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The Human (The Eden Trilogy, #2) by Keary Taylor

I have been looking forward to this book since I've read The Bane. The first book was the perfect introduction to this post apocalyptic tale and it was exciting and refreshing. I had high expectations for book two: The Human and it did not let me down at all. If so, it was far better than the first.

Now, Eve and her friends have managed to clean the city of cybernetic creatures and proceeded to assemble a real community to start over. The New Eden. But just when things seem to be improving there is a broken boy wanting some answers, a group of people wanting to wreck the temporary peace and a weapon that it's ready to be triggered.

I am not going to lie, this book was much more directed towards romance than the other. It's much more endearing and it allows a development in all characters relationships. Also, it gives us and inside perspective of Eve's mind about Avian and West.

At The End of The Bane there were a lot of unfinished business like:  West being in real bad state which left us wondering about his odds of surviving the infection. Though he is strong and nobody had any doubt about his surviving chances. So of course he made it but with a slight change to himself....  Oh, I suddenly do not like West! I don't know why (I Do Know But I Cannot Tell) but there is something about him that in this book does not go well with me. Either is his continuous web of lies or his stupid and reckless decisions, I don't know, but the character I used to adore is gone and turned into a messed up boy willing to put everyone in danger.
"He was broken, but he was still West. Even if he wasn't my West. Even if he couldn't remember that."
One of the characters that I saw developed the most was Avian. He's more aggressive and protective towards Eve and now that he has her heart he will protect it at any cost. But it will bring him problems and lead him to act on an impulse, which when you are in the "End of the World" in never good, Though it's sweet seeing the devotion and care he treats his relationship with Eve, it's basically the only bright thing in a world without a future. It's all about the love when you know you may not make it tomorrow! <3

“I mean it!” Avian screamed.  “You touch her again and I will kill you!”

Eve is going to figure out a lot about her existence in here and there is a restlessness in her persona that wasn't there before. I feel so bad for Eve, she suffered so much in this book with learning the secrets keep from her and all the plotting against her, it was so bad.
"I was always the one who saved people.  I wasn’t the one that needed saving.  This wasn’t who I was."
There a new group of people that will enter the Eden. They are bad guy and I detested them soooooooo bad! It's like they are there to show us not to trust no one else but yourself, to say that humanity finally has lots it's decency. But I liked that they were smart idiots!

A lots of secrets will be revealed here and all the questions will be answered properly just to give meaning to even more questions. YAY. NO.  If  what the author was planning was making us suffer wondering about more secrets until The Human she managed to do it perfectly. This book is even more intriguing than the other and it made me so curious!!!

This book is exciting and fresh. You know that feeling of a a brand new book on your hands? This is what this story feels like. It's Awesome and I found myself looking at it like a kid in a candy story. I devoured it in a day, I tried to read it slowly and enjoy it but I admit that I am weak. It has all you can want and need, sweet and sour moments, action with loads of weapon and cars with amazing battles in between as well, romance with our dear main personas and a dystopian feel to it. Five stars!

* ARC copy kindly provided by the author Keary Taylor.

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Lost and Found (Lost and Found, #1) by Nicole Williams Review

After reading this book i am so going to go buy the tightest pair of jeans i can find and see what it feels like, just out of curiosity.

Let's admit it. It's not everyday that you see the goth, rebel girl and the golden boy get together. But Nicole Williams gave us a story about just that, it was fresh, new and pure awesomeness! Rowen and Jesse are perfect, sarcastic and so different yet so alike in many ways. She's dark and moody and he's happy and  always smiling.
“And last but nowhere near least, I wear tight jeans because I like the way the girls’ heads turn when I walk by.” His eyes twinkled. They goddamned twinkled. 
Groaning again, that time I did lean over and give him a half-hearted shove. “They’re only looking because they’ve been taking bets on when those things are going to bust a seam.”
After Rowen's mother sent her off to a ranch in the middle of nowhere with an ultimatum (You spend the summer there and I will pay or college), Rowen goes melodramatic. But then she has to survive a car trip with a Country music fan (Jesse) she suddenly starts seeing things off in a different way. Jesse is a Cowboy (High five, Nicole!) that has this tightest pants ever seen and the ass to go with it. He's all funny and positive that you think at the start that his life were all rainbows and unicorns, oh I've never been so wrong to judge a person in my life.  Jesse is hard working and has a great family, but it wasn't always like that. And when the story went way my heart broke a little bit more.  But he is also a strong character full of personality and with a story to tell, a real story.

