a hundred times more. So, amazing! We all knew that the moment Katy was taken in he was going to go after her, that's how devoted and in love he is but I wasn't expecting him to walk up to the base and say: Here I am. Lock me up, take me to Kat and I will do anything you want. In this page my eyes bulged out of my head and I freaked out a tiny bit, but it is Daemon and you never now what you are going to get. But he was smart, which I never doubted he had it in him but he was extra smart in here. Before going to turn himself in, he gathered allies to make the perfect escape plan. Well, not perfect but nearly there. So the Daemon we have in this book is extra badass, because he will fight his kind and everything they throw in his way to protect Katy, he will risk himself to save his family and he will declare his love so many sweet times!
 I pulled back, dragging in air that tasted of Daemon. “We really should be talking.”  
“I know.” That half grin appeared. “That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you.”  
My mouth dropped open. “What? You haven’t been talking! You’ve been—”  
“Kissing you senseless?” he asked innocently. “Sorry. It’s all I want to do while you’re here. Well, not all I want to do, but pretty close to everything else I—”
 “I get it.” I groaned, wanting to fan my face.

 Normally in the other books we had the geek and sort of Human normal Katy. Now, we have the super ass kicker Katy. Yes, you heard me! She's the top of the class when it comes to kick some ass. Now there is an awareness to her that she didn't had before, she finally realizes that a war may be closing in on them and she knows that she will have to choose a side. We all know that we were left with some tension in Opal, when she was at the bad guys mercy and we also knew that some bad things were going to happen. But I did not see those exact bad things happening. And trust me, A LOT happens in this book! And Katy has to go trough it all and I hated that, but she did not let the challenges they threw in her way stop her or break her. She was strong and a fighter throughout the whole book. And I realized that the whole evolution that she went trough in these four books was so spectacular and distinct that she is probably one of the best character ever.
 “Really? Kat’s angry? Could it be because you’re holding her captive?” The words tasted like acid.  
“She attacked several members of my team.”  
A smile spread across my face. That’s my girl. “So sorry to hear that.”

There were so many sweet moments in the book. We had the nerdy moments, the passionate and rushed moments and the soothing calming ones. It was the best. This series has the most distinct couples ever... Daemon and Katy make a unpredictable couple and Dawson and Beth make an adorable one. So cute. Oh, and it may appear a new couple soon. My lips are sealed, but I am begging that Dee gets some sense into her head and grabs her man... Just saying...

Why do all scientist have to be crazy and happen to want to make the world a better place by ruining it? If I hated doctors before, I hate them more now. Origin has so many secrets locked so well but that are going to be revealed that you have to prepare your brain to receive some nasty information. We are introduced to a whole different species that are even more awesome than the hybrids, and get a whole new perspective about this Aliens versus Humans fights.

Dasher is a whole new brand addition to this fight, and even though we don't have many information  about him it just adds to the mystery. You have to see it to believe it.

Luc Rocks! Remember that we never had much information about Luc? Well, we do now! There are so many questions about him that are going to be answered and the kid that looks harmless is about to go mental on the book. He is definitely one of my all times favorite characters, for sure...

There were some losses in the fights that will be missed as characters but it didn't really affected me, mainly because I never really liked them. But it was sad anyway.

Origin is the best Alien book you will find. But forget the little green men because that's seriously overrated and welcome to this newer and much better Alien race. They will blow your min and infiltrate your heart, with this heart racing book.

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My Life in Black and White by Natasha Friend... I didn't cried, something just purposely went into my eye! O.o

This book had me thinking hard. It made the most simplest things that we take for granted look superficial, and if you really notice it it kind of has a point. I definitely loved this book more than expected, because the type of the book is not my thing and I've never read anything from this author. But I am glad that I took this risk, because it was so worth it.

My life in black and White may seem boring and way too dramatic at first, but you quickly change your mind. Because this book is a wake up call to pay attention to the IMPORTANT things around us and stop worrying about other shit, to stop obsessing about our bodies and labels and accept everyone as they are. It's an amazing read that is unique, sad and fantastic.
 But at the time, I honestly believed I had it all. Looks, friendship, true love. I honestly believed I led a charmed existence. And then, halfway through the summer, Taylor’s brother, Jarrod, had a party, and in a single night two things happened that would change the course of my life forever: My best friend betrayed me. And my face went through a windshield.
The story really had me from the first page. Because everything is constructed to feel all the emotions and stages of awareness and acceptance that the characters go trough. Natasha Friend really did write a fantastic book.  The story is fast paced and keeps you intrigued at all times, it makes you beg for more. All the characters have a story and although you hate them for their mistakes you can't help but forgive them for it anyway.

For someone without much of a patience it may be hard to understand Lexi at first, but if you give her a chance she will blow you mind. It's characters like this that are hard to be found, characters that are strong, loyal and true like Lexi. I admire her for all that she had to go trough and come out a better person in the end. Lexi is a character that is always evolving during the course of the action, in every chapter you see a new stage in her healing process and a new surprising attitude. She's exciting and inspiring to read about.

Taylor may seem like a bitch. And SHE IS. But she also redeem herself in the end. (ALTHOUGHT SHE'S STILL ON MY BAD SIDE. LIKE, FOREVER!) And in the start when you see her as this backstabbing best-friend it's hard to picture a day when you'll be loving her again, but the writer did it and managed to get Taylor on our good side again. There is a lot of jealousy and spite in Lexis's and Taylor's relationship from the start but it's lovely to see their friendship get stronger than never in the end.

