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Opal (Lux, #3) by Jennifer L.Armentrout

OMFG After all that Black has done they still trust him? I read some reviews that said Blake was going to screw up everything again but only now I understand how he did it. That's why i always liked Dee because at least she is the one that doesn't fall for his schemes and keeps punching him.

Dawson is back but he's not the same carefree, friendly guy everyone was used too because all he can think off is saving Beth even if that means getting himself in danger to do so. But it's heart warming to see him finally overcoming what he went trough and letting his sister and brother come closer to him like a family.
"He’s like a suicidal Energizer bunny.”
This book was awesome with so much love in the air with Daemon and Katy and action going on trying to get Beth and Chris back.

So they all geared up like spy's. It's awesome to see all the plans they have to break in inside a high security facility, to get Beth and Chris, and all the people they will ask for help to do so. This would give such an awesome action movie, it really would. But the end screw all my chances at a Happy ending. Stupid Blake.

Also Katy and Daemon are the cutest (on Daemon side) and Nerdiest (on Katy side) couple ever. They are great together and in this book they relationship leaps into something far more serious and long lasting. Of course there will be many people trying to break them apart by trying to kill one of them, like Will or Blake, but True LOVE overcomes anything. Right? And don't worry Daemon is still the same pen-teasing, mouth-watering-idiot he always was.
A slow, wry smile teased Daemon’s lips. “Simmer down, Kitten, before I have to get you a ball of yarn to play with.” 
Annoyance flared deep inside me. “Don’t start with me, jerk-face.”
P.S. Simon is back and he is a butt-face and i loath him.  And they Mentioned Dean Winchester which is a major plus for me <3

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Blood Forever (The Blood Coven, #8) by Mari Mancusi

The End! Yay, yet somehow i think this book spins around Keeping up With the Kardashians, Twilight, HBO series and The vampire diaries  more than the actual story or the characters problems.

Also i love Zombie books and the whole Project Z was a cute idea, but the Zombies were an awful choice for this. They are ruled by the Zombie Princess and had a five star dinner course of Brains. Am I the only one that finds this stupid?
“Braaaaaains…” she groans.
But moving on from that there were a lot of things i though to be kind of stupid, like Magnus after listening that Rayne was actually Sunny but kept calling her Rayne, the constant use of the "Oh, Sunny or Oh, Rayne" is kind of annoying coming out of a thousand year old vampires. But okay.

Anyways this book was cute. Nothing more than that. it's fun to read if you delete all the stupid references and some of the unnecessary talking. Also this was a book for Kids, all too pretty and dreamy which takes the point that we are dealing with ZOMBIES and VAMPIRES (they are mean creatures, duhhh). It was fun to see the happy ending for everybody but this book could have happened much sooner in the series.

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With All My Soul (Soul Screamers, #7) by Rachel Vincent


It's finally here. The END to these seven wonderful books i love. The Soul Screamer series.

With All My Soul is a clever book, full of twists and turns that had me hooked throughout the whole night. I could not put it down without knowing the what would Kaylee and her friends Do and without knowing their ending. I was happy to know that is was a happy ending for everybody even though it came with bittersweet events.

Kaylee is just the typical girl who would do anything for her family and her friends and in this last installment she proves it. She is one of the smartest characters I ever had the pleasure to read, she knows what she wants but she also knows how to turn it around so it's done on her terms. She will fight powerful hellions, meet some crazy new ones with whom she will bargain more than once and she will get her happy ending.

Tod is passionate trough out the whole book. He can't loose Kaylee of his sight for a second or stop the looks he is always giving her that say that she is The One/ His Soulmate. Their relationship has grown a lot, it's serious now and it's real. The Happy moments or even the painful moments show us that and don't let them give up on one another.

Nash and Sabine will learn to stop being idiots and admit a few things they are avoiding. There will be loads of problems for those too involving jail and jealousy but in the end is all about the Happiness. Emma, it was interesting to see her cope with the new body Kaylee has given her even if it meant going to the Asylum for a few pages. All of the characters will find something good out of the fighting and effort they will put in ending those Hellions which was a thing i loved to see because they all teamed up and they worked as one.

This books is fast paced, original and has a amazing world attached. It has tiny little disgusting creatures and things out of nightmares, It has deals to be made and Anger to cope with. It's smart and funny with a bit of sorrow in the middle, It bring us the deepest love and true friendship. It was the perfect ending for this series i have been following and loving since 2008...
"And our eternity starts now.”

Onyx (Lux, #2) by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Yay. I have a new book boyfriend... That sounds cheesy but oh well. Daemon is just irresistible plus his witty remarks on just about everything make him the hotter Alien ever... :)
“Maybe they’re getting some bow-chicka-pow-wow.” I looked at him. “Ew.”
This book is about the chase of Daemon trying to convince Katy about his love for her and The pursuit of the DOD trying to uncover the secrets that Dee and Daemon hide. These are the main problems, but they all spin around something else. Katy has got a problem now, because since Daemon healed  her she's got some of his powers but she does not know how to cope with hem.

And that's where Blake "the new kid" enters. He's all about the charm, he's a surfer who also has a blog. Awesome right? And now he says he can help Katy  But Can he? He has secret that Daemon will try to put on sight of everyone.

