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Near and Far (Lost and Found, #2) by Nicolle Williams

You know it's a good book when you can't stop reading it. When you look at the clock and it's 2am and you have no intentions of going to sleep because you want to absorb the last few pages and make them last... That's a good book and Near and Far is a very good book.
“Fuck, that felt good.” Garth hopped up like new life had just burst into him. Arching his head back, he cupped his hands around his mouth. “FUCK, FUCK, FUCK!!! FUCKITY FUCK, FUCKERY, FUCKER!”
Resume: Long distance relationships are hard, but Rowen and Jesse are determined to make it work. Even if it means riding long bus rides and old cars (Old Bessie i heart you), keeping secrets from each other and having to deal with hard challenges that will test the strength of their relationship. So, can they survive this and came out even stronger? Or will they lose to temptation and give up?

This is a Nicole Williams book, so it's bound to make you cry like a baby or make you smile like a goof in love... It's her thing, she writes beautiful books that are hard to top but so easy to adore. This was no different because this book has one of the most unusual relationships ever, but somehow they make it perfect just the way it is. It has distinct characters that are overpowering but loving at the same time. It annoys you, it saddens you and it makes you happy as hell, this is what this book did to me and i loved every single bit of it.
“You have to save yourself, Rowen. I’m past the point of saving now.”

Jesse Walker, like the previous book, it's still the same ball of energy, with an easy smile and good mood as always. It's one of the reason i liked him in the first place and somehow he does not make that sunshine of his get tired. Not one bit. Though now there is some darkness chasing him, like his past is finally consuming him for good and he knows he will have to deal with it sooner or later. This phase that we see in the book it won't be good, either for the readers nor for Jesse, but it will be necessary for him to take a step forward to overcome his fears and make his relationship with Rowen last.
“For you, I'm a weak, weak man. I'm so weak for you that you could break me with one word. You could end me with one look. You could ruin me with one touch.”
Rowen is not the same lost, revolted girl that we met in the first book. Now she's chasing her dreams and making them count while juggling a long-distance relationship. Just by this you know that this girl won't have it easy... But Rowen is Rowen, she's the resilient, fighter and badass chick we love. I think that she is much mature now but she will have to go a long way to see just how much Jesse is important to her, and to juggle out of the way some annoying bits (Jax) of her path...
“How is the first girl in the history of the world to pick the good guy over the fiercely handsome, hung-like-a-stallion bad boy?”
Grath is AWESOME! He's like a psychologist to their relationship drama, while still having a mouth of a sailor.  In this book he was that friend that cared about you more than he cared about himself. It's just the way he is. He may have a fucked up life but he will do anything to lift your mood in a second. This is the truer  side of him that i've ever seen before. But, i do want him to be happy!!! Please Nicolle Williams, give something good to Garth! He deserved it for being such a good pain in the arse and a really good friend...
I’d learned years ago: Garth didn't do moderation. At least not very well. It was all or nothing with Garth Black, and that was part of why being his friend was hard. It was also what made being his friend so much fun.

To Jolene and Jax: I HATE YOU BOTH! Well i kind of liked Jax, until he messed with Jesse. Now he's on my shit list...

Near and Far is pure awesomeness and it's a read that you won't forget soon. It's light and fast paced yet marked by heartfelt words full of love and need. It's perfect and it will have you crying in a second...(Just warning). Definitely a great way to start the week.

Midnight Frost (Mythos Academy, #5) by Jennifer Estep

I finally got my hands on this book and I am so happy right now! Even though i did shamelessly devoured this book in four hours. I am a sucker for this series and couldn't wait to read about what's up with Logan, the new problem that is going to "almost" kill Gwen and see her kick some serious Reaper's ass. 

Threats strike when you are at your most vulnerable state, Gwen know this and so does everyone else, after all, it's what they teach you in school. And when you live in Mythos Academy always keep your two eyes open. But when a reaper manages to poison someone important to Gwen she knows she must risk her friend's life and her own's in a trip to get the antidote. Though she is still hurting for her Spartan, she must put that aside and make Nike proud, whilst having her heart broken. 

So Gwen is like the main target in here. She is like puddin to Reapers and there will be some serious life attempts on her gone wrong, which makes me laugh at the Reapers because they are "supposed" to be trained to kill people in cold blood. My ass they are! They are a band of wusses!
Vivian laughed. “Sure, go ahead and believe that. Whatever helps you sleep at night, Gwen. Anyway, I gotta go. Catch you later. Or maybe I should just say kill you later.”
In here, Gwen is still pretty shaken up with Logan's absence in the first pages, but right the next minute the strong, badass gypsy is back right until the last page! 

Vic is even more cocky than in any other previous books! If that's even possible, but he is. I always liked the idea of a witty, talking sword, but man! He's awesome.
“Well, naturally,” the sword crowed, his voice swelling with pride. “I do put the art in artifact.” I looked down at him. 
“Really?” I whispered. “You’re really going to talk about how awesome you are at a time like this?” 
“Certainly,” Vic said. “Why wouldn’t I?”
Logan, you are an Asshole. Love, Me...
Seriously, Gypsy girl. Stop looking for me. Love, Logan

These books always managed to surprise me. Just when i think that there is nothing more that Jennifer Estep can come up with, she writes a full book with magical creatures and flowers that i've never heard of. And she writes all this with a veracity and realism that it's amazing to read about. Her books and Mythos Academy series really have the element of surprise. And whether it is in a serious fight between some reapers and their pets or just a plain relationship she always manages to turn the simplest of moments into something special.

This book had more action than the previous ones, though i am sad for not meeting Loki just yet. I want to kick his face so badly. But there were loads of other reapers for Gwen and her friends to handle, that this book turned into a  fight festival. Seriously, you never know where the reapers will come at you! Always be aware of your surroundings. 

Midnight Frost serves as a in between book. Because it was used to introduce some serious important characters and artifacts, a new goddess and make Gwen face Logan and tell him to stop being a wussy. Also, the weapon to finally end Loki is here and she will make an unusual friendship with some serious cute animals. Oh ya! you heard me, Gwen is going to have some new fluffy animals friends... 

Her friends are always awesome, but there was something about this book that made them stand out more. Maybe it was because Logan was out of the picture and i was able to focus on something else rather than him or maybe because they seemed extra participant and really showed a team effort in everything they did!
“Afraid you’ll get your pink snowsuit all messed up?” Oliver teased. 
She glared at him. “The only thing that’s going to get messed up is your face, Spartan. The second I shove my fist through it.” 
Oliver raised an eyebrow. “Bring it on, Valkyrie.”
Don't you feel that this books are always so clever? I do, it's like everything leads up to THAT something, and even though the "undercover" reapers are pretty obvious you forget about it until they have a knife in your throat. So it's always surprising and exciting because there is never a dull moment in here. 