In comes the walkers.  I never finished a book with so much enthusiasm about a  family before. These people don't judge, they trust you to trust them and they accept who you are, they accepted Rowen without asking nothing in return and turned her into a better version of herself. Rose and Neil, their three daughter and only son. They healed her and brought her back to life by showing her what love feels like. Never have I ever seen written a more amazing family. It literally will brighten your day to read about them because they are that caring and loving. They are one of a kind, really.
Yeah. I wasn’t living with just the nicest family in existence; they were probably descendants of Aristotle.
The whole cowboys scene in here it was great. It added that wild factor. And who doesn't like reading about a bunch of fit guys in with white undershirts and thigh pants riding their horses? I Like. I like very much.

Rowen is lovely! She Rocks this book. When I was first introduced to her I was sad, she was such a good young girl that was just unloved . By her mother and by life, so she rebelled against them. She started messing around with boys, drugs, alcohol and missing school almost ending her possibilities of a future. So she starts off thinking of herself as a failure, a freak.
"I didn’t want a label; I didn’t want to fit into a certain crowd. I was who I was, wore what I wore, and did what I did because that was who I was. Or at least the person I’d convinced myself I was."
But throughout the book we are in a transition part that I freaking loved, Suddenly Rowen does not feel like a freak anymore. Or maybe she feels like she is, but now she doesn't let that word, or any other word define her. She accepts who she is and she's proud of what she has become. She learned that to trust in the right people can bring you more than sadness and give you hope. She has toughened up and brightened up as well. Now she knows what she wants for her future and no one but herself can dictate that.

Oh My. I am so sad this is over and cannot, and I repeat, Cannot wait for the next amazing book to come out. I am going to literally name this book as my April favorite because I Loved it so bad! I have never read a book written by Nicole Williams but i will definitely look out for them, because they are killers.

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The Last Boyfriend (Forever Love, #1) by J.S. Cooper Review

Humph... You know when that special book you see on the shelves with a pretty cover and alluring story? You love it right? And when he isn't near as good as he was made out to be? A disappointment? Yap.

The Last Boyfriend was a not interesting in any way, it was the usual " Bad boy who sleeps around, girl who promised he wasn't her type then a crazy and out of place thingie happens and hell breaks loose". It's just that, it's all for the story and even that I felt it was too rushed, unreal and plain. There were no amazing or breath taking situations, no burning romance going on or problems that really managed to move me. It was just Plain.

Lucky is working in the restaurant to pay her college bills just like any normal 22 year old girl. She has a regular costumer at every Friday night with a different escort each time. He is a Womanizer, he is Zane Beaumont. He's rich, funny and very compelling. When she decides to hit a party with a few people of his crowd he doesn't seem happy with it and when her car breaks down in the middle of the night and he is there to save her, there is this feelings going on between them that just cannot be ignored. Then he proposes something, for Lucky to travel with him to Los Angeles to work with him on a project and she says yes in a heartbeat.

Lucky, I did not liked her name at all, not for the girl it was described. She is a character that I cannot like. It's impossible, she's constantly changing opinion, has this rule that the next guy she dates will be her prince charming (An Idea she gave up on the second kiss), she tries to come off as this sarcastic, funny girl but only manages to make me cringe every time she opens her mouth and I am so sick of hearing the sentence "Oh, Zane". She's jealous even though he specified exactly what he wanted from her, she hates this girl she never met before and honestly how can she be that strong women type when she can't even stand up for herself? I tried but it was too much falseness and I detested her.

Zane was the only character who I kind of liked. Kind of. He was funny, even though some of his comparisons are just stupid and pointless, he was repetitive, with his thoughts on fifty shades of Christian (Grey) or Robert (Edward) Cullen and mixing it all up, and for Christ sake, Zane can you please stop with the  revenge deal? It's not even mildly interesting! And what's with the I NEED TO PROTECT AND FOLLOW YOU EVERYWHERE deal? It was creepy.  The part I did like about him was his personality. He went straight to the point, he was frontal, he had goals set and he went trough with his deals.

Those two together were boring. They were nerds but the bad kind, some of the topics they talked about seemed forced and not funny at all, their passion was bland, and like the whole book, it was missing something important.

It wasn't a good experience this book. I hate to give a bad review but I couldn't get inside the story because it all seemed to unreal. Maybe there are people who liked it though it was very good but I can't give it more than 2,5 stars.

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Down London Road (On Dublin Street, #2) by Samantha Young Review.

Down London Road was a book that really surprised me in a good way. It doesn't rank higher than On Dublin Street but it's pretty damn close to it. It's as provocative and with characters that can kick you ass in no time. The guys have a ego and seem like mini divas in training and the girls can burn you on the spot with a look. They are strong and decided and are One of the traits of Samantha's Young type of writing I really admire.

Johanna Walker is used to taking charge. But she’s about to meet someone who will make her lose control....