This book is all about the Humor. And who can resist all the charm and danger this story emanates? I can't...
“I always liked you. From the moment you first flipped me off.”
Katy and Daemon are amazing to see together even when they are at each other throats (even more then). But I could see in Onyx a sweeter side of Daemon when in Obsidian he was just trying to push her away and being annoying. So in the book we get Kate pushing her feelings for him out of the way and putting herself in danger many times for the sake of the family of Aliens that she loves. But also Dee wasn't in this story as much, probably because of a certain boy but also because Katy does not have as much time for her and without knowing is going to push her away which i though to be sad because i love Dee...
It was hard to stick to my resolve of not caving to the ridiculous notion of us being together when he was actually… nice, and when he stared at me like I was the last piece of chocolate in the whole world. Which made me think of that damn chocolate chip cookie in his mouth. 
But we see a big evolution of the characters that now act as one and consider Katy a part of the family. But i must say that  one of the character is going to die and it made me so sad to see that....

I don't have words to describe the Lux, it's just that amazing... All the fighting, the powers and the light, the love subject, the bad guys. Everything is perfect.
“That’s all I ever need to hear." 
 “Those three words?” 
           “Always those three words.”  <3

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Obsidian (Lux, #1) by Jennifer L.armentrout

OMG. Aliens are the new trend now! I used to hate Aliens, the usually green little man who didn't even spoke, but these ones are smoking hot and very frustrating. Which means i absolutely loved to read about Daemon, Dee and Katy or Kitten...

Katy just moved into a new home in the middle of nowhere and her mother seems to be making a lot of pressure for her to make friends with her next door neighbors. The thing is, the girl is beautifully and really friendly and Katy likes her right of the bat  even though people give Dee really strange glares. Then there is her brother. Overprotective much? Oh yeah. A jerk? Definitely. Hot? Doesn't he own a shirt?

I really enjoyed reading about the geeky character Katy is, she's managed to be done with being a bystander and now attempts to upstage her life and doing more thrilling things.
Her back and forth with Daemon had me laughing trough the whole book and create an empathy with them. They manage to go to the last page without admitting they have feelings for one another. And sometimes the bickering they have over the attraction over each other is annoying and you just want them to go at it, but still with all the sarcasm and idle threats i didn't mind nearly as much as i would in any other book. The tension between them is palpable and oh so very smoking hot. And the flipping each other off? Awesome and very constant.
Okay. That was it. “You know, you’re right. How wrong of me to call you a douchebag. Because a douchebag is too nice of a word for you,” I said, smiling sweetly. “You’re a dickhead.”
“A dickhead?” he repeated. “How charming.”
 I flipped him off.
Dee is and amazing girl who i loved to get to know and the duet she forms with Katy was just awesome. One a geek and the other almost a princess. It's great to see the duet in action and their evolution trough the book when they started sort of reluctant toward each other and ended the best friend with no secrets between them.

The Aliens were amazingly created. Their world wonderfully described and the bad guys were fantastic. I tough it was the best book that portrayed Aliens made them loving and very interesting.  And they have a metabolism everyone would kill for. They eat and eat and they are always hungry...
"As you can see, I don’t look like a giant insect. Or…sparkle. Even in my head I could hear the disgust on that last one."
Overall this book is definitely on my March favorites... And it was great. 5 STARS....

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City of Lost Souls (The Mortal Instruments #5) by Cassandra Clare

I am so Excited i finally get to read this book.... I've only decided to read it now because the next book is only coming out in 2014. And at least now i won't be suffering for nearly as much time as if i had read it when it came out.

Moving on. Cassandra Clare writes the best paranormal books for teens. She creates this worlds of fantasy that's appealing to all sort of ages and personalities. She makes personages that will stick with you due to their personality and   uniqueness, all of them forming bonds that will make us go crazy in return. And all of them evolve so much in this journey that they don't seem like teenagers anymore, the way they talk and act gives them a seriousness and knowledge not found in the eldest of people.

This books possesses the best of both worlds. Even though our Jace is out of himself for quite a while he will be the young carefree yet possessed boy we love. The Silent brother are a constant presence in the story as well .... Which is awesome... The clubs and dancing will come back showing us the view of the most respected cities in Europe and the rest of the world. The travel and the new and enchanted objects like swords and rings that will be introduced in this story as well.  And it makes a connection with the Infernal devices.... Yay!!! 
I was hoping they’d put up flyers like they do for lost cats,” he said. “Missing, one stunningly attractive teenage boy. Answers to ‘Jace,’ or ‘Hot Stuff.’”
It seems that in City of Lost Souls everyone will have love problems. Either is it is about admitting and confessing your love or doing everything you can to keep it with you. It deals with problems like immortality and jealousy. It's fantastic. And One of the relationships will end which will be very sad but hopefully the next book will fix it...
“Love isn't moral or immoral,” said Clary. “It just is.”
Sebastian is still a Tirane, an idiot, self-centered jerk and i could go on and on. But now it shows a bit of his heart and you see he cares about Jace in some twisted way. I actually felt a bit sorry for him. But he's still a jackass.

The Mortal Instruments are the books that i can't ever grow tired off. It always has this sort of new thing to them, new fights, new problems and the characters help so much to built a steady relationship with the readers. It's a world i love to read and be dragged into. And City of Lost Souls is now different. It leaves the reader hanging and begging for more every time a page is flipped. It has much more humor and bring the fighting to a whole other level.
“Screw the Silent Brothers.” “No thanks. There’s strong and silent, and then there’s just freaky.” “Isabelle!”