I loved this book. Well obviously! But this is a really easy-going, cool book, that will get you laughing at the constant comebacks and enjoying tagging along with Gwen and her friends once more! 

Finding Never (Never Say Never, #2) by C.M. Stunich + Fav Quotes

"Tell me, Never, do you still love him?"
I confess, that when I saw that, I went ballistic on the book. First I was like: That f*cking idiot is coming in the book to ruin their "relationship" and kill me of an heartbreak. Then, when i finished the book I was like: Dude, you have NOTHING on Ty so don't even bother.... But Noah Scott was quite a scare, showing up with his past and his blonde hair, all perfect and shit.
“You asked me what I think about Noah Scott?” Ty laughs. “Oh, yeah,” he says around his cig. “Your boyfriend's real fuckin' nice. What a cutie. I heart the fuck out of him. What a catch.”
Never and Ty have come a long way with their relationship and they are not ready to throw that away. A trip to Never's family reopens many wounds, ones of first love and of lost trust. Ty is what Never desires, but is it what she needs to save her from herself? All the dark secrets they've kept are coming clean, Ty will face his past and Never her future...

Warning: This is a Clusterfuck of feelings waiting to burst!! Man, i get mentally tired after these books because they are always messing with my head. Making threats like: I will break them apart (Scare), I will send him away forever (Scare), Her sisters will be bitches (Scare)...

Finding Never is much better than Tasting Never. It goes in deeper with the characters and brings them to their edge, to face their fears. It brings hard choices for them as well and it's the book that determined the future of Never and Ty, even though there is another book coming... C'mon everyone knows the answer for Never's fear in the last pages! Ty wouldn't let us down!
 “No lies, remember? I'm dead fucking serious here. I am like, head over friggin' heels, butterflies and puppies, hearts and fucking kitty cats in love with you.”
 Never and Ty, even though they still have their dark auras around them, they now know how to deal with them better and to lean on each other when things get rough, instead of using sex as an escapade (they still do, but at least is with each other). Though there is some really hot scenes in here!
I mean, I went from fucking frat boys and guys whose only concerns were strippers, motorcycles and chicks, to making love to a dude with a blue nose ring and a heart that's black but only because it's been burnt and purified to ash.
Though Ty is still really a mystery, we really get to see a more serious and secret part of him and of his past. He finally trusted Never with some of his secrets and we got to know him a little bit better! And there were this pages of Ty playing princess with Never sister's and it was so cute!
"What I do know is that I love you, and that I want you to find yourself and come back to me. You do what you need to do, Never, and I'll be here waiting for you when you're done.”
Never is a character that feels like she took a dead weight of her shoulders. After confronting her family, Noah and the f*cker that separated her family, she is free at last. Though she hides a few things too much from Ty, i think that she's starting to get used to the idea of a BOYFRIEND!
I know that I'm going to have to be careful with him. He might be a bad boy, but even bad boys can be broken.
Never's family is a mess! A sweet-as-fuck-red-haired-mess! I loved to see all their different personalities come together to form a unusual family.

Finding Never is awesome, as usual. But it added another dimension to the story, more depth, more realism and more everything. C.M. Stunich wrote the perfect continuation to the Never Say Never series and i can't wait to Keeping Never!

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Tasting Never (Never Say Never, #1) by by C.M. Stunich

One word: WOW! I was not expecting this book to be nearly as good as it was and it was a really awesome surprise to see how much the characters grow on you over the pages... It draws you into the story and gets you addicted! I love C.M. Stunich capability to build, and write about wonderful characters, build the worse background for them but then also giving them hope and strength to fight their way through those difficulties. Her characters are strong and vibrant and her stories are remarkable!

Never is broken. She doesn't date nice guys because they are too much to her broken soul, so the bad guys are the ones to help her escape the real world even if just for a few minutes... Even if they are all wrong for her.
Ty McCabe is as dysfunctional as Never, too bad they hate each other... They are equal in their emotions and feelings, but a romantic relationship is the last thing these two need to work out their past demons. But can they resist the one person who shares the same pain and ignore the growing attraction between them?

OMFG! I absolutely loved this book. It's perfectly broken. It's raw. It's real. It's pained and it's Sad. But It's all about finding something worth fighting for in the darkest places. It's all about these two young adults who saw their life take a turn for the bad and use sex as an escapade. I loved it from start to finish. Every single emotion that exists is present in this story because i was crying like a baby and the next minute i was laughing like a crazy girl... It is unique and it's perfect.
When I look into Ty's eyes, I can see that we're exactly the same. He's as wounded as I am, and we're both bleeding all over one another. It's a recipe for disaster.

Never is definitely a girl not easy to get to know but easy to love. Her determination and resilience surprised me in a girl like her, that in the beginning seemed like a quitter but then turned out to be a fighter. Her background, actions and acts definitely all contributed to make this girl stand out!
If I ever believe in something again, and it turns out to be false, then not only will my body crumble beneath me, but so will my soul.
Ty is not the typical male-lead you read about. He's not going to be the type that is the perfect boy with perfect problems and he is not a boy that you love the second he shows up. Characters like him are difficult to find. A guy that's trying for a better future with such certain goals. A guy that's trying to overcome his past and build a better future. A guy that wants to love and be loved. He may be the typical boy your mama warned you of, but he's also the guy that you should not judge based on the rough exterior because you will find something special once you get to know him.
“I was in love once,” I tell him. 
Ty's face falls. “I've never been in love.”
This book is one of a kind. There are many books with similar stories but this one beats them all, by far... C.M. Stunich makes books that ought to be remembered and appreciated! She is a skilled writer that uses her talent with a fierce passion that is noticed on her words. I am so going to get the rest of the "Never Say Never" series and get to work on reading them ASAP!

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Fuck Valentines Day by C.M. Stunich

I am completely smitten to C.M. Stunich books. How the stories are written with the very palpable rawness and playfulness of the characters and the scorching sexual tension in every one of her books. Loved that she does not wastes time and goes straight to the point of the action and gives us the most amazing stories.

Andi Fisher hates Valentine's Day. It's Hell on earth for her, mainly because she's single and bitter but oh well... Then two of the hottest guys on campus finally give her the time of the day and she is dubious of their intentions, after all it's just the hot nerd boy and the equally hot manwhore of the school! When secret admirer letters start to appear out of nowhere she is bound to find the guy of her wildest dreams...But can she solve the mystery man identity while juggling two very intense men, all on Valentine's day?