This is putting it mildly, Cameron or Cam is totally infuriating and obnoxious. He likes his control and he's not ready to give it up so easily. But I loved to see that he did calmed down after that annoying, fake woman turned in to this brilliant, selfless girl when he got to know her that was just as lost as he was and he just couldn't resist her charms. He's sweet most of the time  but has a vile mouth that can hurt more than he knows sometimes along with Jo's ability of not being able to let the past go provoked some really nasty discussions . He's caring and trusting and as a character he was more than addicting.

Jo is seen as the fake, gold digging, whore that only dates older man with enough money to take them to the moon and back again. The truth is she is nothing more that a girl playing the mom role to her brother that is neglected by his drunken mother and with a father in god knows where.
She doesn't have a degree and the only good thing that will be her security in the future is the fact that she is a good girlfriend, she is self aware of her image throughout the story and sometimes even bad mouths herself a bit. She could't be more wrong from that, at first we may view her a bit coldly but then I warmed up to her and saw that I have never seen a more hardworking, loyal, strong girl with a mouth of a sailor. She's funny, smart and good at many things, but until you get her to admit it it's going to take a while but dear Cam will do it because he is that persistent in loving her to the end.
Had I finally found someone who actually gave a shit? Like … really gave a shit?
Cameron is the only guy that has ever made her feel impulsive, that made her live the world more brightly. And to Cameron, Jo is the girl that will test his boundaries and take him where he though he would never go. No need to say that they are perfect for each other. No one would guess they started like this:
‘Has anyone ever told you, you are the most despicable, judgmental  self-righteous, obnoxious fuckwit that ever existed?’ My chest rose and fell with my rage.
This book is very influenced by family, they all have a role here and nobody is ignored or ever alone. If you have a problem you take it up with your family because they will have your back! Cole, Jo's brother, is a strong adolescent that had to grew up with substitute and a thousand times better mom, Jo, She had to raise him and practically struggle to put food in his plate during some time. You can sense and see their bond, they are so united and the way it's described it's great.
He was my saving grace. I didn't know what I’d do without him.    
Joss and Braden are back more provocative and more engaged than ever!! No matter what they will always be the starting couple that originated this series and i am so glad we still got to see their impulsiveness in action along with their family.
Joss looked at Braden. ‘What do you think?’ Braden winked at her. ‘I think I’m looking pretty good right now.’ Joss smacked him across the arm for the both of us. ‘Not helpful, you smug idiot.’
Overall this book is five starts to amazingly addictive! It has steamy romance, hot guys, girls that are the spitting image of strength and a hole lot of intrigue to choose from.

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Dead Silence (The Body Finder, #4) by Kimberly Derting Review...

This is going to be a small review because this books stole my words away by being so intriguing. I've loved Violet's story since the very beginning and in every book it just has gotten better and better.

Kimberly Derting can create deep, beautiful, special characters full of life and cold, single minded, twisted murders as well. The killer in here is as original and haunting as the others but in a way more real, because it deals with a real/serious problem. It's amazing to see her ability to put together a simple novel with so much meaning to it and so many distinct personas all together. It isn't tiring nor boring like some books after the third installment are, but this one keeps adding to the suspense and action.

Jay and Violet are a couple I really admire. They have been trough everything and then something else and their ability to remain together and overcome all of the lies and difficulties just makes me love them even more. Violet has more weight on her shoulders in Dead Silence, she's not just the girl who can find dead bodies but now she has to carry the echo of a body she personally killed in self defense. She is really tense and old in a way in the start and then she starts to trust more people and that weight she carries is not there anymore. And we get the old Violet Back.
“Yeah, I wasn’t really sure what the protocol for ‘freaked out by dead bodies’ was. You’re not sick, so bringing you soup was out the question. And you didn’t know the people, so giving you flowers seemed wrong.”
Rafe is back in school now to pay  company to Violet. The tension between them is hilarious at times and overwhelming at others, he's goofy and jokes around too much for Jay liking. It's great the see him around Violet's friends and family and see him protect Violet at all costs.

This books are really simple, nothing complex but that makes the beauty of it. It's not hard to read or heavy and you will not feel lost at all. You feel like you are inside the story as it happens and sometimes you'l even want to kick some serious ass. Love , love since the first book and to the last!

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Twisted Perfection by (Perfection, #1) Abbi Glines

The Books I've read by Abbi Glines were all full of strong characters and sentimental/loving stories. she has this way of making the readers attached to the book and make the story she tells memorable.