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The Clockwork Princess (The Infernal Devices, #3) by Cassandra Clare

Cassandra Clare has built a world of Shadowhunters and the institute that i admire and it's so sad to see it gone. Mainly to end like it did, with many questions but with a flicker of hope.
It's time to say goodbye to the characters we learned to love and followed throughout these three books.  Clockwork Princess was the final book that answered all of the questions that we could possibly have and it gave the endings to all of the characters life's, a few happy endings and others not so much. And we can see that it was all written with care and love.
I cried. A Lot. Because it's a very sentimental book and i bet i wasn't the only one :) So be aware that this story is not for the sensitive kind of people, unless they want to drown in their own tears....

The army of automatons is back and it's going to make some damage, along with Mortmain they will make the life's of the Shadowhunters miserable. Mortmain is still on the lookout for Tessa and he's not going to stop until she has married him. Also the Enclave and the consul is going to be filled with idiots. This is the summary of the bad guys. And it's small because i want o focus on the good things and the good people. And because they don't matter...

Will and Jem in all of the books have earned a place in Tessa's heart and divided it in two and we finally got the answer to whom she will choose. It will not please everybody but it was kind of an alternative i did not see coming. I would have loved either she had chosen Jem or Will but this ending was better and sadder somehow.
"You love them both, and it tears you apart.”
Jem is dying and there is no going back in his health so the book is filled with a certain melancholia in which we were just waiting for the right moment in which will happen to say goodbye.
“I am not going to live, and I can choose to be as much for her as I can be, to burn as brightly for her as I wish, and for a shorter time, than to burden her with someone only half-alive for a longer time. It is my choice, William, and you cannot make it for me.”
Will has prohibited himself to look Tessa in the eyes with fear that he may let his feelings slip and therefore his relationship with his parabatai ( “Wherever we are, we are as one.” ) be weakened. But all the secrets will come out and they will have to deal with it.
"You hear that, James Carstairs? We are bound, you and I, over the divide of death, down through whatever generations may come. Forever.”
We can see all of them more grown up. They were barely adults when the series begun, Will was hateful, Jem was weaker and Tessa was insecure. Now they grew up. Will is mature and learned to open himself to other people but still maintains the same dark humor, Jem is and adult and Tessa is a woman she is more sure of herself.
“I don’t think you can fight because you’re wearing a wedding dress,” said Jem. “For what it’s worth, I don’t think Will could fight in that dress either.” “Perhaps not,” said Will, who had ears like a bat’s. “But I would make a radiant bride.”
Henry and Charlotte are still the same crazy couple ever. Their love is visible and with a child on the way it will make them make decisions that maybe hey wouldn't make in other situations. It will force them to be more attentive to others and learn to take care of themselves in their life's has Shadowhunters. Also i say Charlotte will be offered an amazing proposition in the end of the book. my lips are sealed for more.

Cecyl, Sophie and the Lightwood's (Lightworm) will be an interesting addiction to the group through interesting manners as well. And we will see their Happy endings... Which will surprise many people.

In summary this book has a surprise at every corner. It's told by all of the people's point of view so you always know what's going on and are never left out. It's amazing the type of description and embezzlement  the city of  London had being described by Cassandra. She manages to put an light on the simplest of the alley's. Also the relationship all the characters share is one of a kind, i don't know anyone who could create such beauty in words. Cassandra Clare is blessed with the gift of writing and expressing herself.

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Grave Secret (Secret McQueen #5) by Sierra Dean

I am ashamed of myself. I said I was going to enjoy the book and read it slowly. Well I am a liar. And now it's over and i want more.

I am so addicted to Secret and this love square that's going one. The previous book left us hanging. His she or won't she keep the promise of the one night stand with Holden the sexy vampire she doesn't know she loves? It left us like this. But after loads of crying over Lucas the werewolf that left her at the altar and being gave up by Desmond she wants to forget so she goes to Holden. The thing is Holden does not want her  when she thinks of him as the backup, he wants with her full attention and heart on him. And after the big fat NO we have Secret back. And the book Starts....
Men screwed everything up. And the more men I added to the equation, the messier things got.
When Lucas Rain appears to "ask" for a favor because his sister is AWOL Secret is pissed. And thinking Kellan is just enjoying some beach boys in swim shorts in some Paradise else where she still goes out to find her.  I finished this book amazed. How how  love this series so bad. It has the love triangle, the kick ass tiny blond girl and some amazing bad guys. It's perfect.

Secret is though. She was thought by the best, hangs out with some badass hot guys and knows how to kick ass. She's smart and intuitive but her mouth always puts her in danger. We would think a girl like Secret who has half of the world trying to kill her knew how to shut her mouth trap. Well she doesn't and she's got herself loads of trouble because of it. But this book is freaking hilarious because of it. She's going to get in trouble with the fairy king because of it, with her mother, with the vampire council and with a loner pack that is determined in killing her. How great.
“Tough shit for you, then, because I’ve never been a proper lady.” “And yet you are a queen.”
The Male Alphas guys and the Hot Centenary Vampire. Lucas, Holden and Desmond. Oh My..... <3 All of them together is something out of a fairy tale, they are all amazing good looking, super smart and in fantastic shape. The this that separates them are their personalities which are the total opposite of each other.
 Lucas is controlling and demanding.
But all I saw was a villain who’d broken my heart and taken away the man I loved.
Desmond is attentive and caring.
Desmond’s wolf could be kind of a dick. It would get along great with my bitch. This proved we were soul mates after all.
 And Dear Holden fiery and intense.
Holden, not wanting to let the moment go unacknowledged, said, “All hail Secret, Queen of the Bitches.”
 Which one does she pick? Well Lucas is suddenly out of the picture... Finally. But she will be faced with this question a lot throughout the book and she will be forced to pick.