I was smitten to the warning this book comes with because you just know the book is going to be a killer one. 
WARNING: This book contains handcuffs, hair pulling, perverted Valentine's cards, and all other sorts of naughty. This book is NOT intended for anyone who dislikes hot sex scenes, bad boys, or nerds with kinky sides. Read at your own risk.
Okay, so i never vouch for the nerd guy but it's because they are never this interesting! This book made me appreciate them so much more, especially if the "Nerd" in question is also a Boxer with a kinky side... Score!  Touchdown! Goal! You name it! Preston Ellis is the men! Loved it soo bad....
“You've been staring at me for years, eye raping me every chance you get.” 
I gasped and touched a hand to my chest. “How dare you, you fucking prick,” I said as I tried to control my temper. What he said was true, kind of, so how could I stand here and get all pissy over it?

Andi is the most awkward girl ever but i had a blast with her. She makes anyone laugh with her interior monologue and has everyone bumping their heads with the book when she opens her mouth... She's an unique character that i loved reading about! Even with the fact that this book had two guys fall for her instantly did not made me stop reading over the usual stupidness of the situation, if so it only incentivated me more because it was written in a captivating way that you just can't let the book go! Andi is fun, awesome and a faithful example of the single college girls!
Rational Andi: You're exuding whore pheromones. Put on some damn Channel or some shit. Cover up that crap. 
Horny Andi: Go to hell and rot.

I also enjoyed Quinn very much. He was definitely very unique with his womanizing ways and public displays of "things". Quinn was a fundamental piece to Andi and Ellis relationship, let's say he was their founder. But he was also an awesome guy, he was funny and sexy with his too quick small talk leading up to one thing only. Sex. And who can resist a red Mohawk?
He paused, grinning wickedly, like a porn star or an underwear model or something. It was dirty, practiced, and totally fucking sexy.
This book is filled with intense flirting. Hot scenes on public display. And a kinky guy that gives his all to meet a girl. It's fun and flirty though light and so very special. Loved it from the beginning to the end and even the "in your face" parts were pure bliss. Definitely my pick for all the single ladies out there! And even the committed ones...

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Escaping Reality (The Secret Life of Amy Bensen, #1) by Lisa Renee Jones

Dafuk did I just read? I liked it a lot but hated it as well. Is something wrong with me or this book has a bittersweet vibe to it? Like, its predictably good in the beginning, unreal but appealing in the middle and then downright addicting all through the last parts? Amy Bensen, you just may be a sneaky little thing...

Amy Bensen spends her life hiding and running, it's her thing. She hates being alone but needs it to make sure she's safe. She has a saviour, the one that helps her build her life whenever she's found by her past, but she's sick of surviving with the help of the man that saved her many years ago. Moving to a new city, Amy meets a dark and mysterious architect that has more in common with her than she may think. But, Is Liam Stone who he really says he is?

Are you kidding me? The book cannot end without giving us at least a little bit of information! We got nothing! All I know is that Lara (Amy) is running from something (don't have a clue what but i know is something about her house that burned down), hiding from someone (who i am pretty sure is rich and very bad) and I also couldn't understand if her brother is alive? Well, Amy Bensen you are the most mischievous character i ever saw. But what surprised me was that i am not giving that much importance to the lack of data because the books flows naturally, like it's meant to happen in THAT TIME so it will, and it makes you not be THAT mad!
Once again, my life is about to be turned upside down. Once again I will lose everything, and while everything is so much less than before, it’s all I have.
Amy Bensen was awesome! If you put aside the part where she went to bed with a guy who she had just met and could easily be a murderer... I mean seriously, love at first sight? Not love, Lust! Lust at first sight! That's more likely... But still I wanted to put some rules in her head like: No matter how good he looks he can be a psycho and Don't ever share a cab with someone you just met (Learned this from Taken... Boo Yah!). Amy was a bit crazy with her mood changes... and money obsession.. Seriouslly, Why The F*ck do you care if he spends money on you if he had a boatload of it!! He's a billionaire!! Let him spend his money than get the hell out of there... But with that aside i liked her... She was not boring or annoying and whenever you had a boring moment on the book she started with one of her crises and BAAM it gets interesting again!

Liam... I don't like him! I liked him until the end, when it left me thinking he's a presumptuous evil ass! Just the fact that he kept bossing her around for the whole book drove me crazy. And NOT in a good way! He was kind and nice to look at first but then he opened his mouth in the last pages and blew my liking for him away....
“You are rich, talented, and good-looking, but I forgive you all of those things because you're charming and funny.”

Jared, why u no the guy for Amy? Please be the guy Amy picks in the second book! I mean who wouldn't pick a Bad-Boy hacker? I really thought him to be a really good element in the book. He wasn't too flirty with Amy but added the tension everyone likes...

Mystery guy... I will find you and I will kick you... I don't know why but he makes me mad!

This book surprised me in so many ways. And now that it's over i feel all kinds of mixed feelings. Suspicious. Mad. Sad. Happy. Pissed off... But it was a very good book that i loved reading about and i will be dreading the next one because i know it will make a fool out of my suspicions of my bad guy, but oh well.. Bring it on!

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Fear Of Falling by S.L Jennings

I had loads of doubts when it came to this book. The Storyline looked good enough to be an amazing book but i feared it was not going to be original enough. There is a ton of stories about damaged girls with problems of commitment and their "dark" saviour, that have the "Love at first sight" romance. But S.L Jennings blew me away with this book, it's well written and smartly conceived so it doesn't seem too ordinary but it's real enough to bring us close to the characters and learn with them.

Kami has been through hell and back since she was a small child. She's a twenty-three-year-old woman that's still afraid of the dark and runs away from masses of water, all because of her abuses as a child. She knows she is incapable of love so when a bartender sees behind the mask she puts on, she feels trapped. Kami is afraid of what that love may do to her, what can it turn her in and she has the constant fear of having her heart broken again. But with the help of loyal friends who understand her and Blaine, she will have to face her fears and battle them...