Twisted Perfection was no different. This is a Spin off series form the Fallen too far trilogy (Blaire and Rush <3) and at the beginning I was worried because I kind of liked to have seen more between Woods and Blaire and he was going to have this new girl in here. It worried me that I may not like this story at all because of the girl, but no. It blew me away! This story is incredible, I still prefer Rush and Blaire Fallen too Far trilogy, but I am in love with this couple as well. (Woods and Della)

Abbi Glines can make the best characters with a hand tied behind her back, it's just that easy for her. All the girls she writes about are complex and unique with that sorrow they carry and the guys are this alpha, protective, wonderful males that find themselves in love without even realizing it.

I have never seen a Girl like Della. A girl that is constantly afraid of the future and was damaged by the past. She's constantly struggling with the knowledge that at any moment she could become what she less desires. Her mother. She was hard to understand because at the start she shows up with a strong, sexy persona that can conquer the sexy guy but then when we really start to see her past and get to know her better we can tell her vulnerability and fear of living her life at the fullest. It's not like she's shy or something, but she's afraid to let her emotions show sometimes. She has been on her own for so long that she is used to dealing with her problems alone, so the fear and reluctance she shows when Woods wants to Help and Love her is truly heartbreaking. But I fell in love with Della's story and the strength it comes with, she is a fighter and a survivor.
"Because that girl ain’t the kind you fuck with. She’s not strong enough for that.”
Woods started off as this boy who wanted nothing more than the vice president job at his father's business and was willing to marry this Beeeaaaatch to get it. An arranged marriage so to speak. So we see him very carefree, enjoying his last days of freedom and also as a jerk who can't stand up for himself. It's true, he is kind of  weak at the start of the book. But I was so glad when he finally said to his dad to go stick it! Loved it. The fun part is when he meets this girl who he can't get out of his head and even better when that same girl goes work for him! Shocker!! From that point on we see him fall in love, fall in  love with Della and with life  itself. He starts to live without the constant influence of his father. He sticks for what he wants (Della) and protects  what's his (Della again). It's funny to see his protective side come out a lot, his jealousy and the need to let everyone know that Della is his!
“She’s it. No one else. She’s all I’m ever gonna want.”      Tripp grinned. “Can’t believe Woods Kerrington actually fell in love.”

Those two together were amazing, made for each other!!! All the tension in the air and desire between them almost suffocated me! They fit in perfectly.

The secondary characters we get in Fallen too far are Back! That's what I loved the most, Bethy and Grant! And also the main girl with the big stomach that is going to be giving birth very soon! BLAIRE! Rush isn't here, which is bad because I missed him, but oh well!

Abbi Glines is from this moment on my favorite Writer! She creates worlds and situation like nobody business and delivers kick ass characters in a heartbeat! Awesome! Twisted Perfection was everything I wanted and hoped for times a hundred.  But the end? Abbi Glines is also a master at giving endings that shock us!!

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Rogue Descendant (Nikki Glass, #3) by Jenna Black Review

I am so excited i finally got to read this book. It was released almost a month ago but I was dreading the end of the book and the overall story to kill me with excitement so I waited.  And I am so glad I did even though I might be dead right now!

Rogue Descendant is even better than the first two books, if that is even possible. I was hooked on the Nikki Glass series since I started reading them which sometimes creates higher expectations on the next installments in the series. The first book was great, the second even better and the third was off the charts!! I loved it.

Yay we finally get to see and HEAR more of Jamal because in here his barriers of letting no one in are going to start to crumble and allow Nikki to approach his heart and body. His feelings for Nikki  are filled with desire and fear and something more deep sentiments that he is not ready to admit. But, he's almost there even though this book tease us and gives us hope and then..... And I Loath his Tiger, he big cat may be pretty but his so annoying and scary with the big teeth. 
Maybe the walls he’d built around himself were starting to show cracks. Tiny ones, to be sure, but I was going to do my damnedest to widen them.
Nikki. I've felt she is a character that developed so much throughout this three books and now she's more mature and aware of her powers and how to properly utilize them for what she wants. She now understands that the results of her decisions sometimes are not what is expected and that being a good girl  with feelings is not always a good thing when people are trying to kill you. I pitied her so much because she is going to be so mistreated in so many ways, this book was not good  for her, the story did not went in her favor at all. But there were happy moments as well, she's more daring and fierce and it's great to read about a a girl that may fall loads of times but always gets back on her feet even stronger!