The Secondary character are the thing that is mots mentioned in this book because no one is forgotten. Everyone has an important paper in helping Secret with her life and problems. Keaty is the same old self, maintaining some space between Secret and always calling her back to life with some awesome cases to solve. Kellen is going to be kidnapped. But is it really a kidnapping? Mercedes does not appear as much for my liking but still we will get a glimpse of her.  Sig is going to continue threatening her and then cracking jokes at the same time. Juan Carlos is the same idiot. And loads of other surprises...
Trouble has a way of finding me no matter where I go.” Understatement-of-the-year award goes to…
The scenes and history of Grave Secret is incredible. The action is just in the correct time, there's no rush and everything goes in a way to leave your heart pumping.

In grave Secret lots of Secrets are going to be discovered. A killer will be caught and a pack of wolfs will loose their heads..., Which pack???  But this book is spectacular and i definitely recommend for everyone who likes some bad ass story.

Deathly Contagious (The Contagium Series #2) by Emily Goodwin

And again I will repeat myself. I hate endings.... I figured out that Emily Goodwin likes to leave her readers begging    for more. And I give it to her when I say that she's an amazing writer because she knows just how to create Tension, describe the most amazing fight scenes and the most disgusting Zombies out there. But the thing she does  best is always ending her books making sure we will read the next one.

Orissa has come a long way. For having to fend for herself with no one to count to protect her back whilst  having to care for six people was not easy. Now, she has an entire shelter full of soldiers that admire her and she knows she can relay on them because they will always have her back. But, that also means she's starting to create bonds. And if people die, those bonds will shake which is something Orissa is trying to avoid, but in a world full of Zombies death is something nobody can prevent.

Her character had evolved so much. She was the "I can fend for myself and don't need anyone else" type of girl and now she's the "i can still fend for myself but i also have people to protect me in case i need it". She has learned that sometimes crying is the best option and that she doesn't have to be strong at all times. She's so strong and she can survive by herself which she is happy to show when she's left off by and idiot who is "the leader" of her team. she meets loads of new crazy "we have to repopulate the world" kind of people and she manages to kick their asses anyway... She's a badass.
“I…used…to…like…Halloween,” she panted. “Me too.” Though, I mostly liked the excuse to wear slutty costumes.
Hayden is who was left hanging in the end of Contagious #1 and who we couldn't be sure it was going to survive. But he did. It's no surprise.... But still he is such an amazing addiction to the main girl making her more human and approachable. Though he's the toughest of them all he care a lot about Orissa and he's willing to go to all lengths to protect her. He's a boy with secrets and with a past that no one seems to know. It was super interesting to be able to know him more deeply in this book.
“I lost everyone, Riss,” he slurred. “Everyone I cared about. And then I met you. I’m…I’m not losing you.”
Her team full of the boys we know and love will learn to be more attached to one another and accept Orissa in. They will all learn a few tricks and get a few scares. And yes there will be deaths, that's inevitable in a Zombie story.  But together they make the A-Team look like a bunch of sobbing babies. Really...
“Now there’s something you don’t see every day,” Ivan noted with a smirk. He turned to Brock. “Finally, a girl who will like me for my brains,” he joked.
The Zombies are smarter now. They don't know how that's possible but they seem more organized by protecting each others and teaming up. By gathering supplies for eating later and suddenly they don't die as fast. It's a thrill once a fight breaks and now in Deathly Contagious there is underground fighting, tornado's, hordes and much more.
He reached at me, biting at the air. He had no teeth left. “You give ‘gummy’ a whole new meaning,” I said as I fired an arrow into his head.
This Zombie series is fantastic. The humanity of the characters and their will to survive the worst conditions  We get humans turning on humans which will be one of the main focal points.  Resuming. I freaking loved this book.... :)

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Contagious (The Contagium Series #1) by Emily Goodwin

I hate endings in Zombie books. I hate how they leave us hanging, the things that are left unsaid, The people that always die and that moment when your heart skips a beat knowing everything it's too perfect and something will have to ruin it. Because no book like these can end in happiness.

Orissa Penwell is just getting a check up from her surgery in the hospital when she gets attacked by a crazy person. But she shrugs it off. It's what will happen next when the good looking doctor saves her that will make Orissa believe in monsters. Then with a group of ten other people she goes out looking for her next move and soon she becomes their guardian and savior. 
“You either die trying or you just die,”
Orissa is a Bitch. Literally everyone says it and she is proud of that label because it means people will peg her for a strong and capable person who isn't afraid of anything. And she isn't on the outside but on the inside it's another matter. She has made some mistakes in her life, mistakes she is no proud of. All of her background makes us meet a responsible and independent girl that can kick ass and survive with the most basic of things. She knows which plants to eat and what's venomous, she knows how to fire a gun to shoot straight in the head and she fights like Bruce Lee. I love her character, her determination and heart. She was a joy to read about and to learn and meet. I loves her even in the first chapter because even then she knows how to dazzle with her personality.
“You’re limping,” Hayden observed. “No I’m not,”I brushed him off.  “Yes, you are. I can see it,” he insisted. “That’s just my pimp walk.” “Very funny, Orissa,” he said, unable to keep from laughing.
The other characters that will survive alongside Orissa will be the type that will always have faith in finding a camp-bound and be rescued by the army and they are right. They will find other people more organized and prepared than them. Like a mini world where everyone gets a place to help. Either you are part of the medical staff, the ordinary people who do the minimal chores or you are in the security. In there it will appear  some interesting people along some who are immune and other's who are a bit crazy.