***Inspired by true events*** I hoped this is was not true but unfortunately it happens more regularly than we think.  It makes me sad that anybody has to go through this. But i am also hoping that whoever this was inspired in can find a happy ending just like kami did! 
Funny thing about life is that it never turns out the way you want it to. It’s never fair. It’s harsh and brutal. It kicks you when you’re down. It makes you wish you could give up and part with it just to have a semblance of peace.
Kami is a fighter and i have never read about a story so real as hers. She was a character that moved you from the start until the end, but i never felt an ounce of pity for her. I felt pride, because after all this she still tried to overcome her fears, she was not some frail little thing that needed to be saved because she fought her nightmares away. Though it was a bit frustrating when she met Blaine because she kept pushing him away and  of course there were time i wanted to shake her and tell her to "Be happy with him you crazy girl" but i kept my cool. Otherwise, she was amazing to read about and she is definitely a role model to so many girls and women out there because she will show you hope and urge you to battle your fears like a badass...
“This isn't some illness I can just take medicine to get rid of, Dom. You of all people should know that. This. Is. Me. My situation isn't fucked up. I’m fucked up. Completely, irrevocably, fucked up to my core.”
I loved Blaine with his patience with Kami and his perseverance to not let her go no matter what. He protected her even though she told him to f*ck off quite a few times... His character was so well constructed, with him living with a esquizofrenic mother when he was just a child and then having to see her killed, it was sad as well and very real. But I loved his honesty and commitment. And he wasn't bad to look at either... ^.^

Dom and Angel!! I adored them so much! They brought the funny element to this book even though they had their problems to deal with. I would like to see a book just about either of them...  They cracked me up most of the times and i loved to see their relationship with Kami and how much they relied on one another.  
A lesbian rocker, an insatiable man-whore and a notorious commitment-phobe, all under one roof.
This is not a happy book, I'm telling you! It's sad and it will make you cry your heart out and want to do some real damage to some people. But even though its sad it has a good message that it that if you keep your eyes open love can heal every wound your heart has. But also ( and the most important one ) to never give up on yourself, no matter what other people may say. 

S.L Jennings is an amazing writer and this is the first book i've read from her, but from now on i am curious if she pours this much heart on her future novels... 

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Real Ugly ( Hard Rock Roots, #1) by C.M Stunich

Holy mother of Cliffhangers... This Book was the most dysfunctional piece of art i've seen and I f*cking loved it to death. I don't know if i'll be able to survive the heart attack this story is giving me until the next book comes out, it's so far away...

Naomi Knox and Turner Campbell hate each other. Both of them are stubborn, messed up people who never had it easy, and after the past they shared together (a past Turner forgot and Naomi relives everyday) the thing Naomi least wants is to go on tour with that piece of sh*t. When their paths start to connect again and their personalities clash like thunder they know it's only a matter of time before they will have to surrender to one another.

I am stunned with the power this book carries. It's obviously a story that portrays the Rock n' Roll life with very explicit scenes with drug use, booze, the thrill of the life on the road and the edge of soulful lyrics that are as damaged as they are beautiful. It's sad and mournful at the same time it can be funny and witty and I never saw an author that could write about a messed up life with such unwavering hope.

Naomi and Turner are one of a kind. They fight, they argue, the hate each other, they love each other. Depends on the day and on the substance they are on... Turner described it pretty well (You're hot and you're cold/ You're yes and you're no/ ...../ We fight, We break out/ We kiss, We make out) , and that's what's so special about these characters because they had to built the relationship they had based on sorrow and hate and turn it into something worth fighting for...  But OMG they made me so mad sometimes, like the tension between them was suffocating and I was like Just get on with it already!!!  
One minute, I'm wanting to worship the ground she stands on, and the next, I want to destroy her.
Naomi is a Bitch... Nothing to add to that because I utterly agree... But she is a Bitch with talent enough to WOW the crowd with her guitar and lyrics. She is definitely the strongest, meanest, ballsiest, AWESOMEST   character here. With her troubled past and choices she had to make. they are bound to leave some scars but she tries and tries to get on with life and build something happy for her. Trough constantly escaping to music and lots of regret I say she managed to do that pretty well... But then... The CLIFFHANGER.
I know he wishes he could just hit me. Glad to see he isn't sexist, that he'll attack any threat head on. But if he touches me, he's going down. I am a lot stronger than I look. I've been fighting off men twice my size since I turned ten.
Turner Campbell is a self-centered  idiot who thinks the world revolves around him... I agree with that too and can add a few more things like: Jerk, Assface, Dick, Jackass, Asshole and on and on.... But he is a caring idiot who nobody can stay mad at for long (unless you are Naomi)... I loved his story and how this character was built on such rough past into a bright future he found with Naomi.
Turner Campbell. Might as well change his name to Satan or Beelzebub or Lucifer or something.
Hayley, Dax and Eric (I am suspecting Eric or Dax to be the bad guy) were characters I really enjoyed reading about as well. They did have most of the influence in the book and they were the ones to determinate a few of the main characters choices and actions, which I thought it went great with the whole feel of the story. Throughout this book and until the end you will not know who the bad guy is. It creates tension and suspense to leave you hanging in the end and it's absolutely crazy!
Naomi laughs and shakes her head which just further pisses me off. Who the fuck does she think she is? She joins my tour, disrespects me, turns my life upside down, and then proceeds to fuck with me. Bitch has a lot of nerve. But I'm still interested.
I definitely loved this book. The Rock n' Roll feel to it. The action and mystery. Everything. 

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Surrender Your Love (Surrender Your Love, #1) byJ.C Reed

Does no one comb their hair before going to work, or am I abnormal? Because I kind of think Jett did not owned a comb and always looked good... Well good genetics, I think... And it is kind of sexy in a way, but mentioning it every two paragraphs is really, really annoying. Okay he has good hair days everyday, good for him...

Brooke Stewart is a realtor who wants nothing more to succeed in her career. She's focused, hardworking and very serious about her status of not wanting relationships (Which i still haven't figured out why). In comes Jett, the dangerous, powerful man that threatens to shake Brooke's security by luring her into his side. In his firm as his assistant and in his Bed as his Lover.  But will Brooke finally trust someone else besides herself, and will Jett's secrets find a way to haunt them?

Jett is the typical alpha (my ass) guy that we all love and enjoy reading about. But Jett was, how am I going to put this, bland. He was pretty, hot,  a perfect example of good looks (something we have to read about in every single paragraph) and with a flat personality. We don't know what he likes to do, what he likes to eat or even a his favorite color. Nothing. He gives away nothing in this book, it's like he never existed asides in this story and I think a good book has to have a background to it's characters otherwise it's no good. I didn't liked him at all. It had some hot and heavy moments that were cute and such but nothing over the top.
The guy was a piece of sin. If he were the devil holding a contract, this would be the moment I might just give in to temptation and sign over my soul.