Heidi was a tough case from the start, but I knew that with a bit of work she could be a surprising character and SHE WAS! EVEN THOUGH SHE WAS ALSO A BITCH IN THE START, she just needed a friend to help her trough her insecurities. Problems with our bodies is a stage that 90% of girls go trough in their life's, so it was great to see it approached in here with such care. The author managed to give an amazing advice to all the girls going trough that stage right now: Love your body, and don't let others put you down.  Go, Heidi.
She likes to act all tough and cynical, but really, underneath that crusty exterior, she’s as soft as they come 
I have a crush on Theo. What can I say, I changed to the nerdy side of boys!!!!!! That's how good Theo is!  I loved his character, and you can tell that without him this book wouldn't be the same. He gives so much support to all the characters, but at the same time he's also a wakeup call for a very important problem. Anorexia. His sister died because of it and he was an awesome reality check for many people.
with Theo it was nose bumping lip touching tongue twining heart thumping knee weakening body pressing kissing kissing kissing until the bell rang and he took a sudden step back, breathing hard. “Wow.”
Ryan. Even though you were nice in the start, bad throughout the whole book, and then good in the end again. Go Screw yourself pretty boy .

Summing it up, My life in Black and White is a thrilling journey about hope and redefining yourself at YOUR standards.  It's charming and full of emotions. P.S keep your box of tissues in hand.

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Breaking the Storm (Credence Curse, #1) by Sedona Venez... Betas overpowereing Alphas?

I never seen a Beta Wolf look so Alpha like, and let me tell that you that this book oozes possessiveness in every single page. Breaking the Storm had me confused at the same time it had me raging in anger and smiling like a goof, which is hard without going mental on the book but I restrained myself and managed be steady ...

Oh dear, this book is all about grudges, lies and unfinished business. There is Storm and Knox with a former, bitter relationship to repair, Knox lying his ass off (basically it doesn't count as a lie because he technically didn't lied... But he omitted... so it's lying by omission) and a bunch of wolfs filling the place with testosterone. And don't forget, two crazy ex's giving them both hell. This is a rollercoaster of emotions and you better prepare yourself before reading it.
I still don't know what to think of it, seeing as sometimes it was so frustrating that I wanted to threw the book down the stairs (well, it's an arc copy, so the Computer down the stairs...) but it was also so hot that I had to turn on the fan so I wouldn't melt... it gave me a bittersweet feeling. But, the character are so well constructed that you understand every single one, and the story is fast paced and keeps you intrigued at all times.
I loved that the book started off with an introduction to the Credence's tragic love life and bad luck in general. Which didn't made us go into the book so blind.
He grabbed my chin, pulling it up so far that our eyes locked. "Let's get one thing straight. I'm your mate. I protect you, not the other way around." His eyes narrowed. "You Credence women weren't protecting anyone but yourselves. You all used that curse as an excuse to keep every man at arm's length."
The female lead, Stormy or just Storm for friends and family, who also happens to be a mix of all sorts of Others breeds was kickass. If you take the thing of always repeating the same issue over and over again and the fact that she can't seem to get over her own problems, she's an amazing character. She's strong-willed and full of witty remarks that had me laughing non-stop. Storm's family owns a Escort's business so it was kind of funny to see a well-put-together woman being requested by her ex (which she dumped after saying a few nasty words..) to be a submissive Escort. Trust me when I say that this is awesome... 
Knox is a wolf. But that's supposed to be a secret so FORGET I SAID IT... Well, it's a secret only to Storm because I think that a person with the minimal brain capacity could guess it the minute they meet at the party. But moving on, he was a proper wolf with all his arrogance and dominance. His role alone could fill the whole book, that's how big is ego is. But asides from that he did have a real good constructed background story that led to his personality. He has depth to his character that gave him credibility.
Light ( I can't get past those names, I just can't. They are so funny... Lightning and Stormy. ) was a hurricane of sex. That's all she talked about with great details... But her character was awesome as hell.
Luke: Fuck you!
I loved that the Credence's mothers were friskier than their own daughters. It was so funny to read about them, and I definitely want more of them in the next book!.
Breaking the Storm is all about relishing power, of learning the power of trust and giving in to your fate. It will keep you in your place until you finish it and it won't let you go. It's addicting and possessive, and so dreamy.
*Arc Copy provided by Netgalley in exchange for an honest Review*

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Shooting Scars (The Artist Trilogy, #2) by Karina Halle... It's f*cking hot in here!

I normally don't do teams or sides but this book brought that dark side out of me. So, I used to be on Camden's side in the first book, but guess what? I changed sides. I'm voting for Javier, the Mexican, dark-haired, drug leader... I know it sounds bad, but man. That man is to die for (no pun intended).

Now, that Ellie went with Javier to spare Camden and his family she's in way over her head with danger. She will have to face the past and the man that disfigured her leg many years a go, and she will get her revenge even if it means to loose the good side of her for good.
Camden has to find Ellie. After being setup by his wife and brothers he goes in a blind chase, tracking Javier every move to find her. But can he bring her back when she does not want to leave?