Anderson, Oh My I definitely wished i could get more of Anderson! It didn't feel enough, I wanted to see Nikki being more sympathetic to him and offer her shoulder to cry on maybe? Is it too bad that I think a love triangle is approaching this story? Well good for me because I Love that idea! And I might even be cheering for Anderson a tiny bit. Yeah but in the story he also will suffer a lot, either because of Emma or because of his lineage which sucks.
“Your opinion is duly noted.” And ignored, obviously.
Konstantin will be the smartass rabbit on the run for the whole book and the sneaky bastard makes me want to chuck something at his face! ASAP! He is a great villain but I hate him from the bottom of my heart! Cyrus is smug and a charming idiot that appears nicer than he actually is or is going to be! He has tricks up his sleeves all the time and even though he is a bad guy I like him a lot, until the end where he blew away all my consideration for him and I wanted to suffocate him. Literally
Be afraid, Nikki Glass. I am coming for you. Yours, Konstantin
This book is amazing!! Definitely 5 stars and no less, big secrets will be revealed, badass fights will happen, a furious ex wife will get what she deserves and The story will be sweet and funny with the element of surprise at every corner including the end that is painful to read. To think I will have to wait a few more months for the next book is awful!

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Rock With Me (With Me in Seattle, #4) by Kristen Proby

I've heard really good things about the With Me in Seattle books but never really go into it. But Rock with me caught my eye, either it was the story or the incredible cover, I don't know but I am so happy I read it!

This is such a distinct story, where the girl is hard to get and the boy is not a freaking macho man like many are trying to be. No. This is about a girl who has been wounded by fame and happens to fall in love with one of the most wanted men out there. And about a boy that had no intention of falling in love but after seeing the strong willed girl telling him to go stick it he was dumbstruck.

It's pure Love with all the difficulties and mistakes from the past, but it's honest and it's true.

I noticed from other reviewers that Kirsten Proby likes alpha-males with a strong protective side who like to care for their girls. And this did not let me down. Leo is just the perfect guy, the hard to know but easy to like type. I Mean who doesn't like a "Rockstar" boy who cares and protects what is his at all cost?. But not just because of that but because of his hard-demeanor that turned all cute and fuzzy whenever Sam is around, you could sense the love going on and it was Sexy! Also what i really enjoyed seeing is that this guy is not perfect, the wounds he has from his past are still visible turning him vulnerable and yet even sexy. OH MY and his tattoos !!  

Sam is a tiger! She's is a strong, and independent woman who is not going to be swallowed by her brother's fame or relay on him to pay her bills. She wants to fight for her future, have stability and a nice life by the ones she loves. She is so inspiring by being a Strong woman and serving as a role-model for so many young kids. She has her struggles with the past as well, but who doesn't? And who would have thought that a tiny bit of a blond girl would have that mouth on her? She is sarcastic with a big S and so so funny, i couldn't stop laughing with her.
"People usually annoy the hell out of me. Hell, sometimes I annoy the hell out of me."
This book also talks about the strong bond a family shares and how much it should be appreciated. How your families struggles with you, laughs with you and fights for you. The type of bonds between, brothers and sisters, sister-in-laws and brothers-in-laws, mother and father and etc.. It creates this tight unit that no one can brake. All of the secondary character were family and I loved them, all so different and all so loving and so freaking funny. OMG I was even crying at some parts.

So, to wrap it up I loved the With Me in Seattle number 4 book. It's perky and sassy with all the grown up humor you can take. It's strong and made to leave an impression, Kirsten Proby knows how to Amaze and leave us wanting more. Love. Love!!

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Beautiful Bastard (Beautiful Bastard, #1) by Christina Lauren Review

An ambitious intern. A perfectionist executive. And a whole lot of name calling. 

This three sentences were what made me reed this book along with that amazing Cover. Beautiful Bastard is funny and filled with romance, I couldn't stop laughing for a minute. A lot of name calling all the time, Bastard, Idiot, Smug, Bitch and bossy, are just examples of the constant loving insults.
"But then he’d looked so goddamn sexy in that charcoal Prada suit, and his hair stuck up like a neon sign screaming, Do Me, and I just lost all coherent thought. Pathetic."
This book is what happens when you  put two very domineering, protective, strong willed people with a mutual attraction for one another in an conjoined office set apart  by a tiny door. You just know that there will be a time when one of them is going to blow up and finally do something about it. But Whether they resolve it by discussing it out or jumping on each other on a table, that's what was funny too see.

Bennett is a Beautiful bastard. A very hard-working, beautiful man with a face that equals and angel. The problem is really is mouth because when he opens it he manages to ruin every moment by being an Asshole. He was a character I really enjoyed reading about, he's a sick bastard with a smug attitude that makes you: 1- Want to punch him senseless and 2- Kiss him senseless. And what really made me fall for him was that he has this gruff appearance and attitude but inside he managed to surprise us with his care and devotion to Chloe all throughout the story.
Damn her, she did it again. She was beating me at my own game.
Chloe is like Bennett in so many ways. She's strong and hard-working, with an attitude that would defy the Bitchiest of the Bitches when it comes to teasing. I Loved her so much, it's not very common to see a girl with a personality that challenges the domineering type of guy, but she did it and managed to be very good at it.
Shit. Women.
These two together in a room and you have to expect some damage. They look like two teenagers with anger management issues and that is what makes this book so worth reading because you will devour it! I did, in one nigh I just Had to finish it. Christina and Lauren are two authors that created a master piece that makes you cry and laugh and have a great time while at it!