I kind of wanted to slap Brook on the face the entire time. But now I have a few advices for her: 1- If someone in a higher rank than you will be sent on a meeting with you, you have to respect them. Not pretend to be insulted or confirm you independency by walking out the door and risk your company a business deal.  2- A best friend is not to just call to say how good your boss is in bed but to ask about how she's doing or if she's alright. 3- Don't make assumptions, let the guy explain his mistakes. It's like everyone else can go suck it and Brooke is the only one with reason on her side. 4- You are scared of a guy that's dead? And how does that influence your trust issues? (I don't get it... Please someone explain it to me!). Brooke was a character with no interest at all... I tried to understand her but couldn't, it was impossible.
“You’re so damn sexy, Brooke. I want to do this for the rest of my life.” There, he said it again. And this time after sex, meaning there had to be some truth to it.

I wanted this book to work, so bad! It has an awesome, exciting cover, a delicious synopsis and and the type of guy you go bonkers over. But it didn't worked for me. The concept was old. Jett was too predictable. Brooke was annoying as hell. "The best friend" seemed to be there just to pass the time because she basically did nothing and contributed with nothing to the story. Everything was too unreal and forced...

sexta-feira, 12 de julho de 2013

Elite (Eagle Elite #1) by Rachel Van Dyken

Cows may be my favorite animals now. Just Saying. I love young/adult books but mob/mafia books combined with those, i'm in Heaven... Ant they mention the movie The Godfather. Yay! Love this book so much that i can't begin to describe how much!! <3

After Trace won the Eagle Elite College Scholarship Lottery, (Long Name...) she is determined to do her best to take care of her Grandpa. But she wasn't counting on a certain group of friends with such an inviting attitude, because their rules state three thing she must follow:
1-Do not Touch The Elect.
2- Do not look at The Elect.
3- Do not speak with The Elect.
But the problem with the school is that it's ruled by a student. Nixon. And he has his eyes on her. And with time she will realize that all of them have a secret in common. A secret that may be about Trace.

I Knew you were trouble when you walked in, Nixon! I Just knew it and I loved it... You Nixon, are a jerk, an ass, an idiot and a jackass! His badass attitude, with his job, mixed with being super mean in the start and then way ahead being nice, made him the awesomest main male character ever! Nixon is something else for sure. He oozes danger and has that "don't come near me or i'll kill you vibe" that made him irresistible, I mean HE IS the mafia boss. I felt a bit weird at the beginning when everyone followed his orders, just because. And when the teachers seemed to have fear in their eyes every time he came near.. It was strange and it added that mystery, i mean who the hell says "Yes, sir" to a twenty year old guy? But damm with the car chases, gun fighting and the black SUV's. Oh My!
"Oh and, Farm Girl, don’t forget. Classes start tomorrow. Welcome to Hell.”

Trace. I cannot count the times this girl made me laugh. At the start I was like "Oh no, another poor girl that everyone is going to feel sorry for, and she's going to be as plain as hell" but then she tricked me. Because she stood up to the meanest guy on campus and told him to go take a hike. After losing her grandma it takes gut to start over in a foreign school while you know nobody. But she did it! She was courageous and determined. Something the main character should never lack. Trace, you and your Moo's!
“Keep your head high. Ain't nothing to look at on the ground,” I mumbled her favorite phrase and laughed through my tears. Tomorrow would be hard, but I was chosen, I was here, and I was going to earn it. Nixon better watch his back because I, Tracey Rooks, was here to stay.
OMG i love Trace's grandpa! He was so cool. So innocent and poor at the beginning and then POW you have a mean motherfucker!
Grandpa let out a sigh and laughed. “I do not know why the Good Lord left me alone with a girl. I do not think my heart can take it. I go to bed, I worry. I eat my breakfast, I worry. I see a cow, I worry.”

Anyone felt like this book had the Romeo and Juliet vibe? The Alfero's and Abandonato's? I loved these two together because they both had an history before,  both of them are stubborn as hell and like to provoke the other.  Which is an awesome combination for a couple because you just know it will entertain you to watch them fight! I liked that the whole love triangle wasn't like IN YOUR FACE, like some other books but was mild and just in the right times. And the whole car chase thingie. Trace, were you for real? I laughed sooo hard!
“Tell you what?” I whispered. 
“That you need me.” 
“When hell freezes over!” I snapped. 
“Bring a parka, because life’s a bitch and you just bought a first class ticket, sweetheart.”
Chase, I think I am in your Team! Just because you actually showed that you had a heart at the beginning. I also appreciated that his feeling did not came through when Trace was with Nixon so it didn't made it awkward. He respected his friend and Trace, so he waited for Nixon to screw up (because OF COURSE he would) and made his move. I enjoyed his protectiveness and mainly his playfulness (which was something that Nixon sometimes was lacking).

Monroe was equally awesome but sometimes she disappeared from the book a bit too much. But i liked that she friended Trace and stood by her side while her twin AKA: Nixon, made Trace's life a living  hell.
“He’s the spawn of Satan,” she grumbled. 
“And you are?” 
She grinned and held out her hand. “Monroe. I’m Satan’s sister.”
This book was super! It had action, Romance and a bit of suspense as well. A bit for everyone! It had hot boys to last you a lifetime, crazy, determined farmer girls, secrets that will be uncovered and alliances of steel.  Rachel Van Dyken did an awesome job and i'll be hoping for an even better book next time!

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Beautiful Bitch (Beautiful Bastards, #1.5) by Christina Lauren

I normally don't read these 0.5 books because usually they don't matter that much, but with a couple as infuriating as these two how could I skip this up?

Just when I thought Bennett and Chloe could not get more intense they trick me again. One of the things I love about these two were their capability of upsetting each other, they know exactly what to say and the right thing to do. They were made to defy each other's limits and that's what makes them so interesting to read about.

In Beautiful Bitch we still get to see our Beautiful Bastard , Bennett struggling for some alone time with Chloe and being constantly interrupted. If he was grumpy before, wait until you read about it now!  Trust me, by the middle of the book I was beyond frustrated. But it focus more on Chloe and her development in her career and the way she deals with being in love. So with a week in France there is no one that can stop them for having them all for themselves, right?
“Do we have time to . . .” I shook my head, looking around as if the answer were buried somewhere in this ancient furniture. “I could probably get us both off in, like, two minutes.” 
She laughed. “I’m not sure that’s something to brag about.”
OMG this book is breath of fresh air, it's funny, light and full of scalding Romance and memorable I Love You's. I wished i could have seen more to France and the Villa they were staying but the way it was so rushed and unexpected, fit the book and the couple so much better.
“Here to show me how to grow a penis so I can get the job done?” 
“Chloe, I'm pretty sure if you wanted to grow one, you could do it by will alone.” 
She let a half smile form, pushing back from her desk and crossing her legs. “I'd grow one just so I could ask you to suck on it.”
Bennett is more relaxed when he's with Chloe and dedicates every single moment to tell her how much he loves her. Ain't that sweet? He can be a Pompous Dick but when he likes someone he makes sure they know it. And who doesn't like a man that can take AND give the commands in the bedroom? Chloe does!
I’d definitely found my equal, the woman who made my life a living hell and lived to antagonize me. A woman whose mouth I wanted to tape shut . . . every bit as much as I wanted to kiss it. My girlfriend, my former intern, Miss Chloe Mills. Beautiful Bitch.