I think that this book showed us the secret dark side of Ellie. And you know what? I liked that side more than the redeeming one, because that one was boring and this new one is exciting and bold. Just like I always though Ellie was. And I realized that who brings these darker ways out of her is Javier and that's why I am vouching for him, because he liberates the true Ellie. The dangerous, conning Ellie. And that makes her that much more fascinating.
His lips trailed down to my ear. “I don’t have a soul,” he said softly. “You make me feel like I do.”
Javier was awesome on this book. In the previous book we saw him as this merciless killer and for only a few pages, but in here there is a new depth in him and we got to see a bit of the truer him. A sweeter, caring, calculus side of him.  He really loves Ellie, but the problem is that he does not have a heart. He doesn't know how to love and that really saddened me, though I think Ellie could change him for the best. I think they both complete each other... Also, Javier added a mafia feel to this that I loved.
“I’m glad I disgust you. The more you feel these things so strongly, the more you’ll realize how right I am. That you and I are the same. That I can help you get what I have—the power, the pride, the respect. I can make you my queen. And you’ll give up on trying to be good, to be better. You are better now.”

I used to love Clark Kent lookalikes: AKA Camden... But now I sort of can't stand him. He became too goodie two shoes, it's sort of annoying. Yes, he focused in his dangerous side, with all the car chasings, gun shootings and fierce fighting's... But my, I still  couldn't look at him with the same eyes. Not to mention that his part of the book whilst trying to look for Ellie was boring as hell. He just wants the good Ellie and doesn't accept that she has a darker side that needs to be set free. But as usual, of course she will end up with him and Javier will be left alone.  As usual...
She left me in a cloud of dust, a swirl of crushed cherry blossoms that choked my heart.

We see Ellie's parents! OMG, I wanted to punch someone when we saw her mother. Couldn't she keep her mouth shut? just saying...

Fuck you Travis. Ellie should have killed you when she had the chance.

Gus, I loved him. But I wanted to see more of his story and his secrets...

This book is so exciting and puts your heart running miles... My god, I seriously died a bit in every single chapter because it was so not going the way I wanted. but oh well, let's hope the next book brings some luck to Javier and Ellie and some BAD luck to Travis...

This was the book off turmoil because all the relationships were tested and there were a lot of danger lurking on the sidewalk. This is a good ol' mafia book and it's downright amazing!

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Zoey Rogue (Incubatti, #1) by Lizzy Ford

There are tons of books about vampires, about werewolves but about succubus and incubus there are almost no decent books.  It's unfair for us, that prefer this demons to the others more common and vulgar. Zoey Rogue is a different book that is certain to make you hold your breath due to the constant lack of self-perseverance from Zoey, and ever present confidence emanating from Declan. These two are a pair I could read about all day long.
She flushed, eyes glittering. "We're a good pair, aren't we?"
"Complete opposites." He smiled 

Three Strikes. Three Nights. It's all it takes to Zoey lose the freedom she loves and for Declan to win the soul mate he needs. And with Zoey trying to stop that from happening and be normal and with a growing attraction leading her closer to Declan each time and their different personalities clashing, there are bound to be some problems. But what happens when those problems overtop the strong bond they share?

I haven't read a book about this in so long. I am addicted to the series Lost girl, so I am kind of addicted to succubus so I though to give this book a go, and it was far better than what I hoped. It was so funny with constant wits and the frequent use of sarcasm, it was risky due to the whole team of succubus (Team R) fighting the Cambions with all these weapons and Bruce-lee moves and most important, it was cute because of the constant refusal of the bond by Zoey and knowing looks from Declan saying : Yeah, right... You'll be back by tonight.

If you don't know what Cambions are, they are the sons of incubus with humans, and they are like super mean and nasty. They basically kidnap girls and kill them after feeding of their energy to make them stronger. And team R was created just to kill them...

Zoey is a girl that no one can control no matter how hard they try. It's just not possible and trust me when I say that many people tried. She's a rebel and does not like rules, but at the same time she's brave and strong whilst being sweet. That's often a hard combination the make but Zoey nailed it. I completely fell in love with her because she made such a strong impact from the first page and you just can't help it, she's adorable but she has this toughness in having to deal with her sex energy that takes a lot of her and fighting guys to protect innocent girls. Zoey is a modern day hero.
"Sleeping with the enemy. It's fucked up"
Declan had my nerves on edge the whole time because I just knew he was eventually screw things up, and guess what? He did... I liked him in the start and I though he could be a really good combination with Zoey because they are so different, and he's an authority figure and she's an outlaw... I was right, but I was also wrong. They are awesome together but Declan is a dick. I rest my case on him here, because I am super mad about what he did in the end...
"You're never getting to strike three," she said with a wicked grin. 
"My kitten tries to roar but all I hear is a tiny little meow," he teased. 
Vikki is my hero... She's awesome but I wished that she wouldn't be so influenced by the "Bond" thing with Liam, because it's basically girl rules to protect your friends over your guy.  And she kind of spilled the secrets every time. I know she couldn't help it with all the mind reading and shit, but come on... I really liked the bond she had with Zoey, you don't see that often and I could tell all the pass between them and all the sisterhood thing going on...  
"Hey, Wes, can you get us grenades?" Vikki asked
"I'd trust a two-year-old with grenades over you two."
"Ouch," Zoey muttered 
Zoey Rogue is like a preparation to the next book Zoey Avenger, which is the book I will die if I don't have in my hands soon. It has all the fighting, lying, scheming and romance you may want with a different edge to it. The characters are awesomely constructed and the story is vicious. I never read nothing by Lizzy Ford but I will have to catch up on that because this was just amazing.

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Afterburn (Afterburn & Aftershock, #1) by Sylvia Day... It was love at first sight for this book...