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The 5th Wave (The Fifth Wave, #1) by Rick Yancey Review

You can feel it when a book is going to be a crowd-pleaser  just by needing to finish it up as fast as you can or otherwise you will freak out without knowing what will happen next. That's what this book made me do, made me obsess with the characters and the story until the very last word.

It's the first book I've read from Rick Yancey and I can say that I will be reading more. It's compelling the way this author writes and the story is so fast paced and full of action with that dangerous edge to It, that It's wonderful to read and enjoy.
"In case you’re an alien and you’re reading this: BITE ME."
 The 5th Wave Is Creative and Original and we can see it clearly the way the humanity struggles with problems such as trust and guilt when only the strongest survive. It was one of the best Alien-Invasion and End-of-the-world book I've read and I think this series is going to be big! A more dangerous and sci-fi version of the Walking Dead/ Hunger Games so to speak.

Cassie is a girl fighting to get her baby brother back, she will stop at nothing to get him and everyone who gets in her way is getting shot. She's a young seventeen girl, all alone in a world when trust no longer exists and everyone fends only for themselves. Cassie is a strong character, with personality and very resistant. She's endured a lot and it tells by the way she acts and speaks, I got to know her from the beginning and love and encourage her over and over again because she is just a character that you learn to never forget.
"Fear didn't paralyze Cassie Sullivan, like it did some humans. Fear crystallized her reason, hardened her will, clarified her options."
Ben went from a former high school good boy to the sturdy and resilient armed guy named Zombie. Everyone that survives the first few waves has lost someone, or made decisions that will haunt them for the rest of their probably too small life. But Ben (AKA: Zombie) is determined to put those things behind his back and fight the evil, non human Bad Guys that wrecked their planet and made the humans turn on each other. He's a character that I didn't liked at the beginning but as the book developed I found myself cheering for him more than once and then in the end I was a total Ben fan. He's Determined, tough and very smart.

Evan was the person I really enjoyed getting to know. I can't say what he is and at first you are  like: WTF! But then he's going to be an amazing addiction to the story and of course add a bit of love in to it.
"I thought the only way to hold on was to find something to live for. It isn't  To hold on, you have to find something you’re willing to die for.”
The 5Th Wave is a fantastic book, where the chapters are divided per people so you get a connection with all of them at once. Even the secondary characters make this book, they are so important!You get to know the people and love them and live the story with them. It's a perfect blend of a tiny bit to comedy with despair, and horror with romance. I Loved it and Cannot wait until the next one comes out!
"What doesn’t kill us sharpens us. Hardens us. Schools us."

quarta-feira, 8 de maio de 2013

The Bane (The Eden Trilogy, #1) by Keary Taylor Review

I love Zombies, I Really do! But Cybernetics creatures are now  as high as the zombies in my liking status! This book was fantastic. A new, more polished kind Of the Walking Dead meets The Terminator meets the Best love triangle you can find! It's Romantic, explosive and full of non-stopping action!

Since the world has been run over by machines The world's human survivors must stick together in order to make it trough.
Eve was a girl that came to a survivor's camp when she was thirteen with no memory of what happened to her before, they took her in and asked no answers, though she was smarter and faster than many of the grown man out there whilst being only a child. Now she's a grown woman and her future is just know being uncovered due to the new boy and his strange compelling ways.

Eve! I Loved her, she's so down to heart and responsible. I love that she never knew the basic things that humans utilized daily, Like what are restrooms or showers, so that we can laugh a little at her progress in learning. Eve has mad fighting skills! She's like a superwoman, she knows how to survive and she protects everyone she cares about. She doesn't talk smack and is one of the most awesome female characters Ever in her awkward and antisocial but super kind of way. And I didn't even felt like punching her in the face once! And that's saying something...
"You caught them?" Gabriel says stupidly. 
"No, he's forcing me to point the blade at them." I rolled my eyes.  
The secondary characters, as the camp leader and closest friends, were included and written with the same adoration as the main people. It's a world were everyone together is far more interesting than seeing two characters making everything on their own. Their personalities  were so distinct and diversified that all together formed this amazing story with compelling personas!