Chloe has many more responsibilities with her work and all, but you can tell that that weight that she used to carrie is now gone for good. She know she loves Bennett and by being the only woman that can shut him up, she should receive the award of the year. Love, Love, love this couple because they are just perfect for each other and the end proves it! Oh, the end! We Couldn't ask for a more appropriated ending.
He treated me as an equal, and even though I knew he loved me more than anything, he never cut me any slack. For that I loved him even more.

This book was over so soon! I want more, but i guess my imagination will have to do.... If you are looking for a light summer read, with loads of romance that will make you laugh every single time, you have your book! Beautiful Bitch is one of a kind with interesting characters with attitude, that get on each other's nerves at every chance but make magic when they are together.  Perfect :)

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White Trash Beautiful (White Trash, #1) by Teresa Mummert

This cover is beautiful. Definitely one of my decision points in reading this book, but not the only one because the synopsis and the promise of a knight in shining armor also helped a lot!

Cass Daniels does not believe in happy endings, not when you live in a trailer park with your junkie boyfriend who likes to throw a punch once in awhile, with your mom and working at a dinner that barely helps paying rent.  But she hopes that she can get away, get a decent life somewhere far from this hell she is living. But when that opportunity appears sooner than she thought with the dark-haired singer from Damaged, is she willing to take it and risk his career on the way?
I hated this place, my life… myself.
Cass Daniels is skeptic about love and happy endings. She is a twenty three year old girl that should be finishing college and getting a real job, not struggling to pay the bills and supporting her deadbeat boyfriend and mother. She is strong with a capital S, this girl could take on anything and came out on top because she is resilient and determined to make a better life for herself. I thought her to be a great role model of strength, heart and hope, even though sometimes the whole attitude thingie should be a little minimized. In the whole story you do not get a real smile from her when she is in her trailer park but when Tucker is with her you can see the transformation to a happy Cass, a girl that does not have the world on her shoulders and for once can have fun and relax.
I was finally living instead of just surviving. It felt good.

Tucker is the Lead Singer of Damaged, he is the beautiful, kind stranger at the beginning. I Loved his manners to Cass and the way he dealt with her giving her support and a safe place for her to have. I wished that he had opened up more because you don't see much of the real him in the story, you don't know nothing about his family or if he has siblings, friends or even foes... Nothing. I took out points for him because of that, but the fact that he was caring, thoughtful, nice and owned a bike (because that adds to his badass status) made up to it quite nicely.
His arms had elaborate tattoos to the wrists and his blue eyes were bright in the sun. This was the guy your momma would warn you about—if your momma wasn't too high to function.
Jax was something sad in this story. You can see throughout this story the different personas of an addict, the violent one, the happy one and the drugged one. And the fact that, if they don't want help then there is nothing you can do, and Cass knows it but still wishes the old boy she once knew and protected her made his return. I actually found myself liking him when he was sober and I could see potential in a relationship with Cass (If there was no Tuck) but then he just blew that away in an instant. Just like her mother, both of them were basically lost cases from the start.
I was tired of living my life afraid of what Jax would do next, or even worse, finding my mother dead from an overdose.
Okay, did anyone wanted to hear more about the Twins? I did! Chris and Terry!! I wanted more of their part and know about their story as well. I admit I have a crush on them!!! I am fan-girling (I don't know if that's a word, but oh well...) right now. I found myself liking Larry as well because I think that he was one of the few people who actually cared about Cass.

White Trash Beautiful is a story not easy to like but I found myself enjoying it very much. The story is fast paced and the plot is diversified and every single person contributes to the story in a way. One thing i did not liked was the way some things evolved, like the pregnancy (which was over before it started) and other minor things...  White Trash Beautiful has a dark tint to it but also one of joy and Love. This could represent a true story easily, and that's what i think is going to clash with some people but if you give it a change this book will surprise you.

Dirty Little Secret by Jennifer Echols

It's not the first time a young-adult book from Jennifer Echols surprises me, and this one did just that. I initially thought because of the synopsis it would be a plain book with nothing special to it, but I was so wrong! This book is about new beginnings and forgiveness, accepting love and learning how to give it back. It's soulful and real.
"You find that person at eighteen and you lose yourself. And the tragedy is, it's the person who's completely opposed to everything you've ever wanted. You bond with that person, and that person breaks your heart. I'm that tragedy for you, and you're mine."
Bailey wasn't always the rebel child she is now, drinking, coloring her blonde hair black and using provocative clothes to annoy her family. She used to be the perfect child, playing fiddle with her younger sister and having the time of her life but the moment when the music scouts discovered them and only wanted Julie in the spotlight, it was Bailey's breaking point. The worse? Her parents were the ones that went along with it, putting her aside for her sister's career.
Now, prohibited to have any kind of contact with the show business, she will do all she can to obey that rule but when a boy comes with his passion for music Bailey knows it won't be long before  he makes her defy all rules.

Bailey, outcasted by her parents, is now living with her granddad, "working in his guitar shop" when her parents ask and then playing in Mall gigs every day playing her heart through her fiddle and using stupid costumes and useless wigs. She knows this is her only chance at playing for someone else other than herself so she accepts and masters at it.

I have mixed feeling towards Bailey, because i couldn't really understand her point of view in the fact that her life was being constricted due to her sister. I felt that she should have been more revolted or at least should have expressed her feelings to her parents and said how much it had hurt what they been doing. I get that she tried to express it by being a rebel but if that didn't work than she should have given up on what her parents tried to move on by herself. Screw her sister's career because Julie certainly did not cared enough for Bailey to stick up for her. But on the good side she did have a side I loved! I adored her careless attitude and the passion she played the fiddled with was astounding and also her lyrics? They expressed herself and I think she could not have been more a authentic character without them. She was persistent and loyal to her family until the end which i admired (mainly because i did not agreed and would not do the same). And I absolutely loved her style! Cowboy boots with cat-eyed glasses? Awesome! Asymmetrical hairstyle and dyed black hair? Kick ass!