When you pick a book by Sylvia day you are sure of two things. First is that it's going to be steamy hot and second it's going to be messy. Sylvia Day writes books with such intensity that she manages to create almost a movie with her words, you find yourself imagining every single detailed scene... Also, what made her one of my favorite writers was the fact that her characters are real, are cunning and passionate but flawed.  

Afterburn has exactly that, it didn't let down and I though that the Crossfire series were going to be hard to top but I found myself enjoying the nastiness and competitiveness of Gia and Jax.

I was smitten, not just because it's a book by Sylvia day, but the storyline seemed incredible.
You have a brokenhearted girl that doesn't let a men step on her toes so she's willing to be a smart about it (and a bitch) and prove him that he loves her.  But in the other hand you have a stubborn guy, who takes is last name as a death sentence and he does not want commitment fearing it will take Gia down with him. He's a Rutledge, and they are vicious and he represents every bit of it.

 The best thing about this couple was that they already had a bitter story behind them and now being back in each other life's it's exciting and new, and even better is that now Gia wants him on her terms and she's about to play dirty. I mean, this is the Bitch and the Beast. How can you not love that? They will compete, they will fight and they will not play fair, because the ultimate goal is for them to shred what's keeping them apart and finally be together as a couple and have a future. They are completely irritating and very intense. It's like the cat and the mouse game...
“Forgive me for asking, Gianna—but did you love Jackson?”  
“I thought we loved each other.”  
Lei sighed. “I wish that was one lesson women didn’t have to learn the hard way.”

Gia is not a quitter. She's resilient and strong and so willing to fight the bigger dogs out there to get what she wants. A female lead character has to have fire in her to make her interesting, has to go fight for her goals and Gia is the perfect role model for it. She knows her assets and knows how to play them well because she's smart. Oh, and she didn't annoyed me ONCE! That's a miracle. But she's so compelling to read about that I forgot everything else.
“You were made for me,” he said fiercely. “No one else, Gia. You’re mine.”
Jax is a major asshat. Like, he cockblocks himself by always screwing up! Everything may be fine, but then you have to find out something, or he'll do something and BOOM there you go out the door Jax.  He's so dreamy. Strong, dedicated, alpha like, a player and very irritating?  Sign me up please!  And the most important is that he's determined to get the woman he loves back, at every cost... P.S: Don't let yourself get bedazzled by him, he's an idiot.
Jackson Rutledge never took a day off. He worked hard, played hard, fucked hard.

Secondary characters are also something that Sylvia Day is a pro on. Family, friends, bosses, you name it and she gives it to you. In here is more the family and the boss. The Rossi's and Rutledge's, a big Italian family versus one who does shady business's. In the Rossi's there is this proximity and brotherhood that you can feel right on the spot, it's familiar and endearing because it makes you feel like home. The Rutledge's are cold.  And the boss is Lei, I loved her because of her energy and capability to stand out even though she doesn't have many spotlights...
Jax pushed out the chair opposite him with his foot. “The more Rossis the merrier.” Sadly, the more Rutledges the scarier. And that had shaped Jax into the man he was.
Afterburn was just the tease we needed to start another series, because it's not complete but it compels us to read the next one as soon as it comes out. It's like a warm up for a really awesome series to come.  It will drive you insane and it will make you swear like a sailor, but it's so worth the time...

Stripped by Jasinda Wilder. Wild or Mild...?

I am so happy that I haven't read a bad book in so long! And this one kept the trend and was far better than I'd hoped. The concept of a good 'ol sheltered pastor's daughter getting in this business of strip-tease, was alluring on it's own. And add a movie star who makes your blood pump faster and also has that difficult personality but in the end he's a sweetheart, my lord. We have ourselves a hit.

She's a stripper struggling to pay her college bills to become a filmmaker, he's a movie star who she'll have to shadow in order to learn the ropes of the business, but he's also her customer. Grey and Dawson come from two different pasts and both of them have their nightmares that they wish to forget. They will have to go a long way until they find a meeting point for them and realize that trusting another person is not that bad in the end.

Is it possible that a book about a stripper can be innocent as well? This one was, it had all the despair and disgust of undressing for men for money, yet when the book stops focusing on that it has this innocence, sweet vibe to it about a girl and a boy trying to make it past their problems. It's endearing yet heartfelt at the same time. And if you think that this book is all about the strip and finding a guy, and blah... you're wrong. It's about overcoming problems that life throws you and coming out of them with your head held high. It deals with self-esteem, loss and many other common problems you see.