This book portrays the difficulty of adaptation that humans will have to endure. Because it doesn't start halfway trough the infestation. No. It starts with everything normal and then someone starts going crazy and biting people which really helps us to get into this world more smoothly and be aware of the changes.

There are three kind of zombies... S1's or the Crazies  which are the fairly new people who have gotten the virus but are not yet dead. The S2's or the Zombies which are the more decadent phase of this infestation and the S3's or the Gummies and you can tell by the name that they are very decomposed and can barely move. So this is a variation of the typical Zombie that sometimes gets kind of boring. Now we get three kinds!!! Yay right? Not...

I am so exited about this book. It was so good. The Zombies were explicit being so disgusting sometimes with all the decay part.. They were described perfectly  The scenes were just right to give you that rush and make you afraid. There were a lots of scares and loads of people you learn to like dying. So get ready because this book is a roller coaster of feelings... But mostly the disgust part will stick... :) And for the first time i saw a reference to a Zombie Movies about how to kill them.... Yay.
“Haven’t you seen any zombie movies?” I exasperated. “You have to get the brain.” I held back a giggle,

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Every Which Way (Sloan Brothers #1) by Calia Read

AHHHH! Just by being The Sloan Brothers series it's a major point, now mixing it with the writing type of Calia Read and you have yourself a wonderful book. And this did not let me down. From the beautiful cover that describes our main girl perfectly to the damaged brothers she will learn to love. 

I am so excited to have this book and to have finished it because i couldn't wait to know the end. Not in a bad way. But the whole book gives us surprises and you never know what will happen next because it's everything so unpredictable that i was afraid what the end might give me.
" lure him in with pizza.” .“What if he doesn't like pizza?” Lily asked. “Then he’s a cyborg robot and needs to be executed immediately!”
Severine or Sev-uh-reen or Seveereeen. It seems like nobody can pronounce her name quite well so the humor that come out of it it's quite funny mainly when someone is drunk...
Severine is a Strong and Decided girl that can sometimes come off as Bitchy. She doesn't take crap from anybody and knows she's good and isn't afraid the let the world know about it. Finally a book that doesn't present a girl with self-esteem problems that every guy loves without having a reason to. She's tall and has freckles and a sense of truth that nobody likes and she's dam proud of it. Severine is different she goes after the boy she has an interest at first - Macsen - and tells him she is interested. How many times did i saw that in a book? Probably once or twice...  She is not a believer. For her love should be guarded...
“You’re rare, Severine. Just like your name. It’s impossible to forget you.”
"You should never show your emotions. Someone will steal them away, and you’ll be left with nothing"
Macsen and Thayer they are the son's of the devil. One more handsome than the other they sure know how to break the ladies hearts. Macsen is the quiet and sensitive one that has the most vibrant green eyes that can make Severine forget her own name. Thayer the player and heartbreaking one that saw Severine first and plan on  making sure she know about it. And he plays basketball. Something that Severine hates but will learn to love.
He’s amazing at sports, came here on a basketball scholarship—” “I stopped listening at sports,” Severine said dryly. “For being a ‘legend,’ I’ve never heard of him.”
They are intense when they are in a room together due to not have the best siblings relationship. Resuming? They hate each other and the fact that the girl they want is divided does not help their case. The Sloan family is dark with it's many secrets and troubling past and it was amazing to get to know the secret and the people themselves.
“You just need to know, things in our family have never been manageable. It’s all a giant clusterfuck of mistakes and let downs.”
The book had a major importance attributed to the secondary characters. They were essential to keep Severine San and they are so unique as well with the retorts and wits. the over hall book is amazing, the scenes, the plot, the suspense and love. I's great and i can't wait until the next one to be even better than this one. 
" a lonely heart is better than a heart left in pieces..."

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Crow's Row (Crow's Row #1) by Julie Hockley

Okay. Let me just start by saying this story is amazing. It has an outstanding plot, great ideas and its fast paced and very light to read. It’s a big book but it’s so addictive that you will not care at all about that.  But I must say I was surprised about liking it. That life of crime is very hard to portray without making the story sound dreadful and dire. But the author by mixing the good thing that you can obtain in life that outweighs the bad ones managed to equilibrate the whole spirit of the book.

The characters are so unique and two of them are Redheads. But I will go to that in a second. All of them are so unique and mysterious. All sharing a secret deeply buried that leaves you curious looking for answers and wanting to know your character more and more. Most of them are the in the drug business from kids so they all know the trade very well by now and they excel at what they do. They are like a team of experts put together.
"I couldn’t stop my heart from thudding. He was handsome … for a kidnapper."
The mastermind Cameron, the lead and head of the group being privilege with the gift to understand people and persuade them to his wants. He’s secretive and very scary sometimes though he surprises us by showing his sweet and caring side as well. Though he’s one mean ****.
"There was no question in my mind that this boy was odd and beautiful—a dangerous combination. Something about his guardedness, something about the way others in the projects had looked at him with fear, made me think that I should probably run the other way next time"

Rocco is the brother of the boss. Eager to get in the business doing everything he can to get on his brother’s good view. He’s the ……… funny one?
"I was able to outrun him and most of the other guys. Rocco found this hilarious. “You don’t run like a girl,” he praised. It was one of the nicest things anyone had ever told me."
 The backup Spider, who will knock you on your feet if you even think of something outside of the side lines, he is a grumpy man with a body of a weightlifter who somehow does not trust our lead girl. He is funny to read about as he adds this secrecy and urgency to the story.