"Your parents put you and your sister on the bluegrass circuit and tried to get you a deal. They got one for your sister , and they kind of gave up on you."
No, that wasn't right. I clarified it for him. "They totally gave up on me" 
Then when she meets a guitar player named Sam that wears his heart on his sleeve and his music is his world, she is smitten. He makes her join his band and together with four more people they make magic with their instruments, and his fame of being a heartbreaker is about to get real when Bailey's heart is in the line. Soon both start to realize they are way over each other trucks with each other, because the chemistry is there but their beliefs are not always the same. They challenge each other and know exactly what point to press to lead one another over the edge and that tension between them while trying to play a concert is about to get tricky to synchronize.
In Sam I'd met my match
I felt Sam in the start was lost and didn't knew how to handle the "labels" he had earned. But mainly he was the strongest of them all throughout the book, managing an alcoholic father while struggling to take his band to stardom  it's not easy. But he did so with passion and a dedication you don't see every day! His character was smartly conceived because i sort of loved him in the first part of the book, then hated him in the middle part and now I love Him more than ever due to the last part. See? Mixed feelings... Loads of them. But goods ones! OMG he was a heartbreaker, already! Damm if a guitar player doesn't get us all drooling, but a guitar player with a charming personality? Girls, get ready to hand over your hearts!
He was the devil in disguise, the handsome but low-down, no-good sneaky guy from a thousand country songstresses' revenge plots.
When Sam's band starts to grow and get serious, Bailey knows it's just a matter of time before she has to stand up to her old problems very soon. Because she is a new Bailey and this new part of herself in not going to give up on her dreams or her bandmates over someone else's stupidity. She is willing to make peace with her family and finally forgive and forget with Sam.

Ace and Charlotte are so much fun in my opinion because the added the perfect trio anyone could ask for. Sam dated Charlotte while Ace liked her, now Charlotte is single and has feeling towards Ace but he's afraid she still likes Sam and on and on and on we go... It was funny to see them realize and be open to love and see them crack open those hard heads of them and go fight for what they want.  They were awesome and honestly this book would mean far less without them.

I am crazy about this book, it's seriousness mixed with playfulness it's quite new and refreshing to see. The characters were out of this world of how real and thoughtful they were. Most of the time I felt like i was seeing a movie instead of reading a book, that's how good Jennifer Echols writes because she drags us into this world and does not lets us leave until the last page! And mixing this with awesome country musics ( my kind of music), cowboy hats and awesome accents made this book something to look out for!

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Truly, Madly, Deadly by Hannah Jayne

I feel like a fool for not knowing who the killer was until He/She actually came out and admitted it. It was one of those In-Your-Face kind of person...

Sawyer Dodd is the typical A-student that seems to have it all. The perfect boyfriend, the perfect friends... Or so it appears. Because the boyfriend hits her and she doesn't have that many friends asides Chloe.  But when the boyfriend is killed in a car crash and she receives a note in her locker that says : You're Welcome, she knows it was something more than an accident. From there on her secret admirer takes on many forms and shapes and Sawyer's life is about to get  complicated.

OMG this book is so deceiving! It's smartly conceived and so  very cunning. Ah, the whole admired scene, so awesome! Hannah Jayne really delivered a story that tops C.S.I easily, We have the innocent victim, the jackass targets and the smart killer that doesn't get caught until the end, this is kind of Robin Hood but instead of fighting injustices through stealing and then giving to the poor, this killer kills it's targets that in a way or another are bothering out main girl and just leaves a note saying you're welcome....

After Sawyer's boyfriend gets killed her life turns around and what was bad before is worse now. She has to deal with everyone's stares waiting for her break down and deal with the accusatory tones when she doesn't hysterically start to cry over her boyfriend. Then a fellow classmate that is put aside by everyone starts to take on the spotlight of the story, a devious teacher appears dead, her family doubts her every word and an unexpected romance takes place in Sawyer's heart once again. Oh boy...

If i had half Sawyer's strenght I would be freaking Superman. Just the way she deals with the stares and doubts that makes Me crazy it's quite remarkable, i don't think i would have that much patience. She is a very strong young woman that managed to get out of a abusive relationship and on top of that gets all of  this deaths on her shoulders. I loved that she wasn't whining because a girl in her situation would normally do so but she put on a strong front and gave the finger to everyone else. Sawyer was a very believable character that after all this was not afraid to make mistakes and let this moments break her, and just like that she let herself love again.

Logan may be a tiny, shy guy but damn if he didn't fill the story until the last page. I Loved him, he may be my favorite character. This just shows that you should never judge a book by it's cover! Watch out for him.

Chloe... Oh you deceiving girl.... I got my eyes on you by the way. Enough said. But the loyalty she had with Sawyer was really well written and it's not something you see every day at all.

To Sawyer's father... You are an Idiot for not giving your daughter the time of the day and believing her. It's normal that if someone tells you that she is being followed you have to believe that person! Mainly when she is your daughter, but no, it's all because of the pills he said. He annoyed me so very much!

To sum it up, this book is great with so many twists and turn that made my head dizzy.  It makes you believe one thing and then it's the complete opposite. It's awesome and Hannah Jayne could not have done a better job!

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After the Kiss (Sex, Love & Stiletto, #1) by Lauren Layne

I am crazy about this story. After the kiss did not stood a chance against my reading skills and was completely finished in two hours  because I couldn't let go of it!! I've read from other reviews it was going to be a bit like the movie "How to lose a guy in ten days"  so i didn't have high expectations but it couldn't be more opposite to it and so much better!

Julie Greene is part of the most wanted trio of columnists in New York writing about first kisses, hot sizzling nights and love. And when the dating advising queen gets a proposal to write about something deeper than a three week fling she know she must gamble something far more serious than a few bad dates.
Mitchell Forbes wants more than a one night stand and when he breaks up with his ready-to-marry girlfriend he knows he has to start living a little bit more on the edge. When he enters a bet about a quick fling he choose just the right girl for it. The dating queen. It was supposed to be an in and out  situation (pun intended) but can he can only fool himself for so long.
"With the right person, it just happens. That's the mystery of what makes true love so special." Gawd, I almost made myself vomit"
OMG i cannot believe this book was this good. It had everything going his way, the cover is to die for, the storyline is fantastic and very appealing and the characters make you beg for more (I know I'm begging). I was expecting something mildly good mainly because i didn't know Lauren Layne type of writing but it was AWESOME. It was a small book, very quick and funny with a sassiness you don't see every day. One of those books you take to the beach and lay back and enjoy. And you know what was really good? That the characters took their times getting to know each other, they didn't proclaimed undying love at first glance and really had to work in their relationship. Just that tiny bit of detail made this book fucking awesome!
She almost laughed. They were like two kids pushed together by the prom chaperones with absolutely no feel for each other. Always a step out of sync.