Grey (I don't fancy the name though) is simple. She doesn't have the greatest of personalities and sometimes I think that she's a bit flat, but with the whole story she fits in. And man, it annoys me so much when the lead girl is a crier, I am sorry but I cannot stand girl who constantly cries. It's so dam annoying. I get that her life is tough and shit, but come on, throwing up and crying every day? It's overreacting. About Grey, she's described as this perfectly imperfect person, but when she's described physically she's  this busty, with big ass, blonde and grey eyes girl and it takes all the fun away. I want to know something bad about my lead girl, something that makes her human, and I didn't felt  like I had that coming from Grey. I get, that she's though and what she's been trough is bad, but I couldn't feel it from her.
 Giving a girl a debit card with access to millions of dollars? Good thing for him I’m not a material girl. I would never go and spend a bunch of money on diamonds and clothes and shoes.
Dawson is typical pretty guy, with a cocky attitude who has the world wrapped around his little finger and has no real problem! He's perfect and that's a turn off. I'm sorry again but I cannot like a guy that has no life experience and is spoiled. I don't get the attraction on that. But without that, in the book I loved him. He was caring, thoughtful and very charming without being fucking annoying. BUT, who the fuck gives a girl he barely knows the keys to a VERY EXPENSIVE car? UNREAL and not cool (mainly because no one gives one to me as well, but also because it's stupid). My god, he was a hot movie star... I could swoon for days with this information. Oh, I just realized that WTF was he doing in a strip club? (Not WHAT, but WHY?) I mean, he has every girl he wants and he goes to a strip club? I'm going to think about it but it doesn't sound convincing.
Girlfriends are a dime a dozen. I could snap my fingers and have six girlfriends, one for every day of the week and Sunday off. I don’t want that. I’ve had that. It’s boring. I want you.”
There was not really any other character. Asides Grey's dad (major jerk but nice in the end) and what's his face bodyguard... who I wanted to see more? But asides from Grey and Dawson, there was no other developed character... None... It's a thing that I did not liked about this book because a good book needs at least a good friend and confident. At least.
 “No daughter of mine will engage in any such lewd and sinful behavior as dancing,” Daddy says to me, his blue eyes blazing. “It is gross and immodest and entirely sexual. I’ve seen the kind of dancing those…those harlots engage in at that so-called academy. You will not attend.”
My goodness, the cars.... A Bugatti, a Ferrari, a BMW and every good thing out there. I admit that sometimes I paid more attention to the cars then the dialogue itself... And the need for speed,  my god, total meltdown...

 I like stripped, but I did not loved it. Yes, it surprised me and it was good but it won't be a book that I'll remember in four months away...

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Vampire Academy Trailer? Is it me, or shit just got real?

When Richelle Mead announced that the trailer was coming in some TV channel I never heard off, I freaked out! I mean, I'm Portuguese which means I live in Portugal (duhh) that means no access to other channels out there. (not even in the internet, because it was blocked). So, I made myself calm down and breath, and five long minutes later there it was on Facebook!  The trailer. Happy dancing ^.^

Am I the only one that saw things in here that were never in the book?

Unknown Parts:

Like, 0:28 to 0:31? What's with the awkward pause? It should be a natural procedure for them, because they have been doing it for two years... and then Rose goes and says this: What are friends for?. Dude, NOOOOO. They are supposed to be like sisters, not awkward friends...

The, 0:37? What speech is that? Do I need to start taking vitamins for my head or are they inventing things?  I seriously do not remember that speech.

0:39 to 0:41? First, why is Rose hiding underneath the desk (with a computer) while the woman is killing What's-his-face? That never happened. Ever. And is it just me again or those naked dudes and lady writing on the wall belong in Nightmare On Elm Street? Don't remember those either...

There is load of fighting scenes that I also do not recognize but I will wait to see more of them and then comment.

Awesome and Hot parts:

0:11 to 0:23. The introduction is so freaking awesome! Like fall-on-the-floor-with-excitement awesome! But doesn't it make it look like a chick-flick. I don't care, it's amazing...

0:42 to 0:44? Dimitri (comrade) and Rose (Rosa)... Oh man, major smile on my face right now.

0:43 to 0:50. Pure Awesomeness. Fighting, more fighting. Explosions and stakes... Hospitals and fire. My god... I so cannot wait for this...

Final Thoughts?

The song is brutal! I think this trailer is fantastic but not exactly living up to our expectation, so let's hope that the next one is even greater and that February comes real fast! Like now!

Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters!! Anxiety overload?

So, first things first. Anyone who is a fan of the Vampire Academy books should be having a freak-out right now because the trailer is out in the open, and let me tell you that it's not the best one but to see that we will have a movie made for us fans out there is amazing on it's own. And they only finished filming 3 weeks ago, so we have to give them a break and let the other trailers wow us a bit more! 
First the cover! OMG isn't it dangerously beautiful?  Just like every single character that we love... Prepare to be tested. Game on people, this is publicly challenging us to love it or go home. So for the cover I think no one can say that they are sad about it because this is over the top!
Main Cast...

Zoey Deutch.

 At first I kind of freaked out because Rose is supposed to be this exotic, fierce beauty and I couldn't see none of that on this actress. But Richelle Mead created this characters, this world so we had to trust her judgment and trust her to not let us down. And now, I think Zoey is going to be a great Rose.  In the trailer she really portrayed the rebel yet dedicated friend she is. And come on, Zoey Deutch is really beautiful and kind of has an edge to her look that I think Rose could use as well...  And I am really excited to see the Queen of sarcasm on TV!!!!

Lucy Fry.

Oh no, I always thought that her place was in the sea being a mermaid, not in the Vampire Academy movie playing a Moroi Vampire. I confess that I do not like the choice for her character, at all. She is nice and really pretty, but she hasn't got the delicate look and fierceness that Lissa needs and I am not sure if she can portray it. I guess that we just have to wait and see...

 Danila Kozlovsky.  

To everybody who says that he's not the perfect Dimitri, I say Off with your head! Look at him, I have never heard of him before but when they announced him as Dimitri I was like: Swoon... He has a badass look and he's really handsome in all his Russian self. And the most important? He and Zoey Deutch really made a connection on the set of the movie and they have great chemistry (as friends people), and we need that in the movie. We hungry fans need some romance mixed with awesome fighting scenes and great sarcasm!