The boys, well the boys could have turned this book into a way too tiresome and way too used story, but no! They were so well added to the mix I didn't felt like it was either forced nor too romantic, also poor Eve having to choose between a blue eyed Doctor and a former friend with green eyes! Duh, she totally made the right choice! But I applaud Keary Taylor for adding these two very yummy boys in this "end of the world scenario" that would have been to gloomy and dead without LOVE.
"Boys. Always get girls into trouble"
Keary Taylor created this Post Apocalyptic world that I loved to dive into! It's fast paced and full of twists at every corner, with the uncertainty of knowing if you will live one more day. Eden is amazing! Next book right now! :)

terça-feira, 7 de maio de 2013

April Showers by Karli Perrin...

What happens when your head and your heart pull you in completely opposite directions? 
April Adams is about to find out the hard way.
When April enrolls at Manchester University, it feels like a whole new life. New city, new house, new crush
Isaac Sharpe is the hottest guy on campus - with an even hotter reputation. After a chance meeting, April quickly finds herself wrapped up in all that he is. But what if all that he is isn't what it seems?
Caught up in a battle between what she wants and what she thinks she needs, April meets Lukas Roberts. Lukas is the security blanket that she craves so desperately, and she finds solace in their friendship - but what happens when she finds more than she bargained for?
April has always been a big believer of fate, but will she learn that she's in control of her own destiny before it's too late?
Join April as she embarks on a life changing journey of love and loss, which will have you laughing and crying until the very end.

A young new author Karli Perrin with an amazing new story April Showers. She's sending out teasers and images every once in a while in her Goodreads page (Book Page on Goodreads) and let me tell you I am in love with them. I have a good feeling about this book!!  Release date: June 14th 2013. Can't wait :p

segunda-feira, 6 de maio de 2013

Taken (Give & Take, #1) by Kelli Maine

Taken is a book about an abduction. A man that is used to have everything and a girl that cares more about others than herself. He kidnapped her to an abandoned island where they both start to connect.

This book did nothing to me. I was not surprised, shocked or did fan girl giggles at any point... Taken is my opinion was a very confusing book and a book that either you will Love it fiercely or Hate it strongly.

Rachel is a stereotype with a little something going on in her head. A very bad something. She's too good to be real, too confusing and so frustrating. In one minute she's blaming him for kidnapping her and hating him for taking her will to decide then she is wondering how good he'l look without his shirt off. And in some other books it actually looks okay, like in Fifty shades of grey or the Consequences series, but in here it's like forced and it doesn't feel good.
I want to hug you, hit you, yell at you, and cry for joy.
Merrick! What are you doing? He kidnapped her all because of a job? A JOB? Please Merrick set your priority's straight okay? I know he is supposed to be this Alpha Male, filthy rich with a dark past type of guy who us readers will drool about, but he's far from it. I didn't felt nothing new with him, it's all too existing already. And what was the business about she has to be the one making the first step? He can't be the strong persona the book makes him be if he's not strong enough to even kiss her! It's crazy.
Your dimples make you look like a nice guy. You’re not a nice guy. 

I Hate not enjoying the book I've read, but this one was just not on my good list. From the first page I knew I would have trouble getting into it, The whole "You look at me" or "You start running" It's annoying. Maybe it's just me but I like the good old "He looks at me" or "He starts running", t's all about the He.
I don't think I will be reading the next book and I would not recommend it, because there is no funny parts and no remarkable couple, Undying love, even interesting characters or even heat between them! It's just no.

domingo, 5 de maio de 2013

Everything Changes by Shey Stahl

I Knew a Boy once.
He was a Boy that changed everything.

First things first... The cover is to die for!! I Like to say don't judge or read a book by It's cover but I'm guilty about this one. I definitely read it for the cover, I mean It's amazing! The synopsis did not bedazzled me at first but as I read the story and got to know the characters I was trapped, I knew then that another day of having to study for finals was out the window! I just had to finish this book because I was dying to know the end.

This book is all about the young, innocent love. It passes trough all the stages of growing up like sexuality, Uncertainty and Doubt, making hard choices and forming your future. It's Real and I felt being there myself it featured the Teenager Drama all too well.

Parker O'Neil and Rowan. Oh Man. These two were a train wreck waiting to happen, you can see it from the start, though they were so right for each other it seemed unreal. They start as these young, sweet seventeen-year-old's that don't have much experience in Love and after a Summer Romance their walls are ready to crumble. I Loved them.

I Loved Parker rawness and sincerity, mixed with the guilt he carries on his shoulders and his "shyness". I Loved that he had a past that made him who he was and that made him tangible.
"Don’t you see it, Ro? The blood that runs through my veins, the air that fills my lungs, it belongs to you. It’s only ever be you for me.”
I Loved Rowan ingenuity and strength. I Loved that she was willing to give her heart away so he could chaise his dreams even if it mean breaking her.