The accountant Emily, she’s the one that doesn’t appear as much but still does her job the right way, she’s the smartest and leads with the money that comes and goes. Also she plays an important part in the main story that will be very important.

Then there’s tiny. A very large men that is just used for muscle power…

Our Redheads. I made this red hair subject for last because it’s much mentioned in Emmy’s life. She was bullied because of it, she hates the way it is curly so she carries it in a ponytail in most of the story and she hates her freckles viewing them in a bad way. She has a bad view of herself altogether just because of her hair. It affects most of the story and it’s funny to read because she starts as a normal suburbs girl with nothing interesting going on in her life to the girl that kicks ass and shots a gun out of the blue and falls for a guy even though she should think about that twice. It’s thrilling to see her evolution. Also we have Griff that will take a liking in Emmy and he is also a redhead…
 “People were always drawn to the girl with the fire-engine hair, in the same way that they couldn’t help themselves from slowing down to stare at car accidents on the side of the road—hoping that it was as bad as it looked, wanting to witness some shocking thing that only an elite few have ever seen up close.”
“Aye,” he agreed with Rocco and winked at me. “You definitely have to watch us gingers. We’ll get you every time.”
Also this book shows the social differences between the street kids and the rich ones.  Also it arranges loads of current subjects like kids and drugs, body distortion and the life of being a drug lord.  It’s a serious yet funny book to read and enjoy. Jullie Hockley is definitely a new bright author for me. This book was the ten stars out of five...
“People like you, like your brother—people who come from money like you … will always have your family money, your family name, your family power to fall back on and protect you, cover you when things get bad. When people like Carly and Spider and me get into trouble, the only thing that people see is that we come from the streets. They’re happy when we get caught, because we deserve whatever comes to us."

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Rocked under (Rocked 1#) by Core Hawkes

I don’t have much to say mainly because I did not enjoy this book. Maybe because of the back and forth bickering between the main characters. Or the fact that they love each other but only decide to announce it on the last four pages of the book.  

Scoot and Emma’s story was frustrating to say the least. The characters seemed forced. With no real feelings or connections. Sure it was funny to read and I actually liked to see the evolution their relationship until half of the book. But still I felt it was forced. The problems they faced were poorly placed in some places.
"To the outside world he was Scott Mason; bad boy and womanizer  In private, he was Scott Mason; caring and loyal friend."
Emma. She‘s a girl which her father destroyed her view on Love.  And now she decides every guy is like her father and only looks for good guys. Well that piece of information made Emma a bitch sometimes. It’s like she’s dumb and only cares about the stereotypes. I could not understand her trough out the book. I tried but still could not see her point of view and reluctance to tell simple bits of her life.  Her character was too flat. It didn't add anything interesting to the mix
"I was pretty much terrified of having any kind of relationship deeper than liking."
Scott. He was the best thing to read. He was the typical “Bad Boy” and we all know those are the irresistible kind. He slept with everything that had a skirt and despised them the next morning. But he tried to change for Emma. We see him trying though he is still a jerk while at it.
"He's got a different girl every night — puts Casanova to shame."
The secondary characters were of minimal importance. We barely realize they are there until you actually see them talking.

This book has potential and if it were not hung up on details and repeating everything again and again I think it would have been more readable. 

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Never Too Far (Too Far #2) by Abbi Glines

This is an expetacular story. Everyone should read this book and know the struggles and day to day difficulties about grieve and trust that Blaire experiences.

The first book itself blew me away. It was so well written with the right amount of everything that you almost forgot you were reading it in a paper because you felt like you were part of the story. It was that intriguing. But if the previous book was amazing, this one is Excellent.

It has the continuation of Blaire and Rush’s history that left us high and dry in Fallen Too Far. It starts off very melancholic showing us what their life is when they don’t have each other near. And it’s sad and you feel sorry for them because they are miserable. Without each other they suddenly lose 
everyone else as well. We could always see Rush’s dependence for Blaire and in this book it intensifies.
“Oh my god… Rush Finlay has fallen in love. Holy shit! I never thought I’d see the day.”

There is going to be a big surprise. Blaire is pregnant. Oh yeah it will blow your mind. It’s great how the author made us experience the struggle of accepting to be a young mother with no one to relay on. But that’s not true because as soon as people start to know the secret she know she has friends that will do anything to protect her. Including the one she though would push her away. 

I really like Betty in this book. She was more of a lifetime friend and it showed more. Also she has matured getting in a serious relationship and managing to control one of the wildest guy she now can call a boyfriend.  Also she isn't some cheap girl. She’s responsible and likes to not depend on Jace.

She is really similar to Blaire which also improved so much. She finally managed to tell Cain how much it hurt  when he wasn't there when she needed him. Pouring her heart out for Rush. And one of the things was that she finally started to relay on people with the forecast of them leaving her. She has matured. She cares for her baby even though she still may be a little too irrational at times she still manages to be humble and a great character to love. 
"The only men in her life had left her. Betrayed her. She expected nothing else."

Rush is the one divided between a sister he always protected and the women he worships. Part of this is Nan’s Fault because she still is the manipulative girl we all learn to hate. But it isn't her fault and Rush’ tries too hard at explaining that. But he finally will learn that she will have to grow up on her own. Whether she likes it or not. 
"Overcompensation had ruined Nan."