 Look at this and tell me if it isn't the cutest thing ever!:

quinta-feira, 15 de agosto de 2013

Extinguish by J.M Darhower

One... Two... Three... Four...
I declare war.

I´m Hyperventilating... I loved it but WHAT THE FUCK JUST HAPPENED? I'm still deciding whether to HATE or LOVE the ending because it was SO NOT what I was expecting, but somehow it was a million times better. Oh Serah, why u make me cry? Extinguish was Awesome, Sinful, Lovable, Adorable, Provocative, Dangerous, Hellish and so Amazing...
"What's the matter, angel?" he taunted. "Are you scared? Of little ol' me?"

Serah is an angel who has been given a task: stop Lucifer from starting the Apocalypse. She will have to meet the king of hell and convince him to give up on his seek for revenge, but she will be surprised when she starts to see him with kindness, fondness even because it is forbidden. But with the king of sins, all of her beliefs will be tested and her faith will be put to proof...

Happy Dancing to the max! First page: Nha, too pretty for my taste. Rest of the book: Bring it on motherfucker! This book brought all the nastiness that was stored inside of me out, i wanted to punch the good guy (Michael) so bad and kick the bad guy (Lucifer) as well, because they all were a bunch of self-centered assholes. I don't care if they are "angels" or "devils" because they were pricks... But they were handsome pricks.
"Give in to it, angel." 
"Give in to what?" 
"The hunger," he said, his tongue slowly running across his bottom lip. "The need. Give in to the craving. Give in to me." 
"Never," she whispered, the word impulsively tumbling from her lips, no conviction in her feeble voice.
I found a song that fits Michael and Lucifer strangely well:
One way or another I'm gonna find ya
I'm gonna getcha getcha getcha getcha
One way or another I'm gonna win ya
I'm gonna getcha getcha getcha getcha
See? Perfect description of their relationship. All throughout the book they were anxious to fight one another, it drove me crazy. Like it was not Lucifer's fault that he started to question things... Grow up and be brothers again. Please!

I haven't decided if i like Michael or not, i do because he is nice and all powerful but i don't like that he seems to have a stick up his ass the entire time. It's seems like we are all doing him a favor by being on his side and in the end he surprises us like that! I don't know and i wished to have meet him a bit more, because there is not a lot of information regarding him in the book, it's all just superficial things... And his love for Serah didn't won me over at all.
"Yes, but so are all the other angels. Out of all of them, why me?" 
"Why are you filled with so much insecurity?" he asked. "We found love together a long time ago. Why question things now?"
Serah was kind of the heavenly, perfect, good, ethereal girl. She might sound a bit perfect in her description but she's a rebel. She will put questions and find a way to find her answers (eyebrow raising suspiciously!), she will not settle for commands from a higher force and that makes her a badass angel. We Start seeing her as an angel and angels cannot feel anything. Though Serah wants that experience and when she starts breaking the rules she will get what she wants, but it will come with a cost. Which added a really good story line and the interest needed in this otherwise perfect character. From the start when i saw that she was involved with Michael i didn't exactly liked it but when you put Lucifer in the game, Man this love triangle had me freaking out the entire time. But she was a girl that i felt had an injustice at the end, i didn't felt like she deserved the ending she got!
"I see beauty and goodness in everything—even you, Luce. And as long as that’s there, I can never turn away from it."
Lucifer you sneaky little bastard. At the beginning he was everything a King of hell should be. Mean, tortured, ugly even. But then when Serah crosses his path and he starts to get a glimpse of her grace, he changes. He becomes more aware of everything around him. Don't get me wrong because he's still mean and a jackass, but more of a kind jackass. It's is only me that got nervous when he punished someone? Because he could be a mean motherfucker sometimes. And his description? My, my, blue eyes and dark hair, with the biggest of black wings. If that's hell, then sign me up. (well, not really but you know...)
After a moment, he let out a deep sigh. Pressing his lips to hers, he kissed her softly, sweetly, an innocent gesture for a creature they called "The Devil."
I wanted to meet Samuel.. Like not just memories of him but actually meet him, though i really enjoyed his ending. (Even cried a little bit, but no one needs to know that!)
"Yep," Samuel said. "Imagine having that dude as a brother. Makes me look a million times better, huh?" Serah dramatically scrunched up her nose. "Eh, I guess you're okay."

This book is not all about the love. It's about revenge in the worst form possible. And if you are going to venture in this book i have to say that you cannot trust no none. It's full of secrets and lies in disguise. It makes you doubt the good in people and praise the bad. And what i loved the most was that it specialized on one Sin: Lust. Pure, raw Lust.  The story draws you in and makes you read it until the very end. It's fast paced and terrorizing..

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The Heat (The Big Bad Wolf, #1) by Heather Killough-Walden

Vampires + Werewolves? My god, when I though it couldn't get any better this author decides to mix both species into one... Werewolves with "fangs" who like to drink blood. Interesting. And just when I also though that this couldn't possible work, because it was kind of pointless, I had to swallow my words because this book was great. Heather is a genius...
Lily St. Claire just moved back to her hometown after ten years away and with that comes reunions with old friends and an even older crush. And now, divided between two Werewolves who will fight for their claim as her mate and a serial killer who targets the wolves, she must decide on which side she will be and who to fight for.
This book is fast. From the very first page you get loads of emotions that will last right until the last word on the book. And there is always something happening, and let me tell you that this book has tons of things to be done. There are at least three kidnappings, lots of fire and even more blood. It's exciting and new and so very HOT!
Lily S.t Claire was a character that I did not liked at first because she was too cliché and the perfect everything type. But I made and effort to get used to her and now I love that she's a badass and can tell scary werewolves to go stick it where the sun doesn't shine (Which is all the time because they are a bunch of pricks). She got me hanging on her every move and I found myself understanding her better than any other character...
Oh, little Lily…. She had no idea what she’d done. She’d come wandering innocently back into his world – like Little Red Riding Hood.