Julie Greene is now on the top book girls that I have a girl-crush on. Who doesn't? She's sassy, a relationship rebel and kind of a wild-child. I Loved the fact that she's the type of girl that is sure of herself and has a confidence the size of a moon, that alone with her personality made her character so freaking amazing! But what i liked more was her promises about NO COMMITMENT ALLOWED and knowing deep down it was going down the drain and the fact that she wasn't a perfect girl, she had her heart broken in the past and was still willing to risk her heart once more. She was Brave.
"Honey, these aren't heels, they're Louboutins," she corrected. Honestly. Men.
Mitchell was adorable. I loved that he was a complete "geek" in the day working a boring as hell job and then turned into this hot, demanding, possessive guy that rocked this book at night. He kind of reminds me of Clark Kent in a way :). His need to not be that commitment guy again and try for a quick relationship status was soo funny because we knew it was also not going to work! But it was cute he tried....
Nobody put a hand on Mitchell's woman. And Julie Greene was definitely his. 

Can I just say they made the cutest couple ever? Well, they did! And the end was just precious... Grace and Riley the Sex and Love part of the trio were an important part throughout this and in the development of their relationship as well! Loved the girls, their boldness and raw honesty and mainly how the ending went to them. To wrap it up Sex, Love and Stilettos are a series to look out for and beware of it's capacity to make you fall in love. (Not suited for weak hearts)

White Trash Zombie Apocalypse (White Trash Zombie, #3) by Diana Rowland

This is the first book I've read from the White Trash Zombie series because I only found out about them but didn't felt like starting from the first one.(yeah, i'm lazy) But even though I didn't read the previous books it's so easy to catch on to the story anyway and after a while I felt like it didn't matter if I didn't knew somebody or something.

Zombies and more Zombies, my kind of book. I loved this concept for Zombies because it's so unique but still entirely gross.  Braiinnnnss!! This zombies are like normal people if they don't miss their brains meal of the day, they walk normal, they talk normal and they get jobs just like normal people. But, if they miss their brains then the action starts to go down south and the real animal instincts kick in.

Angel Crawford (Love the name) is just an ordinary zombie trying to get on with her life but when a zombie movies starts filming in town and fake zombies turn into real ones her whole town may be in danger and angel just may be the only one capable of saving them all.
Let me find you in a dark alley, you worthless asstard. We'll see who’s smirking then.

Angel is so my type of gal! She's a tough zombie that has a personality the size of Grand Canyon, she swears like a sailor, she fights like a badass but has the face of an Angel. Interesting. I loved her from the start and even the fact that I just knew her in this book made no difference because her awesomeness stuck to me like glue. It's impossible not to like a spirited, strong, confident, funny as hell, sure of herself woman like in here and even the fact that she has a troubled past that she tried to put behind her and struggled to get rid of her druggie label, made her even more interesting. And the whole working on the morgue to snag brains is just pure smartness!
No self-respecting zombie would be caught dead smoking. Caught dead. I snorted.

Marcus I did not yet had time to connect with but what I have seen of him this far i liked a lot. He seems very into Angel and willing to accept her commitment issues as well. I think they make a great couple and that they are on the right track for it!

Angel's dad is soo much better at socializing and much more willing to turn his past around as well and we can see him trying to make an effort to improve himself and help his daughter.

I loved the story in this book with the "zombie movie" being filmed while the fake zombies turned into real ones. Awesome! The plot was great and so easy to like and get into. There were loads of fightings between good guys and bad guys, Angel being in every single one of them... This book is so full of action and so much fun!

Diana Rowland really delivered a book worth reading and rereading time and time again because you never get sick of it. She gave us a world of mindless zombies who survive on nothing more than brains but manage to keep civilized. It's unique and very special. I Loved this book and will continue to follow this series!

quinta-feira, 4 de julho de 2013

Branded (Sinners, #1) by Abbi Ketner and Missy Kalicicki

I was expecting this book for so long and when it finally came i was beyond excited. I Loved the whole dystopian concept and the brands of the seven deadly sins were a nice touch to it.

It had everything to make this book great. But the only characters I seemed to like were Sutton, Alyssa and Zeus (the dog, which was awesome and totally charismatic, with an awesome personality! And when he went missing I felt like throwing the book out the window. )

I'm sorry but this book was no good for me so I couldn't get into it. By the end I was avoiding most of the words and actions, about halfway i got sick over reading about people throwing up (which happened about all the time) or about other bodily functions that were described minimalistically... The characters felt old with nothing exciting to offer and their personalities got me bored and laughing because it was funny about how unreal they were...

If i am reading a book about a hell-hole where you have to fight to survive I don't want a nice guard, a quiet girl with passion for art  that needs compliments all the time  and definitely didn't liked that everyone else in the hole knew about her and yet she couldn't know about anyone else because it was top secret. Are you serious? And what's with the Rocky session in the middle of this?

Lexi is a character that I have seen so many times before. I could not like her one bit. Yes she had a story and it added some dimension to her personality so we could understand her better but then with all the love in the air she lost it all.  What I did not liked for sure was the need people had of constantly calling her beautiful and that she is the best body coming into that part of town, it's annoying hearing it when you are trying to focus on the bigger picture. Lexis did not had any fire within her. No goals. No need to prove herself not guilty. No determination. No strenght. No backbone. Nothing. She was a empty character for me.

Cole. He's hot, but in a place where gunshots seem to appear out of nowhere I do not need to hear about how good his butt looks in his jeans. Kay? Also, seriously he knows that he could get killed for getting it on with a sinner but he calls her babe? The only moments I liked him were in the beginning because there he was what was expected of someone that is marked by that war, there he was real. Then he was just a personage nothing more.  Lexi and Cole as a couple took away what the story had best. It was like a jordin Sparks book gone wrong. And very exaggerated.

Keegan was a dick. What was wrong about his sister dating Cole and in what world was it any of his business? After all he did left her with her evil stepfather, right? I don't understand. Also his focus on battle, and on training was all too pretty but he overreacted on so many occasions. And because he threatened Zeus I vowed to hate him forever. Just saying...

But the good thing I loved were the scenarios they created and how good they were described. You could feel the tension in the air, the fear of the people, the sadness. All those emotions before giving up completely were awesomely brought to life by words.  The style of writing was amazing and the story over the top! And if the characters would have focused more into themselves and less into the love action it would have been great.

To wrap this review i have to say that the general idea is fantastic but the characters need something more. I liked reading Branded  , it wasn't the best book ever but the next one hopefully will be much better! :)