He is more of a man now. He cries. He loves. He fights for what he wants most. He protects his loved ones. And it seems like everybody wants something for him. Aside Grant, his brother, and Woods his “competition” for Blaire.

Woods. I really liked him. If not for Rush existence Woods would be the ultimate choice for him. He protects her in ways only he could. Supports her by always assuring her of a place in his business and offers his shoulder when she needs to cry. He is a true friend but no more than that. Sometimes it saddens me that he will never have an official chance.

Also Blaire’s father decides to make a long speech and explain some actions he took over the years and you learn to, not respect, but to understand his point of view a bit more.

Well this novel makes your hear spin and your heart to falter. Not advised for the week of heart people out there. And that ending....

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Reckless (Thoughtless 3#) by S. C. Stephens

OMG I finally finished this masterpiece.  Can you believe it? We waited so long for this book and it ended so fast. I even set a limit of pages to read every day but it still wasn't enough.  I am addicted to Kellan and Kiera they are the best written couple of all times. I think everyone can agree with me when I say that…

Reckless is a special book everyone can relate too. It brings every important subject or theme in one place. Either if it is Rejection. Failed love. Jealousy. The difficulty of chasing your dreams.  Every single thing anyone can think off this book has it. And it gives it the much needed importance to make a remarkable story.
“You belong on a stage. It’s what you were born to do.”
Kellan finally gets a big shot in the business life. He is gaining even more fans and the world is starting to get a sample of the D-Bags. And who wouldn’t love them? I do. And it shows that from day to night they become a big hit. But with that we see the problems it will bring them. And the book spins around that main concept.  We will have to see the struggle Kellan and Kiera make to overcome some of the problems stardom will bring them and overlook a very cocky pop princess ready to make a move.

All of the people we know and love from the other books are in here. Of course. But they are more developed. With more substance to their characters. More real. Grownups now. It’s like the author outdid herself looking for the right moments for each character to shine.
"And I swear, only my statuesque sister could pull off pairing a pregnant belly with polka dots."
But the biggest change of all was Griffin. Remember the player? The idiot? The sonovabitch? Yap. We will still get to see Griffin in all his glory but in a more caring and responsible way. This book matured him so much. He still makes his inappropriate jokes and suggestive moves in front of everyone’s parents. But he does that while showing that he cares. That now that he has a name to look out for and a baby on the way he needs to make something out of himself. It’s endearing and charming to witness it.

"I sighed, not sure if Kellan could argue that point or not—not since Griffin had impregnated my sister. He really was family now. Lord help me."
 "Did I just get schooled by Griffin? That had to be one of the signs of the apocalypse."
Denny is also a constant presence in here. But that’s great because he is the least crazy one of them all. He brings the realness into the story, the crudeness and the heartfelt. He grew so much as well. But the previous book already stated that but still you could notice it. Also he still loves Kiera, like a friend and former lover. He loves her but he’s not “in love with her”. It makes sense once you finish reading this mind candy.
"Denny Harris, the ex–love of my life."
 "Why was he so nice to me? I’d done horrible, horrible things to him. I was a horrible, horrible person."
Matt, Evan and the girls are still the same background characters that are always missed if they are not there and make a huge improvement in the whole book. They don’t do much but are never overlooked or outshined. It’s impossible because the way they stand up to protect their characters is outstanding.  S.C. Stephens is a genius in creating secondary character that warm our hearts sometimes even more that the main characters. It’s brilliant.

Kellan and Kiera are the best couple in literacy. I don’t care about some second grade couples with nothing to add of real in their life. This is the real deal. It you want to cry you have to read their vows to each other every day as if it was the last. If you want to smile just be aware of Kellan’s mouth because you know he’s got something planned. If you want intrigue and jealousy you just look for the sneaky character that it’s going to try to sneak in between them. But it never works, does it? If you want all that than Reckless is perfect. The relationship we've seen grow along these three book is exceptional and sentimental. Not too much and not too less. Just perfect.
“I love you too, Kiera. Just you. You’re my always.”
I had way too many quotes to put here... 

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Tear (The Seaside 1#) by Rachel Van Dyken

How do you choose when your heart is divided?

I've had my fair chair of the "bad boy" with black hair and green eyes versus "good boy" Blondie with blue eyes. But i was excited because these boys were in a band and the synopsis seemed quite attractive. Besides the girl seemed interesting as well.

Oh boy was i wrong.... I just finished the book just to see what it would come out of it but i was not impressed. Two boys had the typical "love at first sight" thing with this girl, who everybody seems to think is beautiful and never shut up about it. It is kind of annoying listening to the same song, over, and over.
"Maybe it was all a game? AD2 thought it would be fun to torture the local girl and make her life confusing and hormonal."

As for her character I though to be a bit plain, no true fears or problems besides what comes out in the morning magazine, no expressions. She's always undecided about which brother to pick. And that's her biggest problem. "Oh i love him but right now i am with the other". If i were the guys i would have kicked her to the curb already. There is nothing about her that i liked. Nothing.
"But how does a person sleep when she’s emotionally cheating on her boyfriend with his brother?"