Daniel, Oh Daniel... I fucking loved him... (That's all!)
When he spoke, it was with a rumbling growl that was completely inhuman. “You can run, cher. And I can try my damnedest not to hunt you down,”
Who loves big, possessive, know it all Alphas? Big bad wolves? I do... And when they are written like this, in a very animalistic way I think that they are so much better. Finally a werewolves who actually acts like one. And it's impulsive and mean and angry. That's an animal and sometimes people forget that "Alphas" werewolves are men  with an animal side... They are not mean to act normal, they are meant to have awesome glowing eyes filled with emotion like anger, love and adrenaline, and they are meant to be Badass and drive giant, black Harleys (That's optional but it makes them super awesome)... And This book gives us just that!
The "serial Killer" was kind of obvious the whole time but strangely I didn't gave a shit about it. Because it was scary as fuck that he was a psycho and I am glad that he got his ass kicked...
The whole fact that this had a sort of a "love triangle" was good, because it enticed the jealousy within the men. Though I wanted more of Cole!
A big bad wolf romance surprised me and captivated me throughout the whole story! It will make you go insane at the same time that it makes you all happy with butterflies in your belly. Loved it!

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The Sound by Sarah Alderson

Did not saw it coming!! I've heard really good things about Sarah Alderson and her books but never actually read one. So this was a new experience that I completely loved because it was the perfect blend between a really good serial killer book with a thrilling romance!
Ren Kingston is a British girl that accepted a job as a nanny for a very wealthy family on a very exclusive island. All she expects from the summer is spending days reading books, listening to music and occasionally take care of the kids... But when Ren starts to hang out with the rich kids with dark secrets, with a boy that has every reason to hate them and a serial killer that targets Nanny's only, her summer is about to become much more complicated that she initially though... 
The Sound... Just the name alone gives me the shills and for an young adult book, it was a pretty dark and chilling read. The cover is amazing and I confess that it was a decisive point in whether or not to read the book (guilty) but soon enough I had to obliterate my thoughts because they proved to be wrong. This is not just a pretty cover, it's much much more. It's exciting, deceiving (I felt dumb in the end...), very scary, fresh and downright amazing!  
Is there anyone on this whole entire island who hasn’t pulled every other person on this island?

I did not expected to like Ren as much as I did. At first I was like: oh no, another innocent clueless girl... But then POW - SURPRISE. It was like after the second chapter I was inside the story and living it with her. She's interesting and very clever, and the most important part was that she never went with what the others said and never judged someone just because and instead went to get her own conclusions.(Jesse)  I loved that she was British, so the difference in the words crated some funny situations, and her determination and sense of humor are rocking.
Some people have tequila to send them into catatonic oblivion, I have music.
Jesse is an angry guy, that's for sure. But he has reasons. Reasons that you won't find out until two thirds of the book, but it's okay.  I felt his anger and motivation all throughout the story and even without knowing what was his problem I felt like supporting him and even help him kick someone in the shins. He's a pretty strong character that really has a lot of importance in the story and made it all much more interesting!
There are guys with attitude, and then there’s this guy.
Jeremy, Matt and Bitch Tyler. Yes, Bitch!... I am amazed at how easily I was deceived by their pretty faces, but I guess that that's why Sarah Alderson is such a good writer. I should have known...I am never, ever trusting anyone who has a nice smile and rock hard chest again!!! Because they were dickheads, all of them... And Jeremy even though I have mixed feeling for you, you are a fucking moron...
This book really portrays that bitchiness girls emanate from themselves to other girls. It was like a cat fight the whole time and some of them should have their trust fund cut and see if they like it... But I liked that all of the girls were all very different form each other and could create some interesting mix of groups.
Brodie is amazing as a wing woman even though she's only four... The killer is not someone you will be expecting (just saying) and it blew me away!
Sarah Alderson convinced me to read any other book that she publishes, seriously EVERY OTHER BOOK... That's how freaking good this book is...

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Keeping Never (Never Say Never, #3) by C.M. Stunich

Keeping Never was the most serious yet charming book in the Never Say Never series. Though it all turned out for the best i kept hitting my head on the table and pulling out my hair due to the stress this book gives. Never and Ty keep playing with each other and giving me mini heart attacks each time... It's exhausting and you reach the end with a fried mind, but it's soooo good and it was the last book? NOOOOOO....