"When he looked at me, he looked so far inside of me, farther than anyone else ever had. He was the only one that saw me for me."
I Loved that they were too people who knew nothing of love and still Loved each other so passionately. I adored seeing them fight for each other while set them apart again and again. Seeing them Fight for their dreams and wants. It was a journey watching them grow up and the way that the author brought that journey alive and gave that little something special about this couple is truly awesome!

This book had me giggling so much it's crazy! It should come with and warning: Beware this may turn you into a Giggling, screaming and crying ten year old girl.

Everything Changes Is a book with a Happy ending. It's meant to be focused on the main characters, the secondary ones are still important, but The couple is what really matters. It's cute and raw. I Loved Shey Stahl type of writing, how she gave importance to the smallest of details. And of course any Author that gives an Happy Ending is on my good List. :P

quinta-feira, 2 de maio de 2013

Sins & Needles ( The Artist Trilogy, #1) by Karina Halle

Oh My FudgeNuckles! Why me? This book was meant to deceive us from the beginning and I never saw it coming! Not the first thing that happened and certainly Not the second one.

So you see you'll be calling lots of names throughout this story at the characters, not only because you have to pay attention to people or you'l be scammed but for the "I'm finally falling for him/Her" deal going on! And you'l need ice cream because this is sad.

The main girl is Ellie or Eden in some identities... she is a con artist and a very good one, using guys stupidity to get her money but only Bad guys with enough money to buy the moon.  But she's done with It so she goes back to her hometown, where hopefully they have forgotten her family of liars  and Her. She wants her fresh start but a sudden opportunity has came up. Camden McQueen that famous tattoo artist owner of Sins & Needles. One more time can't hurt, or can it? 
Scamming men on the internet? Didn’t your parents teach you anything?” “Yeah! To con people.”
This is a lot to take in. This was my thoughts in order:
1º Poor thing she just wants to start over.
 2º Idiot! Again? Why him?
 3º This cannot be happening and Oh she has feelings....
4º That happened! Bitch
5º Lying jerk! 
6º Oh a new guy and he's mean.
7º The end and somebody dies and all it's dammed! Me Crying!

The main characters had a rough childhood and teenage years. It starts there the melancholy and the hints for the future!! They were freaks, left outs and deformed in the eyes of society, She had a scar she was ashamed of and He was the boy with makeup on his face. While this part of the story is being told it's so sad that teenagers could damage this two kind and unique people. They were the only friends they had but after an event they were alone again, until they were twenty six and met again.
“You’re not bad, Ellie. The world is bad and you’re just trying to survive in it.”
Ellie. She's awesome, a Badass and very clever. I loved her character, her feelings, her fears and dreams. Her trust in people is damaged and so his her working honest skill apparently.
Camden was the character I had most trouble getting to know. I knew his motivations and what happened but some of his actions didn't settle with me, it took time for me to like him but know I do!!! SO So So much...
Also Javier, Is it weird that I Liked him? Because I can't wait to see more of him... You know.. green eyes!!

This book is all about the mafia. The Mexican Mafia being the principal which is basically a bunch of guys playing Macho Man and killing each other. But it added danger to the whole scene. The Story It's awesome and so full of action and secrets it will make you dizzy. Karina Halle created a relationship based on a dark past that turned into something more, something good. She put too people who felt left out and gave them meaning. I Loved this book and highly recommend it.

quarta-feira, 1 de maio de 2013

This Girl (Slammed, #3) by Colleen Hoover

My suck and Sweet of this book. My Suck is that this wonderful series are over. My Sweet is that everybody got an happy ending that they really deserved.

Oh My. This book is powerful, it's really something to be cherished, the way the story is told by Will's point of view just adds more to it and we finally see it all. What he thought of her when he first saw her, the first kiss and the power that it held over him and most importantly how much he loved her.
"At the risk of sounding cheesy, I’ve got to be the luckiest man in the world."
Everyone that read Slammed Series is addicted now, there is no way you will not fall in love with the poetry this words form or the love that they transpire. It's magical to be able to witness how it all started and how it will end knowing the struggle over the loss and gain of family in the middle.

The feelings are so accurate and so well described you feel them along with the characters, you hurt with them, you laugh with them, you hate with them and you love with them.  It's a small book that it will leave a huge mark on you.
"I lie back on my pillow and think back to that day. The day that I fell for my wife."

The Characters, either it's Will or Lake, Julia and the kids or even Eddie and Gavin. They are real when you read about them, It's like they came alive in your head. It's all a big family with so much love to give that just supports and stands by each other trough good and bad.

Colleen Hoover is an amazing writer which poetry is beautiful and truly heartfelt. You can feel her passion  in the words she writes and the characters she creates. This series were amazing to read and even better get to know.  Now after this Review i'm gonna make myself a Basagna.
“Goodnight, wife.”
“Goodnight, husband.”