Not to start with the boys being brothers. How can they be brothers if there is no resemblance? Like None!!! They are the complete opposite of one another. Are they adopted and i didn't ear about it?  They meet her, the fall for her, they can't be with her, and suddenly they both kick each other's asses just for one plain, boring character. Puuulllease, why me? And they are full of secrets which i found interesting (at least one thing) and it gave us quite the curiosity from now and then... And they are in a band. Bonus point for their team...
“You have no idea how messed up we are.”
The only thing i can strongly say i liked were the writing style who was very plain and fast forward. It didn't drag the situations and it described the scene really well. Also, the love poems/songs/words.... I feel like this story should become a declaration book. It was soo sweet at times (even though i though the I LOVE YOU's in here were about three days within meeting the girl and were really stupid. Cute. But stupid...)

 "I just want you by my side as inspiration when I save myself.”

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In The Band by Jean Haus

I'm not a big fan of the cover and if it was only that I don't think I would have read it. But you can't judge a book by it's cover. No. No. Because this story blew me away.

After Riley Middleton said thanks but no thanks to a successful scholarship in an out of state university to take care of her depressed mother and young sister. After her long time boyfriend broke up with her and left her with the excuse of Long Distance Relationship. She is ready to give up on herself. But not before the tryouts to a local famous band.

And she makes it, even though there is Justin the lead singer who is extremely spoiled and self centered but has her eyes on her and Romeo the sexist guitar player who doesn't like a girl messing with his band and is trying to get her to quit. Even knowing she is the best drum player in the state.

So this synopsis has a lot of string to pull and a whole story to develop. It was an awesome opportunity and Jean Haus took it.

Romeo come out looking like a chauvinistic guy and an idiot but as the story evolves we get to see the real Romeo. The caring and deep one. He has a complex past but still manages to lead a band to success, have the best grades in school and still keep up with his social life. But even though we think he's a manwhore until half of the book. He isn't. He never was. And that will attract Riley on the spot. though she denies it until the end.....
"I knew he was going to be a pain. I told myself to ignore him, but I really, really want to use his skull for a drum at the moment."
 “You shouldn’t have joined the big boys if you can’t handle the heat.”
Marcus and Chloe act as the best friend who also have an affair behind Riley's back because Marcus secretly likes her. Or So he thinks. I don't think they were indispensable or even that important to the course of the book. They were just characters. Period. Nothing more. They were just there to not make Riley a loner. we could have has made it trough without them. But even though all of that they still gave us funny moments.

Justin and Sam the band guys are the typical guys. The play. They are successful. And they have girls. And it goes on and on the same boring thing. They are the typical bad boys of the book. But somehow they managed to look important by being complete dicks sometimes and really sweet when they thought they could get into Riley's pants. Like I said. GUYS......

Riley has a depressive mother and her father is marrying a younger girl after twenty years married to her mother. She is against that and she makes sure her father knows that. She was never considered beautiful the word to describe her was only Cute. And she is sick of Cute. She wants a change and she is going to get it. A change with Romeo and with the band she ends up loving more than she thought....

"If you think I was hard to deal with before, I’m going to become your worst nightmare.” Snatching my bag from the table, I hiss, “Bring it on, asshole.” Then I stomp out of the room. If he wants a war, I’ll give him World War Three.
To wrap it up this was a journey of their life's we get to experience and witness. It was book full of surprises and with loads of funny moments. it was the first book I've read by Jean Haus but i will keep my eye out. :)

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Goddess Inheritance (Goddess Test 3#) by Aimee Carter

Love or life.
Henry or their child.
The end of her family or the end of the world.
Kate must choose.

Just reading this i was like. Gimmie! Gimmie! Gimmie!

 It was an absolute despair to have to wait so long for this... But it was the best book of the trilogy!!! By far.
It's the best Goddess Action Packed. Heart Warming. Competitive. Book Ever.

There's Kate whom i never though to be childish or immature but a grounded and believable woman which i really liked. She is NOT what's expected of a goddess. She's not cold or thinks the world spins around her. She has a heart and she cares. Maybe too much some times. Which will get her in lots of trouble.
"You must find a solution to this martyr complex of yours.”

She was trapped by Calliope and the book starts Nine Months later with the baby being born.
"Calliope would not touch my baby. No matter what it took, I would make sure of it."

I would have liked too see a bit more of the time she spent with Cronus at start but the other things made it up for it. Like Henry and Kate grow more intimate like a real King and Queen/ Husband and Wife. Their Complicity and affection shows more brighter every time they look at each other. There was many new God's and all of them  kick ass anytime.  And the new Baby (M.....) adds interest and a reason to fight. She or He is the sweetest Thing. And seeing it when Henry is around.... There were a lot of sweet Ohhhhhhh's...

“Because of you, the days have color. Eternity has meaning once more. You found every broken piece of me and put me back together, even though I hurt you too many times for me to deserve it. You are the glue that holds me together. If I lose you, it will be the end of me.” -  Henry
Persephone is out of the picture for good this time. But she still makes her appearance with a few ghosts from the past as well. It will be interesting seeing the mix of character Aimee will join in here.  James is the silly, manwhore god we are used too but there is a seriousness in him we never saw. it's like he grew up somehow and is more willing to fight for what he wants... But still and idiot ;)

"Kate, I swear, if you don’t come back, I will tell Henry you kissed me. And that you said I have a nice ass."
"Promise i will be your first affair." - James

Also Cronus was amazingly written and an awesome twist in the story. He took quite a liking to our Kate which made Henry go bonkers.
"Cronus had made no secret of the fact that he wanted me as his queen while he ruled over the entire world,
People will die in here i can assure you.  It will be the person you least expect and it will be very sad. But without that this book was out of this world. One of my favorites.  It was Perfect... <3