Never's past is out in the open for Ty, no more secrets or lies. Well, except that she hasn't told him that she's pregnant yet but she does not count that as a lie when Ty has an unknown past that he refuses to share. But with bad news reaching Ty he will be obligated to go deep into his past, to finally tell us the story that we all wanted to know no matter the pain it will give him. Because he has to face it and let it go, to finally have the future he always wanted but never thought he deserved...
“To love even though you hate is the greatest accomplish of all. To forgive when you thirst for revenge is the greatest triumph of all.”
This book is definitely directioned towards Ty more, 'cause he will have to face his demons and learn to fight the urge to give in to temptation in order to forget. We all knew that ty's past was horrid and sad but to hear it being told by him it's even worse, because you just want to hurt everyone who has hurt him.... But it's a victory that he has finally managed to share his life, his secret with Never. Yes, he was sort of a dick most of the times, but that's our Ty! Because after being a complete douchebag to her he made the sweetest things for Never, he listened to her and cared for her. That was what really attracted me to his character: his need to fight for Never and build a better life for both of them, together because from the start he knew she was IT for him...
There is all of this … this crap inside my heart and I don't know how to process it. Can you help me? If I really, really ask for your help, if I lean on you, will I break you? That's the last thing I want, truly. I'm having terrible thoughts, Never. I keep thinking that I should go out and find another girl, throw my pain into her and let her deal with it after I leave. I feel like I shouldn't be burdening you with this stuff, but then … I could never do that to you. Never, Never.
Never has to face some messed up things in the story. I think this is the hardest book on her because it will make her see red and at the same time will make her dizzy with love... or maybe that's just the pregnancy.... stupid hormones... Omg, She's one month pregnant and she's constantly cursing out on the kid, it's hilarious... But it will be hard on her to hear Ty's story and even harder to support him when all she wants is to smack someone really hard, and let's face it that it's not easy to deal with Ty. And he will push her back and create an emotional wall between them and Never will have to face all of that and call out his bullshit. It will be hard but Never is a fucking force to reckoned with so i wasn't really worried...
I promise then and there to prove myself not just to Ty, not just to this baby, not just to this family, but to a person long neglected who is overdue for a bit of respect: myself.

Never's sisters. Can you please start having boys? Because i think that's too many crazy girls in one single house...  If you thought you were over with them in the final book, you were wrong because they are stronger than never. And that's good because all of their support really helped Never and Ty a lot. And having Never return her sisterly bonds with them helped them as well, especially India and Beth.

Noah. He's a fucking angel. I swear if he does not find his happily ever after i am going crazy! He needs to be with Zella, forget Never and be happy because he is one of those rare guys that truly deserve it. There better be a book about him and Zella, like, fast....
Noah is a one of a kind guy – no, human being. Noah is a one of a kind human being who actually puts others before himself. We could all learn a lot from tasting just a little bit of the world's Noah Scotts.
What's great about these books it's that in each story there aren't too many things going on, it's rather very small things. But all of them have an immense importance and are indispensable to the whole series. It's a simple book but with great meaning and full of emotion that will make you surrender to C.M. Stunich's writing and fall even more in love with the Never say Never series.

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Biting Bad (Chicagoland Vampires, #8) by Chloe Neill

Man, i wished i could be like Merit and eat all the good stuff without consequences, have a hot-as-hell boyfriend named Ethan and killer Katana's skills... And Jonah ^.^

Biting Bad puts Chicago in danger once more. Rioter's are making a move on the Vampire Houses, targeting all vampires as their enemy number one and destroying vampire associated properties with Molotov cocktails and extreme violence. Merit and her allies, must once more find the brain behind this organization and end it before one of them gets killed...

I start reading it, annnnnnnnnnnd it's over.... You know what annoys me in Chloe Neill books? They are so good that you lose track of time and also that I gain about 1 kg because Merit makes me hungry... Every damn time! But this series are definitely my all-time favorites...

Merit and Ethan's relationship, i don't know what happened, but this relationship turned from casual dating to serious dating! Like "marriage" dating... I was like: Hell yeah! And Ethan is a fucking prick, because all throughout the book he hinted this, hinted that! I think we have a marriage in the next book. Just saying! Though I wanted to see some interference in this relationship, like Jonah or some flirty girl to spice things up a bit... I wanted some more jealousy and the fire of a good fight between them. They are exciting and awesome still, but with some provocation they would be much better...
Ethan groaned. "To business already, Sentinel? So much for, Good morning, Liege. I love you, Liege." He managed a remarkably bad imitation of my voice, then feigned sweeping hair over his shoulder. 
"I don't do that."
"You do," he said, grinning.
Jonah is a big presence in here. Though i wanted a "no shirts allowed" fight between him and Ethan again... Or some steamy moments between him and Merit... For a second i almost wished Merit had choose him, but that second vanished quite easily.

 Ethan is dreamy as always (well, of course) but now it's like he appreciates the little things more, live valentine's day and stuff like that, that for a four century vampire has no interest in... And he starts to enjoy them and be more attentive to everyone else... It made him in a way, more human.

This book is all about the fight! Exciting, dangerous, badass fighting! Seriously, you can't get enough of it. It's like you know it will happen but even  though it's predictable, you freaking love it! Also, Biting Bad was one of the books i liked the best because of the "bigger" problem, which i thought it was very different and interesting, and because of the characters. They seem to be underlined and they stand out so much better. Like Luc and Lindsey, Grandpa and even Scott... all of them are so amazing and different from each other...

Malory is back with her witchy stuff and blue hair! Even after all the things she has done, give her some slack people! She's different and finally learned to use her magic in a good way, in a productive way that she can help others with... I love her and that means that Catcher comes as an extra! Well, i don't know if it's possible, but he managed to look even more mean and angry than in every other book... This two characters along with Jeff, do give life to the book (pun intended) but they are so different that they have to be awesome together.

Biting Bad is effin' A! With it's ever present Humor and action packed stunts... This world of vampires, shifters and fairies is complex whilst being real enough that you actually get lost in it. Chloe Neill rocked the stage once more!!